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  1. I’m afraid financial obligations will cause me to drop this soon.  I was really enjoying it for a while though.  I got most of them.

  2. This has been a fantastic arc, I loved the first two issues.

    Again King Tut is such a ridiculous character, but Weir/DiFilipis actually made me like the villain a bit more. I hope this entire creative team gets to do big things in the future. Especially the artist, man what great art in this.

  3. Not really into Tut myself, but me loves the Riddler!  This arc is the only Batman:Confidential I’ve ever bought.  Wonder if its numbers are up with people like me looking for a Batman fix and wishing to escape the Cowl nonsense.

  4. @Urthona: Maybe.

    I’m not looking for a fix but I really had fun with this whole arc. I hope we see more of King Tut in the future

  5. I was a little let down by this final issue, not plot wise, but pacing wise. I didn’t feel a need to finish this issue but forced through anyway. Perhaps a two shot would have been better? Who am I to say?

  6. You are PraxJarvin.

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