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There’s a new killer prowling Gotham City preying on the homeless. Batman has his suspicions, but is his normally rational mind playing tricks on him? When The Caped Crusader finally meets his suspect face-to-face, he finds that the creature knows much more than he should. Prepare for a stunning 4-part storyline written and illustrated by fan favorite Sam Kieth!

Written by Sam Kieth
Art and cover Sam Kieth

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 20.4%


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  1. Only thing better than Sam drawing Batman is Sam drawing Wolverine. Looking forward to the art even though his writing has been a little hit or miss for me lately.

  2. Is this Dick or Bruce?

  3. I’m guessing Bruce as Sam tends to only do stuff out of continuity it seems. Not positive though.

  4. This is gonna be some good stuff. Sam Keith did a great job with the Lobo mini and I expect this to be the best looking book of the week.

    Never really read a story written by him though. Hope he is a good writer…

  5. Much like his art, his writing is not conventional.

  6. Love the cover

  7. Some great Sam Kieth art in this. Pretty much loved it on all accounts cause of the art. Story was a bit blah, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. I think people should pick this up, you might like it quite a lot.

  8. Loved this book.  My first Batman Confidential, and my first Sam Kieth book. I’m sticking around for this entire arc.

    @AmirCat Bruce

  9. THIS IS NUTS!!!

    Wazzup with the Bangs?

    Bat Con is out of continuity,

  10. I told someone who doesnt read comics to go to a comic shop and grab a couple of comics they think "look pretty."  She ended up with this and Marvelous Land of Oz #2, so I guess this series has that going for it…

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