• Batman, Incorporated wants you!

• Batman has a war to fight, but first he must recruit an army to combat the menace of Leviathan.

• See how The Dark Knight assembled his lieutenants!

Written by Grant Morrison & Chris Burnham
Art by Frazier Irving
Cover by Chris Burnham
Variant Cover by Aaron Kuder & Chris Burnham

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. The art is actually by Frazer Irving instead if Burnham, but I like either so that’s all good!

  2. This is a story I don’t always completely understand, but between the art and the enigmatic writing, I’m in!

  3. Burnham has said this issue has just about every member of BMI…outside chance for Cass Cain & Spoiler?

  4. Well, if someone has to fill in for Burnham it doesn’t get much better than Frazier Irving. It would also be cool if they got Cameron Stewart to do an issue before this run ends.

    I know Morrison and Burnham have been working Marvel style. It’s nice to see Burnham get a writing credit here.

  5. Frazier Irving coming back to Morrison’s world is always a good thing.

  6. I really can’t stand the narrative style in this book. It feels more like a movie trailer than a cohesive story, loose scenes with a lot cut out between them. I’m sure if I turned Morrison’s entire bat run inside out I would find hints that would add depth to what feels trivial at first glance, but I really prefer my Batman stories a bit more digestible than that.

    • Unlike you, I find the style intriguing and unique, but I think you’re point is very well made Boyling. His stories often feel like stories of the Bat-Universe or Bat-history rather than your more linear classic crime-on-page-1 Batman-wins-on-page-22 story. Definitely not for everyone and occasionally frustrating. If he doesn’t have a superb artist it fails (luckily Morrison usually does have such an artist). On the other hand, he seems to write for the artist, giving excuses for all sorts of cool or outrageous images that artists must love to draw!

      I am happy to get the more straight-ahead stories from Dark Knight, a book I enjoy more it seems than the average Bat-fan.

  7. I’m kind of the odd man out, I didnt dig Frazer Irving’s art in this issue. I love the work he’s done on Judge Dredd and quite a few other comics but his art felt dull here.

    This series has really jumped genre-styles to me, not a bad thing but a bit confusing at times.

  8. Great to see Frazier Irving back! I loved this issue, the callbacks to the island of dr. Mayhew were great, and we finally got to see what became of the Dark Ranger legacy. Always my favorite Bat-book

  9. Not the best effort writing this one. Very pretty though.

  10. The art didn’t grab me the way I thought it would, and neither did the story for that matter. Still one of the better #0 issues, but I don’t believe that is saying much at this point.

  11. Whenever I read an issue of this series I think to myself “what the hell am I reading.” But, when I’m done, I just “get it” and love it. The art is killer as well.

  12. It was nice to see Dick back in the Batsuit. I’m glad this new DCU52 stuff doesn’t get in the way of Morrison’s epic here. This issue read like a love letter to the fans that have been on board with this story from the start. And Irving? Well, he is so very awesome that I just took 10 and checked the online shop to buy up everything of his (interiors) that I don’t already have.
    I loved how “access to a shrink ray” comments kept coming up. Only in a Morrison comic can you find silly and goofy to be quite cool and hilarious.

  13. I always have to count the pages of this comic because they’re jam packed with fun. This one has 22 pages. And I never heard of Aaron Kuder, the artist on the variant cover, but he’s got a nice line. I’d love to see his interiors. That sounds weird.

    • He did all the interiors for this month’s ‘Green Lantern: New Guardians’ and it was excellent.

    • Interesting, because I did read that issue and I remember thinking fondly of the art, but I guess I didn’t take note of the artist, or if I did I quickly forgot. I’m going to have to check it out again.

  14. This was great! I didn’t realize how much I missed Irving until I read this. It was a nice recap. Filled in some blanks. But the real treat was the artwork. So many nice little silent moments. Halo and Whatshername (?) comparing sizes in the background, Bruce doing one-armed chinups on a stalactite, Dark Ranger saving Bruce from the Batarang without him noticing. Great stuff. This kinda reinvigorated me on not just this title, but the potential of Batman Inc. in general.

  15. One armed stalactite pull ups!

  16. This was probably my least favorite issue of Batman, Inc so far.

    It just didn’t feel like there was an overall plan here. It was more like a bunch of recaps and odd scenes that aren’t really essential to the ongoing story. Of all the zero issues I’ve read, this one was probably the most redundant.

    However, I enjoyed seeing The Musketeer retire from crime fighting and it was really nice to see Night Runner again. It was cool to see some loose ends being tied up, but did we really need yet another recap to THAT scene from ‘Batman: Year One’? It seems to be in every other issue these days.

    Also: There is a major continuity problem with this issue (unless I’m very much mistaken). At the request of Batman, The Knight breaks into Dark Ranger’s studio and attacks him in order to tell if he’s ‘as good as his reputation’. Yet, once The Knight reveals his identity to The Ranger, Ranger doesn’t seem to recognize him. So much so that ‘The Knight’ feels compelled to introduce himself. Dark Ranger then goes on to say that he isn’t even Dark Ranger, which he actually has been since ‘Batman R.I.P’ – where he fought alongside Knight & Squire (as well as the rest of the ‘Club of Heroes’) to save Tim Drake from the dual onslaught of The Jolly Swagman and Poirrot. So even if he DOES know Cyril and is simply being a bit rude, why does he not remember being Dark Ranger and working alongside The Knight in ‘R.I.P’? Annoying. Very annoying.

    I’m also not a huge Fraser Irving fan. His figures are stiff and he draws everybody the same (with the same weird comb-over hairstyle). There isn’t a difference between Dick Grayson’s Batman and Bruce Wayne’s when he draws them, either. I don’t mind him sometimes (his ‘Return of Bruce Wayne’ chapter was very cool indeed), but I far prefer the colourful, kinetic excitement of Chris Burnham’s work. It better compliments the tone of the series.

    Overall, this felt like an issue I didn’t need to buy, whereas everything else that Morrison has done with Batman has felt like essential and exciting reading. I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t help but feel a little shortchanged.

  17. Did not like the art at all (except the cover), not my bag of tea. The story seemed to be very cut up and all over the place. Not my favorite issue of an otherwise good series.

  18. very enjoyable. these are the kinds of art fill-ins you hope to hell for. familiar and successful associations from the past. clearly Frank Quitely would be great, too. or even Cameron Stewart.

  19. Great issue, loved it all over!

    Probably the best zero issue for me.

  20. I loved this issue. It was awesome seeing Damian in the Bat suit, Lol. Plus I loved how it lead right into Batman & Son.

  21. This ok, I didn’t like it as some of the other Batman #0 issues though.

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