• BATMAN, INCORPORATED makes its NEW 52 debut with an all-new first issue!

• The series hits the ground running as BATMAN and ROBIN face off against the assassin GOATBOY!

• LEVIATHAN’S sinister mission revealed!

Written by Grant Morrison
Pencilled by Christopher Burnham
Inked by Christopher Burnham
Colored by Nathan Fairbairn
Cover by Christopher Burnham

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 57.7%


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  1. this is the one i’ve been waiting for. great cover. can’t wait to crack this one open!

  2. DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    I wonder how this will read to people who havent read the first Batman Inc…This is a light week for me so maybe I’ll pick up the trade too.

    • You probably won’t understand it.

      Then again, people who read the first volume probably won’t understand it either.

      It’s Grant Morrison.

    • @WillupsBrighton: BATMAN, INC. was an incredibly straight forward series.

    • Really? All that stuff that happened in Argentina with the flashback to the Falklands War?

    • @WillupsBrighton: Yes.

    • I read the batman inc trade that had all the previous issues in it, and had no clue what was going on. Was originally going to pull this but wont be anymore.

      I dont know if its morrison’s writing or not, but i also dropped action comics after 6 issues as well.

      LOVED his work in new x-men though, so not sure ….

    • Why does Conor hate me? 🙁

    • I don’t. Why would you assume I do? Because I disagreed with something you said?

    • If you had disagreed with me that Jason Todd is the best Robin or that vanilla is the best ice cream, that would be one thing.

      Disagreeing that Batman Inc was confusing though, that’s like disagreeing that a hammer to the nuts is painful.

      Still, I will take you at your word. I’m glad we cool, bro.


    • Oh come on, it’s not like he’s James Joyce. This has been Grant’s straightforward – if totally out-there with its ideas – Batman book.

    • @WillupsBrighton: I’m there with you, mate, the first volume was a little muddled. especially the falklands war stuff.

      Conor’s probably just hung over

    • Ya I would have to agree as well , for the most part the first batman inc series for something written by Morrison was straight forward but there was also a couple of things I was confused by. Regardless im still looking forward to this

    • Yeah, I can’t agree with you Conor, it was a pretty confusing mess… similar to most Morrison. I gotta agree with @WillupsBrighton

    • @Zhurrie – I’m confused at how you find Grant Morrison confusing

    • I’m not confused by people finding Morrison confusing. I am confused by why people get confused and annoyed when other people disscirbe Morrison as confusing though

    • Just to be clear: I like Grant Morrison.

      He is confusing though. When people feign surprise at other people noticing that, I have to chalk it up to knee jerk fanboyism.

    • My surprise is genuine.

      If we were talking about Final Crisis or the Invisibles, t probably wouldn’t be.

    • I have read every issue of Batman Inc to date and I have no idea what the crap is going on. I will not be following this series any longer.

    • I’m being honest here, I love some writers that are waaay out there and quite obtuse or crazy deep and Grant Morrison has never come across to me as any of them have. I’m not sure if he is trying to hard at times or if he just “sees” the story in his mind and something gets lost in translation from brain to words, but to me it always seems like he is simply trying too hard and with sometimes less-than-stellar premises that aren’t interesting enough to carry the forced importance well.

      I am not dismissing everything he has or will write, I like some of his work just fine, I am pulling this even. I just don’t expect that I am going to stay on this run unless it blows me away, we’ll see.

    • @ Zhurrie. I agree with your view on Morrison. I was excited about ‘Final Crisis’ but then he lost me on it. I was excited about ‘Batman Inc’ but then he lost me on it. I was excited about the new ‘Action Comics’ but then he lost me on it. I figure 3 strikes your out. I’m moving on to better things.

  3. Has anyone heard if this is intended to be an ongoing, or is this just meant to wrap up the Leviathan stuff Morrison introduced a while back?

    • Pretty sure its an ongoing.

    • As far as I know this is just to wrap up Morrisons run. I don’t think this will fit into the new 52. How many issues it will be I have no idea maybe.

    • @sweetesttoaster: That was my thinking as well, but wasn’t sure.

      @wookielovemachine: I’ve been under the impression that this does fit into the New 52, since it’s part of “The Second Wave” branding.

    • My guess is if sales are good, it will continue after Morrison is done like Batman and Robin did, if sales are not good it will be recycled with the 3rd wave and be replaced by something else

    • I believe that this was the final year of Morrisons’ work on Batman so I would assume it would be a 12 issue series, but that has only been a rumour that has been lurking around for awhile!

      But this has got to be the most anticipated series of the year for me even more so than The Manhattan Projects, I cannae wait for this!!!

    • It wouldn’t be that hard to keep this going even after Morrison’s personal epic is over. Especially if they end up canceling Batwing. They can just have a bunch of self contained 4 to 6 issue arcs about various individual international Batmen (with mandatory yearly team ups, of course).

    • True that could work, just as long as there’s a good selection of replacement writers & artists.

    • it’s 12 issues

    • 12 issue, you can probably pre-order the HC that’ll come out next year allready lol.

      Also, the 12 issues are suppose to wrap up the storyline, I’m getting the feeling Batman inc will cease to exist after that, good sales or not.

  4. Remember Babs is still the Oracle, and Stephanie Brown is still Batgirl around in this series.

  5. From the CBR article announcing the 2nd Wave:
    “For the second volume of “Incorporated” there are little changes like Catwoman not knowing who Batman is anymore or Batgirl being able to walk or Commissioner Gordon having red hair now,” Burnham said of the title in New 52 continuity. “But all that stuff doesn’t really matter in terms of the “Batman Vs. Leviathan” storyline.

    • that’s pretty confusing. I’m still picking it up but the inconsistency could hurt the title a bit. I wouldnt say those are “little changes”.

    • Given that it’s been nearly a year since we’ve gotten a chapter of this Leviathan story (I know about the one shot back in the fall, but that story was supposed to be out last summer), I think it’s pretty easy to rectify the new status quo of the Bat-books.

      –Catwoman didn’t feel like a terribly essential character back in the first couple issues of volume 1 (and I don’t think she appeared in the book after that), so that’s easy to ignore.
      –Last time we saw Barbara in this book was in the digital world, maybe that experience inspired her to put on the costume again IRL (I don’t know, I’m not reading Batgirl).
      –Stephanie working undercover with Batman Inc would be a nice reveal – and another reason for why Barbara could be Batgirl again.
      –And I feel like Gordon is pretty recognizable regardless of hair color. That killer ‘stache, his hair style, glasses and trenchcoat are pretty distinct.

      If anything, I think the distinction is really Snyder’s Batman Universe and Morrison’s Batman Universe, not Old Continuity vs New 52. And even then, the differences aren’t severe.

    • I don’t think futzing with continuity and making things weird and confusing will have and effect at all on a Morrison Batman book:)

    • No more confusing than it is in every other Bat Family book. It would be more confusing to have two different continuities going at the same time.

    • Aslong as the story stays in the Morrison continuity then I don’t care about the rest of the DCU!

  6. So, wait, Bill Hicks ain’t dead?

  7. Sorry, Morrison called batman gay. You think i’m going to support him after bashing the bat? ya, no. Also Tomasi is killing it on batman and robin, you just know grant is going to turn robin into something much less cool than he is.

    Anyone other than morrison writes this i’d consider it.

    • Ooooooh handbags!

    • He actually didn’t do that.

      (Not that it would be bashing him if he did, nor would it make him less cool.)

    • Correct me if i’m wrong, I may very well be, but Morrison called batman gay in a derogatory way in the playboy interview. Speaking for myself, I won’t support a writer who bashes one of the greatest super heroes of all time.

      If you don’t like a character why write one of his books? DC has a slew of writers who i think could do this book justice and make it less convoluted than the last batman inc series.

    • You are wrong. He said that Batman was straight but that he felt that the tropes involved with the character were gay.

      He didn’t say that it was a bad thing. And he wasn’t bashing him.

      He doesn’t dislike Batman; he loves the character.

    • Sounds like someone is a little bataphobic

    • lol batophobic.
      batman is batophobic.

    • I listen to all the stupid shit Joe Quesada says but i still buy marvel I feel the Same about Grant Morrison hes a great writer and it was a joke and Batman is Batman and this isnt the first time someone said Bruce was gay Fredrick Wurthum said it in the 40’s cause him in Dick living together

    • @matthewAskirbie: Except that, again, that’s not what Morrison said.

  8. Ok i’m wrong and i’m right.

    “Gayness is built into Batman. I’m not using gay in the pejorative sense, but Batman is very, very gay. There’s just no denying it. Obviously as a fictional character he’s intended to be heterosexual, but the basis of the whole concept is utterly gay. I think that’s why people like it. All these women fancy him and they all wear fetish clothes and jump around rooftops to get to him. He doesn’t care—he’s more interested in hanging out with the old guy and the kid.”

    I understand that this is his opinion of batman, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, and in my humble opinion he’s just wrong. Do you think Dan Slott would ever call spiderman gay? no, or Johns with Hal Jordan? no, i’m sorry. That says to me he doesn’t love the charactor.

    • Um, so you associate having a character be gay as an insult?

    • I think he has a bit more sense of depth in the psyche of the character, by stripping him down to the basics of what makes Batman who he is!
      Not many writers take such an observation of comic heroes/icons such as Batman, or should I say have the guts to make a bold statement like that.

      Regardless of what was said, I don’t think/feel that there is any animosity towards Batman, than pure & utter obsessive admiration.

    • He only doesn’t love the character if you think that identifying the tropes involved with a character as being gay is a bad thing.

    • Absolutely not, I like Northstar and am loving marjorie Liu’s work on astonishing x-men and look forward to the big wedding issue, What I have a problem with is grant taking an icon like batman and calling him very very gay in his opinion. Clearly he backtracks saying he’s intended to be heterosexual. Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but i know for a fact other writers wouldn’t speak of their characters like morrison did. Its just another thing that bugs me about the guy.

      I seriously believe he is detrimental to DC.

    • Also i appologize for this becoming a shit show. Didn’t intend that. My original point was because I disagree with his comments I will not be pulling this series.

    • bold? calling someone gay isn’t bold. thats like saying a black suit is “edgy”.
      guts? idiot was probably high when he said that.

      i could count his positive contributions to comics on one hand.
      1. Barry Allen back.
      2. Damien Wayne.
      3. All Star Superman
      4. JLA Earth 2

      and thats about it.

      i despise morrison’s unearned egotism. i really, really do. “morriscon”? the fuck?

      action is on my pull list for the only reason that it’s still somewhat recognizable superman. 90% of his work is unnecessarily complicated plot twists with odd characters and psychedelic storylines.

      I’m disappointed that this is currently the highest pulled book.
      seems like people didn’t learn their lesson with batman inc 1-5 & 8.
      either this will be more evidence towards the fact that morrison needs to get the fuck out of superhero comics, or it will be more ammunition for his “holier/smarter then thou” fans.

      and yes conor, generalizations are fun.

    • don’t back down venom, i agree a hundred percent. morrison is full of shit.

    • Wah! Wah! Someone needs to calm down before he gets all hot bothered!

      Keep your nickers on, it’s only a comic. Don’t like it don’t read it, then!

    • I think you’re missing an important point about how a literary character works in conception versus how he actually operates. Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street and Timon and Pumba from Lion King were, arguably, conceived of as archetypical gay characters. Now that doesn’t mean that Sesame Street is going to have a special marriage episode between two puppets. In fact, you’re not really supposed to think about the sexual dynamics involved in these characters’ relationship (in fact, if you are, that’s gross). Now, I’m not saying that the creators of Batman conceived him as a gay character in any way, shape, or form. But it’s apparent that at least one (and probably more) of his modern interpreters definitely did so.

      Put it this way. Early X-Men comic stories were clearly analogies to Civil Rights struggles going on at the same time. Mutants were a repressed minority, and Charles Xavier was MLK as Magneto was to Malcolm X. But, of course, all of the main characters were white. The X-Men are conceptually characters with archetypical traits of a racial minority while actually being all Caucasian. Batman has been witten as a character with certain gay archetypes while actually being a heterosexual.

    • “I like Northstar” The comicbook reader version of “I have a gay friend”

    • @edward Or it’s the “I watch Will & Grace” for nerds.

    • @a.j.howard09

      Excellent comment.

    • it’s interesting to me all the emotion morrison manages to conjure up in both his enthusiasts and critics. sparks great debate if not a lil’ hyperbole. you’d think he called jesus and the disciples gay at mass in the vatican or something.

      do you know what “pejorative” means?

    • @thehangman: I’m pretty sure Grant Morrison did not demand the event in Vegas in September be called “Morrisoncon.”

      And is there such a thing as “earned” egotism?

    • First of all relax dude, just because Morrison said Batman trades in gay tropes, and you like Batman, does not mean you are gay.

      Just like watching men tackle each other from behind wearing white, sprayed-on spandex and celebrate flamboyantly doesn’t make someone who watches football gay.

      Secret nightlife, shunning women from closeness. It’s just a reading of a character and one Morrison ironically hasn’t even played up in his almost two decades of writing Batman. Considering the first vol of Batman Inc. (Catwoman, Batwoman) I’d say even the opposite is true.

      Morrison’s JLA run is probably more responsible for the current Batman “Always Wins” take that is all pervasive in culture than any other version of the character.

    • If you read Playboy for the articles I’ve got some bad news for you.


    • I think most people who read Playboy read it for the articles. If they don’t, they should.

      The articles are usually pretty interesting.

      If you’re buying it as porn though, you’re getting mega ripped of. I don’t think it even qualifies as porn anymore since the advent of the internet. It’s basically a figure drawling magazine.

    • Yes, I was referencing an internet meme.

      My actual opinion about this debate? Well…

      First off I think TheRealVenom has handled himself pretty well. Telling him to ‘relax’ etc doesn’t seem necessary.

      Personally, I don’t think that the interview in Playboy should really affect his decision to purchase or not purchase the book, but I’m a pretty big Morrison fan to begin with, so I’m getting it, no question.

      That said, the argument: “Do you think Dan Slott would ever call spiderman gay? no, or Johns with Hal Jordan? no, i’m sorry.” falls flat for me. Morrison says what he says about Batman, cause, well, it’s TRUE. Slott would never say that about Spiderman because the same cannot be said for Spiderman. Spidey is always pining after the girl who got away, or the girl who is unattainable, or the girl…(see where I’m going with this?). Hal is always torn between his love of adventure and his love of Carole, but Batman? Well, he’s different.

      I don’t think it’s nearly as ‘obvious’ as Morrison makes it out to be in the interview, but you can certainly argue that it’s there.

      AND others have already said it, but the real issue is in assuming that saying “Batman is gay” is meant to be an insult. To me it’s obvious that Morrison is not trying to insult Batman.

      Finally, I CAN’T count on one hand Morrison’s positive contributions to comics.

      1) 52
      2) Animal Man
      3) Doom Patrol
      4) We3
      5) Seven Soldiers
      6) JLA
      (and just in case you’ve got 6 fingers…)
      7) New X-Men

      I could go on, but that’s just opinion at the end of the day.

    • what’s most surprising about the “I like Northstar” comment is Who the fuck likes Northstar?

    • I hate to go into semantics with all this, but I think Morrison’s comments make a lot more sense if you understand “gay” to refer to two ideas.

      First, there’s “gay” referring to a homosexual person. Morrison makes it pretty clear that he does not see Batman as a homosexual man.

      Second there’s “gay” referring to the outward styles, themes and experiences of a culture. I think this is the kind of “gay” he’s talking about when he says “Batman is very, very gay.”

      To illustrate: I think many people (in America, at least) have encountered a white male that dresses, speaks or behaves in a manner that most would associate with an African-American male (there’s some stereotyping going on here, but it happens). That white male, no matter how prominently he identifies with those stereotypically African-American cultural markers, is still not African-American.

      I realize that example brings up the question of whether homosexuality is choice or natural state of being (which is way beyond the scope of this website, so I’m not going there), but I think above example can be transferred to Batman, and that’s all Morrison is pointing out.

      There are several prominent gay cultural markers and themes present in the Batman concept. But the character is not gay.

      One word, referring to two ideas.

    • @TheRealVenom – Stop being so homophobic. You are associating saying someone is gay with being an insult and you don’t even realise it! Why does it bother you that Morrison thinks the concept of Batman is gay? Why do you think that means he doesn’t like the character? It’s because you’re homophobic. Urgh.

    • @thehangman “action is on my pull list for the only reason that it’s still somewhat recognizable superman. 90% of his work is unnecessarily complicated plot twists with odd characters and psychedelic storylines.”

      Seriously? You hate Morrison that much, yet you buy his book every month?

    • @thehangman You forgot Doom Patrol and what he does in his personal life rather smoking pot or not and Seven Soliders Joe The Barbarian Arkam Asylm a fantastic stor arc with Dick as Batman

  9. YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS! I love Batman, Inc.

    I also love just how fanatically angry some people get about every little thing Morrison does. Chill. He’s not trying to provoke you or ruin your life, he’s just writing comic books.

  10. My most anticipated book of the year easily. I thought Batman, Leviathan was a cooler name for the series though. It’s sort of lame they are calling it Batman, Incorporated again.

  11. I just can’t understand how there is another Bat-title, really how many do we need month to month??!! This is a retorical comment by the way! There are so many other promising characters that need to be put onto pages in the DCU I for one just do not see the reason for this. Again whatever; I will not be buying this title at least not while I already read like all of the other Bat-titles out right now.


  12. I think the interesting thing not talked about here was how Morrison was practically “Mr. DC” before the new 52 and then suddenly he became more or less irrelevant. I wonder if Batman Inc. can put him back on the map? Think about it. He owned the Bat titles and had Final Crisis, All Star Supes, and Seven Soldiers…now? He needs this book to help glue him back into the mainstream.

    I hope there is plenty of El Gaucho.

    • Good points. He went from being one of the 4 architects on a parity with Johns to a crazy old uncle figure they keep around for nostalgia’s sake.

    • Well, he’s gone from writing top ten bat books to top ten super books to (no doubt) top ten bat & super books. With a big book called Supergods in there as well. I don’t really see the logic of his being on a downward trend.

    • Well, he is writing Action Comics….it’s not really an irrelevant title, even if you’re not a fan of his particular take on it.

    • @WillupsBrighton: Well, they keep him around for nostalgia’s sake… and for all the money he generates from his high selling books.

    • It felt like before The New 52, the whole DCU was very Morrison-y.

      Even though he’s writing big important titles now, those titles feel very segregated from the rest of the books.

      Although I’m sure part of that is because he has the clout to say “fuck off” when they ask for a crossover and not get fired.

    • I really think it;s just a case of Batman & Robin being very well recieved and Action Comics getting a bit of a middling reception. thus he’s been a bit off the radar for a lot of people. the last issue of AC was great though. and Batman Inc is very highly anticipated.

    • It’s true I haven’t been reading Action and have basically just heard a lot of bashing. I am really looking forward to Batman Inc., as I think, like Batman and Robin w/ Damien, somehow without Morrison the concept just isn’t quite the same.

  13. When I first read through the first volume I was kind of pissed; nothing was making sense and it seemed as if they were a bunch of individual ideas thrown together. I hated it along the lines that I hated Neal Adams’ Batman Odyssey. After reading them again and reading some reviews I caught on and now I really enjoy the first volume. I like the fresh I’m pretty excited for the new series (and that cover really is sick).

  14. Does the continuity in this series make sense? Probably not

    Does that hurt the enjoyment of the overall story? Nope

    While the last story in Leviathan Strikes was confusing for no reason, the end result was still intriguing for me to continue. Morrison lost me with Superman but he hasn’t lost me yet with Batman.

  15. Can anyone say whether or not this will be readable for someone who hasn’t read the first volume? Obviously the #1 on the cover would imply that it will be, but everyone keeps saying that this is a continuation of his earlier work. I haven’t read Batman Inc. before, but it is on my pull list and i’m trying to gauge if that’s a good idea or not.

    • Get the ‘Leviathan Strikes’ one-shot, it sets you up for this series & gives a breakdown of the first Batman Inc., but to be honest it does help reading Morrison entire Batman run! Hope that helps?!

  16. Frankenstein, Animal Man (developed almost entirely by Morrison), Batwing, Shining Knight, and Damien Wayne were all created by Morrison. He still has a huge hand in the new 52.

  17. Loved the first couple of issues of Volume 1. The rest was quite confusing on a first read, but then I enjoyed them more and more when I gave them another look.

    I also found annotations that some people have done on Morrison’s run to be quite interesting, and definitely help clear up the edges.

    Really looking forward to the art in this. The preview page in recent comics looks brilliant, and I love how Burnham has always shown Damian as a kid, as Quitely did at the start of Batman and Robin.

  18. I’m going to pull this issue and see what happens. I read Batman Inc in the old continuity, read Leviathan but I’m not sure I like the concept of Bat-franchises. I think Morrison has turned a corner with Action Comics so maybe the mojo is good here.

    Also re: DC’s gay character announcement. I wonder if it’s next month in this title. It would fit with Grant Morrison’s recent comments about Batman and homosexuality and it could intro an unknown new character.

  19. The most anticipated title of the month for me, by far. Cannot wait.

  20. I’m not to interested. I hate to say it but this is probably going to be a trade for me.

  21. Grant Morrison needs to write all the comics.

  22. TheRealVenom is not going to like this one

  23. I’m going into this with cautious optimism. Morrison is losing me on Action and he lost me on Final Crisis. But I loved his Doom Patrol and X-Men runs.

    I skipped Batman, Inc. the first time around, but I’ll give this a go since it is a light week for me.

  24. This is the most intense comments section I’ve ever seen.

    • Sorry, but some of us want idiots out of the business we’ve grown to love.
      Hundreds of other writers would do anything for the assignments Morrison’s been given, and he decides to give a middle finger to everyone by showing up to work on drugs, making a spectacle of homosexuality, purposefully writing unnecessarily convoluted storylines, and bringing back ideas and concepts best left in the silver age.

      The fuck.

    • @thehangman: And doing that all awesomely! But seriously, hundreds of other writers COULD do anything with the assignments that Morrison has been given but they couldn’t do what he has done with them. There’s a reason why he’s revered by most of the current crop of top writers and why guys like Hickman are jumping to hang out with him at the con whose name you hate so much.

      Okay, we get it, you don’t like Morrison’s writing. Lots of people do. Best to leave them to their books, ignore the books you don’t like, and focus on the one you do. You’re coming close to trolling which is a violation of the rules here.

      (Also, you’d be surprised how many of your favorite comics are written on drugs.)

    • @hangman “Also, you’d be surprised how many of your favorite comics are written on drugs”

      and records and movies and some of the greatest works of literature ever.

      Really looking forward to this.

    • “If you don’t think drugs have done good things for us, do me a favor, go home and take all your albums, tapes, cds…and burn them. Cause, you know what, all those musicians who made that great music that has enhanced your lives throughout the years…rrrrrrrrrrreal fucking high on drugs.”

    • “i hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone….but they’ve always worked for me.”
      -Hunter S. Thompson

      “psychedelics are probably responsible for every aspect of human evolution apart from the decline in bodyhair.”
      -Terence McKenna

  25. I was going to ask a question about this issue but by the time I got to the bottom of this page, I’d forgotten what it was now.
    I find Morrison’s work spotty (at best) and derivative, but this gay insight is pretty interesting. And the art looks good so I’ll give this a shot.

  26. I’ve always found Morrison to be a mixed bag for me. I don’t hate his stuff (crazy purple Bat-men aside) since in the long run they have been very impactful and pretty cool.

    Animal Man is probably one of my favorite things he wrote. It’s also probably the most straightforward thing he’s written and it was just superbly written. I love the Buddy/Morrison talk at the end.

    Final Crisis was meant to be big, and it kind of was. It’s not my favorite Crisis, but Darkseid’s whole taking over the world thing was pretty epic. Did it really affect the books that were coming out? Not really. It was pretty self contained and crazy towards the end, and I would have loved to see what he did with the New Gods, but it was just okay to me. Nothing great.

    All Star Superman is probably my favorite Superman story aside from Secret Identity.

    52 is probably one of the best things I’ve ever read, not to mention a huge achievement for putting out an issue every week with that level of storytelling on the first try.

    Seven Soldiers was a pretty cool maxi-series. I loved Guardian, Mister Miracle, Shining Knight, and Frankenstein. The ending was kind of meh to me, but it was interesting that it was a team that wasn’t really a team.

    JLA is probably one of the best Justice League runs ever written. I mean, New World Order was just a great and epic story and so were many of the others. World War 3 had some good points and some things did confuse me (like meeting those otherworldly protector Gods during the Rock of Ages storyline) but it’s still a solid run.

    Now, his Batman stuff. Probably my favorite story he wrote so far was the The Island of Mister Mayhew. Great mystery story and seeing the beginning of Batman inc was pretty exciting. The Clown at Midnight story I did not like since the storytelling and art killed it for me. I’m not a fan of the cg art and, it’s not like I don’t like books, but it’s not what I want to see when I open a comic. Batman R.I.P. was great…up until he turned into Zur-En-Arrh Batman and went crazy. I still don’t know if I buy that he has a contingency that big or one that would allow himself to be that savage against enemies, but it got better towards the end. And I don’t know how Batman would have been able to ignore all of the graffiti of Zur-En-Arrh or why Nightwing or Robin wouldn’t have noticed it either. The Return of Bruce Wayne stuff I found confusing at points, but it was still okay. And like everyone, I was apprehensive of Damian at first, but now I love him! Batman and Robin was a great ride and Batman inc I think was one of his most straightforward works. Like everything he does, everything is explained or explained to an extent at the end and it is the same in this series. It was great. The Man of Bats issue was fantastic. Though I still don’t know why Bruce would go public with Batman inc and not just keep it secret. I may need to re-read the trade since I know he explains it at one point, but if I were the police or FBI I would be like “okay, this guy is DEFINITELY Batman. Search his house top to bottom. What’s this? A moving clock? What’s behind it? A Batcave? Oh my God! So I was right. Wait. Why is that giant mechanical Tyrannosaurus coming at me? AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!–”

    I am really looking forward to this issue. I wouldn’t consider myself a Morrison fan. Some of his stuff is very confusing and very out there. But as you can see from above, there is still always something I can say I LIKED about each of his runs.

    • Wow. That came out longer than I thought it would be. Sorry about that. 😛

    • If I had one really big complaint though, it is Morrison’s disjointed style of storytelling where it always feel like a conversation half finishes or it suddenly feels like you’re missing a page.

    • I guess that would be the heavy influence of the ‘cut-up’ process, which is based on the ‘Dada’ scene that has influenced a lot of his work!
      Can be tough to work out, but a lot of persistence or reading Burroughs does help prepare you.

  27. One thing you can say about Morrison – you may not understand what he does half the time in his books, but it’s definitely different than the rest of the books on the market, which is something sorely needed. Can’t wait to see what he brings next to good old Bats!

  28. There’s a Tiny Titans reference in the book.

  29. Fuck it, I’ll give it a shot. Worst case scenario I don’t like it & I’m out $3.

  30. BAT-COW

  31. I think a writer who can have equal parts praise and equal parts criticism speaks volumes of their work. I find with Morrison it is best to not critique or ask too many questions as you go. His stories always end up making (at least some form) of sense in the end. Look at Mystery Play.

  32. This was awesome! Lots of great action and the set-up (and continuation) of some cool mysteries. 5 stars all around!

  33. Since this was only $2.99 (£2.50 here in the UK) I figured I’d give this a shot. I haven’t actually read Batman INC Vol 1 yet but I’ve thumbed through it and read some Wiki stuff on it so I think I’ll be able to read this without feeling TOO lost.

  34. Old continuity makes me sad.

    • I’m not sure what you’re referring to, as this pretty clearly takes place in the New 52.

    • Batwing is in his pre-new 52 armor, it was redesigned for his new series, also the old version of Looker is here, she has also been redone for her National Comics issue.

      also Freight Train is here. Freight. Train. also Black Lightning’s afro mask.

    • Okay, but depending on where that particular plotline goes, I kind of think 98% of the audience will never notice. And a lot of this issue is a flashback, so the Batwing armor isn’t necessarily an issue. I don’t have the foggiest clue who Looker and Freight Train are, so I can’t comment on how egregious an error that is (but I’m leaning toward “not at all”).

    • I am the two percent:)

      Perhaps Barbara Gordon will roll in next issue in her wheelchair. wakka wakka.

    • @KenOchalek: The BATMAN, INCORPORATED: LEVIATHAN STRIKES! one-shot has a little info box on the title page that says that it takes place “before FLASHPOINT and The New 52” and you have to assume this series, which continues from there, does as well. Plus, Batman is in his pre-New 52 costume.

      Unless otherwise stated, I’m going to put this series into its own continuity box.

    • @Conor: Yeah, I’m totally happy to let this book sit in it’s own corner and be awesome, because in the end good comics are good comics. But this issue does reference something Damien did in a recent issue of Batman and Robin, so that’s where I saw it as being in the New 52.

    • @KenOchalek: Yeah, Morrison is definitely blurring the line between pre- and post-FLASHPOINT.

  35. I don’t mind the gay comments. I don’t mind that he writes on drugs. Hell, I’ve done some of my own personal best work on drugs. I do think this book is overrated though. I like some of Morrison’s work, but definitely not all. I found the art this issue way too busy. Anyway, I’ll stick around for a couple more issues, but I’m not really feelin’ this. I give out 5 stars pretty rarely (5 stars being the best the medium has to offer), so I’m giving this a 4 for the effort that was clearly put into this (since to me 3 is average/middle of the road).

  36. Between Snyder’s Batman and Tomasi’s Batman and Robin, I had just about forgiven DC for basically undoing most of Morrison’s work. However, Batman, Incorporated #1 reminds me why Morrison’s Batman run is probably one of the best ever. This issue made me long for Batman Incorporated to still be a major part of Wayne Enterprises and that Dick Grayson still donned his Batsuit. The pacing of this issue is fantastic and not enough can be said about Burnham’s art. While Snyder is delivering some top notch Batman action over in his title, I truly believe that this title is the one to watch. It’s literally such a breath of fresh air, from the art to the story itself. If only Batman Incorporated Morrison were writing Action Comics. Sigh. Anyways, if your a fan of Morrison’s Batman run, definitely pick this up.


  37. A lot of intensity surrounding the author of this book, and the buzz of an article. I think it is sometimes. Best to just comment on the text itself. THIS BOOK WAS AWSEOME

  38. I guess im just missing what is great about this series. I liked the first few issues but then it became confussing and kinda all over the place. I was hoping this might be a bit more streamlined since its now in “the new 52” but alas just seemed like it picked up where it left off. I have liked morrison in the past but between this and action comics im starting to feel like morrison is not for me anymore. 3/5 dropped

    • I did forget to mention the art was beautiful. That was one plus to this issue.

    • I thought that — on the whole — this was really straightforward. What tripped you up?

    • @ken i left the old batman inc when it got to the whole flashback argentina thing, found it weird personally. So I hoped that this would fill me in or at the very least give me a recap intro since it is a number 1 in a new continuity. Just felt like i walked in halfway through movie.

  39. God, I missed this series. Good to have it back even if it’s only for like 6 issues or something. Also, Chris Burnham is a fucking badass. That’s all that needs to be said.

  40. “Super-assassin with his own island,” is that a reference to Deathstroke? I haven’t read any Deathstroke but it sounds like it might be.

  41. Also, was the thing about Robin’s hood a reference to Trayvon Martin? Morrison made Tea Party references in the last issue of Action Comics so it seems like something he’d do.

    • Naa.. Damian wore a hood like that when he first came out as Robin, and Bruce never liked it for some reason that I can’t remember right now.

    • I think it was a joke about the All Star Batman and Robin series where dick grayson first had a hood and batman said it was too easy for criminals to just pull the hood over his head and mess up his vision. Also –potential spoiler–the hood was rather pertinent in this issue itself.

    • I think his reason was that it could hinder peripheral vision.

    • Dick-Bats and Robin have an interaction about the hood in the second arc of Morrison’s Batman and Robin. If memory serves, Batman tells Robin to watch it since it could blind him in a fight, Damien sasses about being able to take anyone with his eyes closed, etc. I assumed this moment was a reference to that.

    • Just double-checked the issue (it’s the first of the Red Hood arc — #4 in Batman and Robin). Dick talks about how Bruce always said a hood could blind you in a fight. So, it seems that this moment in Inc is both a reference to B&R and, probably, ASB&R.

  42. Fuck it I’m a vegetarian too, All hail Bat-Cow…….5/5.

  43. New 52 wave 3 … Bat-Cow!

  44. So yeah, LOVED this.

  45. A week or two ago I read an article where Burnham was bragging on how great the book was going to be. He was not wrong. There was a TON to love about this book (Batcow being a solid contestant for Panel of the Year), but I think what I loved most about it was that it felt like a double-sized issue and it was only 22 pages! Comic-booking at its finest. Can’t wait for more.

    Did anyone get a strong Quitely vibe? Chris Burnham is certainly rising on my list of favorite artists.

  46. Just finished. Three things I want to say:

    1. This book is in the new continuity. Batman’s not only wearing the new costume, but he refers to Robin killing Nobody. DC has also stated as such. Not that it matters. You can’t get hung up on that stuff. Story’s the most important thing. The rest is just details.

    2. It’s so good to have Robin back. I don’t know who that other kid is in Batman and Robin.

    3. I think I laughed out loud about three or four times.


  47. This was FanFuckentastic-great to have Morrison writing Batman again.

  48. This is good Morrison, not Action Comics Morrison. Great issue. POTW.

  49. This is why I read comics

  50. So good! I was confused about the “killing of Nobody” remark. I haven’t been reading Batman and Robin since Morrison left it, so I guess that happened there. Was it a good storyline? Sounds a bit off.

  51. Hands down, best book of the week.

  52. Loved this book!!

    Was Batman(Morrison) commenting on the trayvon martin case when he tells Robin to take of that hood before he gets into trouble. Or am I thinking too much into that?

    a few other things that I thought were funny/interesting. The found appreciation of Robin to be a vegetarian, and the dominatrix shop being used to get a super hero costume.

    Also, the art was fantastic. Reminded me of the first arc of Batman and Robin bback before Flashpoint.

    • i love the fetish-costume angle of the book. i am reminded of nite-owl not being able to get it up without the aid of a costume in watchmen.
      damian being a vegetarian: gold.

  53. Goddamnit it’s good to read Morrison Batman again. I really enjoyed this. I’ve been busy and didn’t get a chance to do my usual Morrison refresher read of the pre-N52 Inc., and I was a little worried I’d forget something crucial. But this was all pretty straight forward and familiar. Burnham even looks like he’s kicked it up a notch. Good comics.

    Between the heavy darkness of Snyder’s Batman, the wicked badassery of Tomasi’s B&R, and the romping fun of Morrison’s Inc., it’s a great time to be a Batman fan.

    @ all you naysayers: “Resist us and there will be no mercy. Join us and eat well. Morrison devours the mighty. Be with us completely. Or be our mortal enemy! HAIL MORRISON!”

    Bring on #2!!


    • HAIL MORRISON!!!! see you at Morrisoncon?

    • ya know, it’s fucked up. i’ll be in vegas a week before morrisoncon for a wedding. i gotta try and work something out. i’m only six hours from vegas. i might say “fuck it” and drive. i would like to do a ‘fear and loathing’ type of road trip there. i’ll have to be careful, though. that’s bat country!

  54. I have read no other issues of Batman, Inc. I don’t have exposure to Leviathan. Would either of these factors deter my understanding/enjoyment of this book?

    The art looks SO good, and I loved what I saw of Robin’s dialogue.

    • This is kind of a tough question.

      On the one hand, I wanna say you should check out the trade for three reasons: 1) It’s really good Batman, 2) If Morrison is true to form, some of that material is bound to pop up and be important down the line, and 3) If ya like the looks of the artwork here, there’s some bitchin’ Burnham art in a few of the previous issues.

      On the other hand, there weren’t too many references to previous Batman Inc. plot points in this particular issue. And ’round these parts we usually just say “Jump in! The water’s fine!”

      My recommendation would be to get this issue, and if ya wanna stay on, get the trade and catch up in the meantime. Hope that helped.

  55. There was a lot of blood on those pages

  56. This was an interesting issue. I had really liked the first batch of Batman INC titles and then lost interesting along the way. was eager to give it another shot since Morrison has always been a writer i’ve had trouble following. I’m interested in seeing how that last page plays out going forward.

    i liked Quietly’s art a whole lot, but sometimes the color was over processed and kind of got in the way for my tastes.

  57. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Calm down, chaps.

    For any Inc./ Leviathan noobs like me… Bought it, read it, understood it, loved it. 5/5

    Going to grab the preceeding trades. Not because it’ll help it make sense, because this was great Batman.

    • & then buy all the rest of Morrisons’ entire Batman-run, especially ‘The Black Glove’,’R.I.P’ & his run on Batman & Robin all key to Batman, INC.!

    • Buy that comic where he reveals that Alfred is actually Bruce Wayne’s true father. Yeah, he’s such a good writer……

    • @smo5000 I can’t tell if you’re trolling randomly or just heard about the events of RIP from a friend and therefore don’t understand what you’re saying…

    • Parri (@pazzatron) says:

      A mate of mine has all the B&R trades. Going to have to poach those off his shelf sooner rather than later.

    • @smo5000: That never happened. Thumbs down.

  58. Am I crazy for wanting some DC animated movies covering Morrison’s Batman work?

    Do a trilogy of films. First one brings in Damian, which is worth a movie on its own. One of the best modern characters.

    I don’t know if you can pull off Bruce’s faux death/time travel adventure… Plus Dick Grayson as Batman probably wouldn’t fly in an expensive film production…

    A Batman Inc movie would be great. All the international Batmen… Oh man.

    Okay, I won’t be greedy. Just give me one movie with Damian. Please.

    • Sounds like fun. And there a lot of ways Bruce could “die” without referencing anything from Apokolips or time travel. In fact, I think the official line in the New 52 is that Bruce was just “away” for a while.

    • Didn’t they already do a version of the RIP story in the Justice League cartoon?

  59. Pretty good for a first issue, I only liked the first few issues of his last Batman Inc. run…it got pretty boring for me.

    Who would have thought that all it would take is a guy in a goat-mask armed with a Rocket Rifle…

  60. Loved the return of the interestingly artistic sound effects…they were my favorite thing about Batman & Robin.

  61. Well, the comic shop pulled this for me and I brought it home and I read it. It felt more like Batman and Robin then a new title, to be completely honest. I did however really enjoy it except for the fight scene with all of the cows and stuff; it made me confussed and I was not sure what was happening where?? That would be the only thing that kept this issue from being a 5 in my book and I think I may be on board.


  62. I loved Morrison’s Batman and Robin, so will probably get this.

  63. I am completely outnumbered. Maybe I’m looking at this through the wrong sort of lens? Is this supposed to be kind of “goofy”? If so, then I feel it’s achieved its goal. If not, then I don’t get it. But I really want to, and I’m trying, dammit!

    • There’s been a kind of high stakes goofiness throughout Inc. Your lens was working just fine.

    • I’ve read it described as a twisted reflection of the 60s TV Series, and I can totally see that. This had a bad guy in a silly costume, a big fight full of sound effects, Bat-Cow and all these goofy campy things, but it still manages to be pretty damn sinister and bloody…

  64. First time I read this, was awed by the art but confused by the story. Second time through it all made sense. 5/5.

    @flash – in the cow seen, I think the repeating sound was the device used to kill cattle as their head went into the slot?

  65. 57.5% POTW (highest), 4.5 Average Rating (also highest), and 1,100 pulls (highest again).

    Yeah, this Morrison guy is a hack.

  66. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Batman inc is just a stupid concept only designed to sell rubbish figures of Batman dressed up as a cowboy or in a suit of armour etc. When is everyone going to realise that Grant Morrison is a bit shit?

    • Hahaha! Kinda my thoughts on it, but *shrug*. Give me more “Black Mirror” or “Jeckyl and Hyde” type stories any day. Never really got into the whole idea of various Batmans all over the world. I already feel there’s too many Bat-folks running around Gotham, and that one of Batman’s strengths as a character and as a story is his lone-figure-against-the-world thing. Now he’s got this whole family to take care of, and it makes him less edgy to me.

    • Just a word of warning. Being negative about Grant Morrison is about the fastest way to make enemies on this site. Most of the staff loves him (they even set up a convention together).. and the vast majority of the most vocal people that frequent this site also love him. Any other creator is fair game but he seems to be off limits. Having said that.. I feel that the truth about him is that he has some hits and he has some misses. He is a good writer. Good writers sometimes write shit and sometimes they write great stuff. Personally i havent liked him as a human being ever since he very aggressively stated in an interview the cliche that “if someone wants to learn how to write they gotta get up of their asses and experience life”. (paraphrased). It wasnt what he said but the way he said it that i found annoying. He also said it in the way he says lots of things.. almost as if he was the first one to say it. Even though most of us have heard that before we were 15 years old. He also said that the next time he meets mark millar .. he wants it to be a meeting in which he runs mark millar over with his car. I dont know why he would get a pass for publicly airing his dislike and making light of violence against a real person when some people are very sensitive about showing violence in comics against fictional characters. Regardless of whether or not his beef is real.. none of us know what really happened.. but morrison is the one thats showing his emotions in public. Normally its the guy that retaliates that gets the blame right? well? blame morrison. I say again.. though that ive read some excellent stuff from Morrison and will continue to (new xmen and WE3 come to mind as well as batman and robin)… however i dont like him personally.

    • I think it’s just Ron that’s involved with MorrisonCon, seperate from iFanboy.

      Also, if I know iFanboy and (most of) its users, then alternative viewpoints are welcomed. Intelligent elaboration is usually appreciated though, rather than just “this is stupid.”

    • Alternative viewpoints are more welcome on this site than the average site.. as there are plenty of times when people offer divergent viewpoints and are treated with the typical ifanboy respect and fairness.. and there are also many times a day when someone just types this is stupid or that is stupid and are largely ignored ,,, However…. do it with a Morrison thread at your peril.
      Ron is an integral part of ifanboy right? and this is a comics event and ifanboy is comics site right?

      I just have one other thing to say.. Babbabooey .. Babbabooey!

    • He’s awesome… END OF STORY

    • @consafo80 Do you really believe that all there is to this comic is selling action figures or have you actually read it and realised that’s ridiculous?

    • @iroberts007: iFanboy has nothing officially to do with MorrisonCon. iFanboy has no more to do with MorrisonCon than it has to do with AppJudgement or Josh’s writing or any project any of us do on the side, outside of iFanboy.

    • what is a “bit shit”?

    • “a bit shit” is likely a somewhat British way of saying “kind of bad”

    • consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

      I actually don’t mind the idea of Bruce Wayne bankrolling some kind of crime fighting squad but it just seems a bit too wacky in how it’s done. Also we now have 5 Batman books.

      I will read #1 though and let you all know my honest opinion.

    • consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

      Okay read it now and I liked it honestly didn’t think I would but I did and if there wasn’t so many bat books may of added to pull list but as it is a future trade pick. I still think the action figures are stupid though.

  67. Excellent. It feels like it’s been years since I read a really solid Morrison issue.
    I’m also fond of Damian’s Econ training.

  68. The delay, the wait, and this issue couldn’t make me not care for this conclusion anymore. If it starts getting good, I’ll check it out digitally, but until then, I’m done. First “big” Bat book I’ve dropped since coming into comics, which was right before the start of Grant’s run 🙁

  69. I need to go back and re-read LEVIATHAN STRIKES! again, to see what ties back to it from here. I thought this issue was pretty awesome. Morrison can be confusing as hell, but I didn’t find this issue to be so (I thought LEVIATHAN STRIKES! was though). And this comes from a faithful reader of his old Doom Patrol run! Loved the art, thought it was similar to Quietly but better, actually.

    • Re-read both LEVIATHAN STRIKES! and #1. LS made more sense on a rereading, and there were a few things that carried over well. I think the summary in the back of LS helped me recall a lot of what leads up to #1.

      WRT #1, I don’t think Damian is dead or even shot. I think this is all part of the ruse that Batman is running with the heroes that Leviathan THINKS are dead, but really aren’t. Damian had his hood up the entire time in the panels at the truck fight, plus Batman could easily have stopped Goat Boy. I think it’s a ploy.

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