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Contrary to what the more “seasoned” DC readers of this site might tell
you, Batman R.I.P. was neither terribly terrible nor confusing. In
fact, as someone who reads little DC and is oblivious to the details of
the Batmythos other than those I’ve picked up from my youth and Bruce
Timm, I found the whole merry Morrison romp to be rather comprehensible
and, yes, entertaining. So much, in fact, that I’ve decided to at least
try a few of these post-R.I.P., pre-Batwing titles. Some of these I’m
already sold on simply because they highlight characters like Jim
Gordon and the ginger stepchild of the Batfamily – even more ginger
than Jason Todd – Dr. Kirk Langstorm, a.k.a. Man Bat.

Call me a sucker for things lycanthropic and misunderstood, but I have
a great interest and sympathy towards Man Bat. I can already tell, too,
that this is a treatment rarely given for the character. Harris manages
to make the creature tragic in his ruthlessness, as any superpower who
is hesitant to use their wild and crazy powers should be. The other,
more-appreciated Batfamily members that are present in this issue are
also handled well in personality and interactions, assuming Creeper is
supposed to be more of a wiseass than a jo-…well, you know.

Oh…that reminds me…I don’t know if I just…notice it more because it
bugs me, but…the use of ellipses in this…issue…seemed a bit much. I
know it is supposed to be used to reflect Man Bat’s struggle for
control and what have you, but there are ways to do that without making
me think of parodies of Captain Kirk. (I mean really, did anyone ever
really catch Shatner talking like that in the series?)

The art is nice, but reminds me of Tony Daniel’s style almost a bit too
much. I suppose that was done on purpose, to emphasize that this
one-shot is part of something bigger, and possibly greater. That
doesn’t mean it is bad, no. The art is competent and functional for the
most part, and then you get one or two pages – particularly in the
scenes where you think that’s Hush but it’s someone who’s not Hush –
that raised my brows in a positive way.

This book proves that in the midst of these twilight times for the
Batfamily, even the most neglected of stepchildren can have time in the
spotlight. If you’re not some bitter Batfan who is boycotting  The
Battle for some pompous reason, show a little love for the kid.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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