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  1. Hey remember when people still cared about Kevin Smith writing comics?

    Man those were the days.

  2. To his credit, he got this one out in decent time. Too bad DC tried to get $4 for it. I hear mixed things about the actual quality.

  3. so far i am pretty pleased with this title, though, i do have to admit that i had higher expectations. but thats what happens when you have high expectations for no real reason i guess.

  4. Oh, I love it when these things get personal…

  5. surprised so many people are pulling this. #1 was horrible. 

  6. @kevinsmithfan48: I’m barely moved by that remark. Your a kevin smith fan! What should that do to me?

    In all seriousness I think this has been an average mini, and that’s all it is. Nothing special and nothing groundbreaking. Just average

  7. lol play nice kids.  i avoided this book like the plauge at 1st because of kevin smith and his rep for lateness  but a friend of mine kept telling me about it and thought hmm its only 3 issues and 2 is already out an on time so picked it up and liked it( then issue 3 was late DOH)

  8. @peter: Hey I am playing nice. It’s a shame kevin isnt with his 6th grade taunting 🙂

  9. @TNC

    I wouldn’t say your playing nice at all. you come to this page just to make an easy joke about Smith. You didn’t even pull this issue. Why would you waste everyone’s time by commenting on the book when it adds nothing. Surprised you didn’t know the old saying:

    Those who can’t do teach
    Those who can’t teach criticize

    So obviously you can’t do or teach, you just want to criticize Smith for doing something that you can’t even imagine doing. So how about you do something that get’s you well known and then you can’t talk about others.

  10. um i think this guy IS keven smith or a skrull

  11. *peterporker

    nope just a fan that will defend someone he likes


  12. ……maybe hes a Doom-bot!  =O

  13. in a wolrd where there isnt a batman comic that is not trying to meta, this has been pretty decent, although i almost would have preferred Kubert artwork on the inside instead of Flanagans.  and this bitch came out on time!

  14. eh this is ok i kinda like it but im iffy im only getting it because i got the other ones. after kevin smiths run on daredevil im iffy about his comics.

  15. @kevinsmithfan48: You need to cool it.  You’ve already crossed the line several times in this discussion.  And you telling TNC that he can’t criticize a comic book without making one is beyond assinine.  If that were the case almost no one here would be allowed to say anything.  I agree that if you don’t read a comic you shouldn’t talk about it, but what TNC said we general about Kevin Smith, and not this comic (and by the way, what he said was true).

  16. I’m very curious to know what people think of the story overall.  I’ll get the trade if I hear enough good things

  17. would this many people pull it if they didn’t like the first two? it’s not the best thing i’ve ever read, but i’ve certainly had fun with this throughout, and i’m looking forward to this one.

  18. Yay conor agrees with me!

    I did pick up the first two issues, abeit a couple of weeks after they were released. Surprise Surprise, this issue was late so my interest wained on this.

    Again it’s just average to me, nothing special about this at all. If we’re gonna put this up against his Daredevil run or even his Green Arrow story….not even close is this up with those. Not even close.

  19. @TehDave: Many comic readers are completists.  I haven’t *loved* this mini.  It’s been okay.

  20. Smith’s take on the Joker was really awesome. His Batman was ok.

  21. eh…I think before I can say for sure whether it was just okay or pretty good, I need to read this one.


    yeah compared to the green arrow strory deffinitely not close.  but its been pretty fun, I mean deffinetly less complex than current affairs with bats in continuity. 


    I think that this is an easy enough book that the average person who was thinking about getting into comics and kinda liked batman could get into this and what not.

  22. I’ve enjoyed this I guess.  I like his joker when he’s letting him be the joker, not a mouthpiece.  And I don’t know who the sound guy is, and I like him.

  23. I’m getting this in paperback…guess it could be years ’til DC releases that though.

  24. Uhm, why shouldn’t you talk about a book if you didn’t read it? Maybe not criticize it… but if you want to comment on the cover, the price, the writer, the artist, the characters, the hype, the movie option etc. I would say it’s all fair game no? Am I misunderstading something here?

    Just talking.

  25. i think this is a good alterntive to batman rip/lastrites/battleforthecowl

  26. Have to agree with most of the comments…its been ok…not great, I’ve bought the first two and there’s only one issue left. I can’t say i’ve really noticed what Kevin’s take on Batman actually is as a character, he seemed to have much more to say with Green Arrow, Daredevil…even Spidey! The only thing thats registered with me is the curious and somewhat jarring throwaway adult gags in what seems like a very light read….the Joker offering his ass…ummm…ok

  27. This isn’t genius ground breaking comic literature & isn’t pretending to be — but it’s entertaining as fuck, just like everything else Smith puts out (yeah, I’m still a big fan. Dude brought geek culture to the masses way before it was the "in" thing).

    I heard on Kevin Smith’s podcast that he’s been writing these comics while high … so, there’s some more ammunition for you haters out there. 😛

  28. @Wade: Actually that makes a lot of sense when you think about it

    Does that explain his last 3 medicore films as well?

  29. @TNC – You didn’t like Zack and Miri?  I thought it was pretty fun.

    This mini, on the other hand, has been less than memorable.

  30. @stuclach: Eh it was okay. The first half was great, then we get into the whole romance of the plot and it just bogs downt he rest of the experience.

    I dont think I have enjoyed anything by Kevin Smith since Dogma.

  31. @TNC –  Dogma was very enjoyable.  I think your problem with Zack and Miri is that you, having never romanced anyone on a porn set, are having trouble relating.  The romance portion really hit home for me, because all my relationships start and end on a porn set.  Seriously though, I can agree that the romance plot was a little weak.

    To be a bit more on topic: Do you feel the the miniseries has been weak because Smith is writing "high" (as WadeWilson mentioned) or is it because he seems to only be writing so his buddy, Walt, can draw a Batman book?


  32. @stuclach: You know I dont care if he is writing it for his buddy to draw and I dont care if he writes he when he is high. (Just read anything by Morrison lately and tell me he wasnt high when thinking about it)

    All I want is a good story and good characterization of characters; and Smith hasnt provided that. His Batman is off putting and you cant root for him; and his Joker just has multiple personalities. One minute he’s sane enough to get the job rolling, the next he’s crazy and is asking for sex….It’s just off putting to read and it doesnt help half of the book is covered by humongous text. Just like in Daredevil, Smith is putting too much story in such a small amount of time.

  33. Conor brag the hammer down (^_^)

  34. Please this barely happens at ifanboy, why start now?

  35. ^^

    Because I can. Deal with it.

  36. @kevinsmithfan48

     Dude that is not cool..Its cool to disagree but your being……well….NOT NICE! Leave Conor alone!Hes cooler than Kevin Smith anyway!

  37. @aquaman

    Your little comment means nothing when it’s coming from the lamest "hero" of all time. Learn a real power and actually be relevant before you make stupid remarks like that.

  38. @kenvinsmithfan

    Aquaman chooses to end this conversation due to your unnecessary rudeness and hostility. Your immaturity has gone on long enough.

  39. Spoken like a true king.  All hail Aquaman!!

  40. Wow….and I thought I was immature…

  41. this reminds me of comic book guy from the simpsons

  42. Am I the only one who’s most prominent thought while reading this thread is: "why 48?"

  43. @JJ: Well because of that question, ifanboy subtracted five for you to make it 43. *thumbs up*

  44. lol @ ks48 lecturing someone that they "didn’t even pull this issue" so they can’t criticize it, when ks48 appears to never have pulled any comic on this website ever. For a moment put yourself in the mindstate of someone who would create an account on here solely to "defend someone he likes". Ew.

  45. Dude is like 12 years old or else he can’t be serious. If he’s not trolling & he’s for real though … wow.

  46. I used to make excuses for Kevin Smith, but after Zach and Miri left me feeling a little indifferent (as it was Kevin trying to be Judd Apatow) and after listening to the latest Smodcasts I have realized he also smokes way too much weed I won’t even try to defend this book (even though I really like it personally). I know many people don’t like his Joker but as only a casual Batman fan I have no problem with any of his characterizations and find much of it quite funny. Although I don’t mind Walt’s art I think it is better suited to horror-type books like he has done in the past (i.e. War of the Undead and Karney).

  47. @wadewilson

    you’re just as bad as aquaman up there. Deadpool is a joke too. He’s just a rip-off of spider-man just with a scared face and a sword. Way to pick your hero’s. What’s sadder is that you’re probably some 40 yr old responding to a comment on a comic site. Do you have nothing better to do that doesn’t involve child porn?


     Your comment translates as so:

    I don’t have anything else to say because what you said is totally right. My only power is talk to goldfishes and ask if they’ll be my friend cause I obviously don’t have any.


    How about you look again cs.


     don’t worry, you’re extremely immature, just like most people on here. I don’t want to take the thing that you have in your sad little thing that you call a life. 

  48. on last thing, I’ll be expecting my $5 because I’m pretty sure all of my posts that I made last night did get pulled.  You know the one saying what ifanboy was really about. and all. Just shoot me an email and we can figure out the payment plan. k thnx

  49. haha, I’m sure kevin smith would be quite proud of his 48th fan for what he is doing.  I don’t think he would approve of dissing on Aquaman.  Kevin Smith loves Aquaman.

    Back to the book; I’m eagerly awaiting final impressions of this mini.  It seems it got a ton of hype last year when it was announced and then there was nothing else.  Seriously, after the first issue dropped, I didn’t see any previews or interviews with Smith or nothing.  Why is that?

  50. @drakedangerz 

    ty  (^_^). And yaaaa why hasn’t this book been publicized more? Youd think it would be

  51. If anyone wants a good laugh, go read kevinsmithfan48’s reviews.  I’m convinced now that this all a joke.  And if it’s not a joke then….wow.

  52. Pretty sure Deadpool was meant to mirror Deathstroke not Spiderman.

    And Zack and Miri was enjoyable definitely worth watching.

    Is there no ban user function that can be used in this special case?

  53. wow, just wow. think you guys pretty much have said all i could have added to the "issue"

     but about the book…. idk left me feeling like, it was half rushed half written by a person who smoked a bowl every couple of pages. not saying that is necessarily bad its just i know this guy that is working on his own idea for a comic and well he smokes a ton and this kinda had the same feeling to it, like not amazing but decent in a not what i expected still good way.

  54. yeah its that machine superman used at the end of final crisis.

  55. dont see what the big stink is i liked this book  even though towards the end (which was the best part) just seemed like smiths version of the killing joke. it wasnt great and im not a kevin smith fan but i was entertained end of story.

  56. A decent story, if a little let down that this became a generic Batman/Joker story instead of a Batman/Onomatopoeia story like I was hoping. This series really did more for having Batman respect Deadshot then previous work I’ve seen, so I liked it for that. I did like the last few pages of this issue.

    When I got back into comics, Green Arrow (vol. 3) #1 was printed right when I started going weekly. It became my first #1 of current comics and Kevin Smith’s run on that title remains a personal favorite. Onomatopoeia was one of the more interesting aspects of that run that never got picked up on again, really. (And it’s been nearly 6 years since he last appeared!) Green Arrow got me to be a big Kevin Smith fan. Clerks and Mallrats are two of my all time films. But a dud’s a dud. This was not a stellar issue. Just a decent Batman story. And I’m quite all right with it being that. Sometimes it’s nice to have a grounded Batman story where he doesn’t already know everyone’s motivations and he’s just playing along for 6 issues. 

  57. @PraxJarvin

    I friggin LOVE Kevin Smiths Green Arrow

  58. for the love of God, shorten the damn ears!  it looked ridiculous when Kelly Jones drew it that way, so just STOP!

    man i wish a kubert had drawn this, or even phil hestor.  Flannegan’s art was just too generic filler art, like tom derrinick.  and i think smith tried to shoe horn his philosophy of the characters too much.  and i think Gordon would have pushed the knife deeper into Joker’s chest (he did kill Gordon’s wife, let not forget, let alone cripple his daughter)

  59. @kevinsmithfan48 — Is this the part where I’m meant to get mad that you insulted Deadpool & defend myself? You said I’m into kiddy porn? lol Please try harder at insulting me for no reason. You are making yourself look awesome, & we all admire your wit & courage to insult strangers anonymously.

  60. Firstly, Deadpool’s the shit. Obviously kevin smith’s 48th fan agrees, since he pulled #8 this week.

    Secondly, Kevin Smith hasn’t done anything noteworthy since Dogma. Personally, I’ve always thought he should stick to what he knows, and leave the comic book writing to the pros.

    But that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

  61. The story was pretty good altogether. The problem I have with it is that Kevin Smith said he had told other writers who wanted to use Onomatopoeia "No", because he had another story he wanted to do first. Onomatopoeia is hardly in the story, and except for the part at the end of this issue there is no new devolopement of the character.

  62. Those of you who are new to the site should know that the childishness in this comment section is not typical of the quality of discourse on this site.

    On to the book (SPOILERS):
    I enjoyed this issue much, much more than I expected.  The first two issues were very weak and I expected more of the same.  However, the discussion between Batman and the "psychologically balanced" Joker was very solid.  I really enjoyed the interaction (including the otherwise questionable art) in this portion of the issue.  Also, scraggly beard Joker is awesomely hideous (and this is coming from someone with a very scraggly/shitty beard).  More bearded Joker, please.

    Also, due to Mr. Smith’s faith in psychological drugs, Tom Cruise thinks Kevin Smith is being glib.  Begin (imagined) quote "You’re being glib Kevin.  You’re glib." End (imagined) quote.

  63. @micahmyers – I thought the Onomatopoeia stuff was pretty interesting, but Mr. Smith might have been referring to a different story he wanted to do with the character.  Not necessary this one (unless, of course, he said that directly.  In which case, it does seem odd).

  64. Guys I really liked this issue. The "sane" Joker was very interesting to read and had a good spin. I did not follow much of Smith’s comic work, but what I saw I liked. Very glad I kept with it for issue three.

  65. I thought that it was the best of series, needed more Onomatopoeia, but I did enjoy that it reveals some of his backstory.  I would love to see a mini with just him giving us more backstory because if it was done right he could be a great villan, one that could only be done in comics.  I couldn’t imagine someone walking on the big screen talking sound effects it would be really funny or really creepy. 

  66. yeah i think the point is him to be creepy and funny. which i love.   now that you mention it he would be great in animated form

  67. There were major parts of this issue that didn’t work for me. I thought Smith really knew these characters, but judging by this issue — I was wrong. Batman saying the only reason he does what he does is so he never sees death in front of his eyes again? That’s ridiculous. If that was his only goal, he could just stay in his mansion & never come outside. And the Joker saying he is crazy because he hates Batman, & would bascially retire from being the Joker if Batman died? I disagree. Dude is way too unpredictable to say what he would do at any time (even if he did say these things while "sane"). I guess I can ignore all the stuff Joker said anyway, because he is never stable enough (no matter how much meds he’s on) to mean what he’s saying … or even know what he’s saying.

    The debate about letting Joker die was really interesting to me & I am totally on Gordon’s side of the arguement — fair enough if you won’t KILL him, but why save someone you know 100% for sure will kill again? Doesn’t that make Batman responsible (at least partly) for killing people?

    One last thing — do you guys think when Onomatopoeia is repeating the sound effects, is he actually making the sound (Michael Winslow style from Police Academy) or is he saying the words as they’re written in a flat monotone voice?

  68. @WadeWilson: I have to disagree with you, Batrman’s entire motivation is to not see anyone else die.  It’s not *literally* to not see anyone die.  Also, The Joker would totally retire without Batman.  Batman is his entire reason for being. This was explored in DARK NIGHT RETURNS.

  69. Yeah, I think Joker would probably quit without Batman. However, I STILL don’t buy all those Joker movie references. Sorry, the Joker’s mind is too fractured to allow him to sit through movies. He shouldn’t be dropping pop culture references in a comic.

  70. @wadewilson I believe, and this is my hazy memory of the original storyline, Green Arrow remarks that Onomatopoeia says them in a monotone. Which makes it event creepier.

  71. Wow that was one of the worst issues ever written by Kevin Smith. Huge disappointment.

  72. Loved this book. I have been totaly luke warm on the rest of the series but the conversation between "bats" and the joker was a ten. By far the best thing I read in a fairly meh week. Even things like Locke and Key and Secret Six felt weak this week. 

    Too bad the conversation here has been more about personality then content. 


  73. @Conor — For sure part of Batman’s motivation is not see anyone else die, but like you said, not literally that. In this issue Batman says it IS literally that & solely that. The line was: "My whole life … all of this. It’s all because I never want to see death first-hand again." That’s what I disagreed with. And about the Joker, I just didn’t buy the "I’m crazy ’cause I hate you" line. I personally don’t think the Joker would stop doing what he does or suddenly become sane if Batman wasn’t around. But, I guess we will see now that everyone in the DCU thinks Batman is dead.

    @Prax — I think you might be right, maybe I half-remembered that, too. Very creepy.

  74. This makes me want a limited series where Smith creates a team of non powered vigilanties in some random city like Chicago who all team up to take Onomatopoeia. think of it as watchmen ifRorschach had been right and there really was a mask killer. how would they respond to being hunted down like dogs? What would they do about their families and friends to protect them?


  75. @WadeWilson: The Joker will probably still be around for the new Batman status quo because there will be someone in a batsuit calling themselves Batman and he will want to be around to kill the pretender.  Plus, Batman’s not really dead and I’m sure that in his heart, The Joker knows it.

  76. Really good ending to a decent mini but I do agree with everyone in the I wanted to see more of Onomatopoeia.  Maybe this was a test to see if Kevin can do a project on time so he can do a big Onomatopoeia story.  Someone said this book was late but doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that #2 came out.

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