• This is the story of a man and a woman fighting over the heart and soul of their child. Unfortunately for the world, the man is BATMAN, the woman is TALIA AL GHUL, and the child is DAMIAN.

Story by Grant Morrison
Art by Chris Burnham
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn
Letters by Patrick Brosseau
Cover by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 21.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. The first series was fucking awesome, the first issue of this current series was fucking awesome, I reckon this issue will be fucking awesome?!

  2. Bat-Cow was rad.

  3. That’s an awesome cover. I mean…sometimes it’s just not fair.

  4. “Your move, beloved.”

  5. Thank the comic gods batman inc is not a stranger, THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!

  6. It’s funny how this was pushed back a week (or 2?) from the scheduled release. They’ve had so many months to work on it and we’re still going to get delays? Not a good sign.

    But I’m gonna try and stay positive. Cause last issue was fantastic and I’m sure this will be more of the same.

  7. Awesome isn’t even enough to describe how awesome Vol. 1 and last issue were!!! 😀

  8. With this book and Snyder’s Batman I don’t know if there will ever be a better time in comics for me personally.

  9. im going to have to find the time to go back and read the first run of Batman Inc issues after i read this

  10. Looking forward to this.

  11. Nice to see so much positivity on a Morrison thread. Proud of ya, iFanbase.

    Pumped for this as always. I’ve been looking forward to Talia’s return. Plus, it looks like we may get some answers regarding The Wing.

    Bring it on.

    • Agreed. It’s nice to see some positivity in a Morrison thread for once. I think all the vitriol just made it’s way over to the BWM post this week.

  12. Chris Burnham is a SUPERSTAR

    • Burnham is up his game in this series. He previous work is great but what he is doing here is moving him from my top ten favorite artists into my top 5. The dude is skilled. I want him on a Superman title after he wraps up his work on Bats.

  13. Really enjoyed this issue! So many iconic scenes from Batman’s history in one issue. And above all else, the comic was just so much FUN!

  14. This issue didn’t do a whole lot for me, but I’m also not the worlds biggest Batman fan or historian. I can really see how if you’re someone that’s likes the history of Batman and the like that you would get a lot more out of this. Burnham’s art was amazing as always though.

  15. This issue just blew me away. Amazingly good, as a longtime Bat-Fan this issue totally satisfies! It was so cool to see Talia’s childhood (She get’s the underground lair in London for her 16th Birthday, as revealed in like issue 3 of Grant’s run back in Batman and Son). i loved that the Talia “This is Your Life” chronicled the events from Birth of the Demon / Son of the Demon, Infinite Crisis (Villains United, very fun to see that), and then earlier on in Grant’s run showing that the General character in the Black Glove (Joker breaks his neck) was actually Talia’s spy.

    The artwork in this issue was excellent, I love everything Chris Burnham is doing on this book, its some great stuff. Next issue looks to be another good one, Matches Malone! —

  16. Great issue. Some good comics out this week, but it’s gonna be hard to top this for my POTW. It was great to have a nice condensed version of Talia’s life story, and the way that Morrison tied in some things we already knew with things we didn’t (see JokersNuts’ comment above) was really fantastic. And Burnham … wow. Looks like he really turned the dial to 11 on this one. Some beautiful stuff being done here.

    Line Of The Week so far: “Wait a minute,Talia. Did you put something in my drink?!”

  17. I liked the first issue (Bat-Cow for the Win!) and I liked that this one gives you a short backstory on Talia but I wanted to get a resolution for the first Issue.

  18. This was a really cool issue. It was nice to see Melisande (who I only know of from ‘Son Of The Demon’) make a return. Any Al Ghul-related character is interesting to me. Ra’s is a Batman villain who I feel is often overlooked and Talia even more so, this story did an excellent job of establishing them within the new continuity.

    Lately, I’ve been delving into some of the Dennis O’Neil & Neal Adams Batman comics from the 70’s and ‘Batman Inc’ is the only recent Bat-book I’ve read that has the same vibe. Its Batman as James Bond with a world-music backbeat.

    I really enjoyed seeing the character pulled out of Gotham City for a while in Volume 1, as well as the fleshing out of a great many characters who we simply don’t see in any other comics. The pacing is excellent as well, as each issue feels much longer than it actually is and the story changes tone, location and drive in almost every other panel. Its fast, fun and refreshing.

    I’m loving Chris Burnham’s art and loving Grant Morrison’s story, in short, I’m loving this book!

    And yes, I agree that Bat-Cow is a definite WIN! Batman can (and should) be funny from time to time.

  19. Another totally rude issue of Batman Inc., I just wish Morrison could have the same input on Action Comics as he does with this!

  20. Who the hell is Matches Malone?

  21. Wasn’t Matches Malone a series of back-up stories from some years back? My Bat-history is a bit spotty, but I seem to remember loving every single thing about those stories.

    • I remember some Matches action back around Brubaker’s run on Batman (10-ish years ago). I think the lack of Matches Malone was also one of the catalysts for the War Games mega-story back before the “soft revamp” of Loeb and Lee’s Hush.

  22. VERY satisfying issue!

    My first issue of Batman was the one where Batman and Ras dueled in the desert. Imagine my thrill at seeing the key scenes of that issue re-played in this issue.

    Wonderful book, and my PotW.

  23. I haven’t even read the rest of my books this week and I believe it’s already my pick of the week!

  24. Ehh, not much happens in this issue. A soft reveal that was kinda obvious and re-telling bits of the Talia/Bat story that didnt happen very long ago. I was ready to continue the story where #1 left off but oh well.

  25. So, if I understood this issue, Batman was Batman when he and Talia got together. Meaning he has been Batman before Damien was born, about 14 years? Blows the 5 year timeline doesn’t it. Makes having multiple Robins logical though.

  26. I really liked this issue as well. And the Talia flashback was cool. Grant really knows how to write a good story that is for sure.

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