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  1. I’m giving this a try, as none of the other BFTC tie-ins have been bad. Let’s hope for the best!

  2. I’m doing the same…so far, so good on this storyline 🙂

  3. One of Batman’s most freakiest enemies has his own comic book saga now I wonder what Man-Bat’s gonna do in Gotham City while Bruce Wayne a.k.a. the Batman is gone will he tear every single citizen in Gotham City apart or will he took over the City’s Blood Bank anyways I was planning to buy this comic book anyway.

  4. Hmmm… I’m not expecting great things here. But Calafiore art is a plus.

  5. Hey Joe Harris! Its nice to see him taking a break from writing shitty movies and back to writing comics.  I remember my 12 year old self loving Slingers.

  6. Hope this is better than the Gordon One-Shot.

  7. i don’t know why i buy shite like this. honesty, what is wrong with my 26-year-old self?

  8. I’m picking this up mainly to see why in the world Man-Bat got his own special.  Wonder how he figures into the Battle for the Cowl?

  9. I’m shocked this, of all Bat one-shots, is getting a lot of pulls. I didnt realise Man Bat was such a popular character with the ifanbase.

  10. @tnc he has always been the one charaqcter from batman thawas so undeveloped

  11. If Battle For The Cowl #2 was coming out this week, I would be getting that instead. 

  12. @TNC — It’s because there is no other bat-books to buy! Speaking for myself anyway …

    @robby — Me too.

  13. I just finished this, and I thought it was pretty terrible, and I won’t be reading the rest of the series.

    So far the BFTC tie-ins are 2-1 for me.

  14. I thought this was leagues above Oracle and Commissioner Gordon. While it was far from the best, it was a good read. However, none of these one-shots have been particularly deep. Still, it’s a pretty big event for Man Bat and it was nice to see Doctor Phosphorus back in a cool way. (Even if he does look like Abyss!)

  15. @kwisdumb – It was a one-shot! Or do you mean you’re dropping the whole BFTC series?

    I thought this issue was OK … but was the whole point just to tell us that Langstrom can now transform without the serum? And then for him to run off into the distance, & crying like a teenage girl?

  16. This was much better than last week’s Commish Gordon story, with a quality (albeit brief) character arc.  The end felt rushed and a bit strange, but overall this issue delivered an enjoyable read.

  17. When I got in the comic book store I was’nt hoping this copy would get sold out in an instant and by the Glory of God it did got sold out quicker than meets the eye.

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