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The “Ghosts” storyline written and drawn by Sam Kieth continues with part 3 of 4! Batman and Callie become closer as they literally share their troubles when Batman goes blind! And the creature they’re fighting continues taking the two down memory lane. But can either Batman or Callie handle being forced to face the loss of their parents?

Written by SAM KIETH
Art and Cover by SAM KIETH

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


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  1. Story is a bit of a pain to read. Kieth is not a good writer, that is for sure. But he is an amazing artist and I suspect this to be another beautiful looking issue this week.

  2. Everyone buying this book because they love Sam’s art should think about picking up the Art of Sam Kieth Vol. 1 from IDW that comes out this week. I know I will be buying it. 

  3. @comicdork: I saw that and it looked very good. My local Barnes and Nobel has a copy I think..

  4. @TNC Kieth is a great writer for weird and offbeat stuff. His creator owned work is mostly an amazing read. He might just not be the best guy to write a Batman story.

  5. But the Batman ears…look…so…bad.

  6. This was just painful to read. I don’t even know what Kieth is trying to accomplish here. I’ll get his last issue and only look at the gorgeous pages he drew. Cause the artwork is the only 5 star thing about this entire comic.

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