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Part 3 of “Blackest Knight” guest-starring Batwoman, Knight and Squire! Only months into his new role as Batman, Dick Grayson faces perhaps the biggest threat of his life. In hopes of attaining his heart’s desire, has Dick instead unleashed a terror the likes of which the world has never seen?

Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Alfred and a recuperating Robin are at the mercy of someone both fearsome and familiar…

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and Variant covers by Cameron Stewart
Covers by Frank Quitely

Price: $2.99
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  1. THIS! IS! GOTHAMMMMMM! I’m interested to see where this goes. Didn’t realize we’d be getting double issues this month.

  2. @Prax

    Yeah, I think I heard they made Cameron Stewart’s arc bi-weekly to catch up after having no issue in December.

  3. Does anyone know if the Quitely is returning to this book or not?

  4. @SamMorgan: He’s drawing the final arc.

  5. I’m pumped for this book.  Can’t wait to see if what happens to batwoman?

  6. @conor I figured this was on-going.  What issue are they planning on calling it quits?

  7. The book has been extended to a second "season" after this one wraps up. At least another year’s worth of stories.

  8. This makes me very happy!

  9. This season wraps up at issue #13

  10. I thought #15 was the finale? 

    Anyway, the last issue was the first in a while that I really enjoyed and I’m really looking forward to this one. 

  11. Bah, damn typo. 16 issues then it wraps up.

  12. I’m very interested in seeing what will happen with cloned Batman once the initial Lazarus Pit induced craziness wears off.  He might have something interesting to say.

  13. @ stuclach

    Oh, he’ll have something interesting to say. I’m damn sure a letter box will get misplaced again. 3 for 3? 😉

  14. @RolandofGilead – Good one.

  15. So excited! Stewart is gonna deliver more of the goods this week!

    I’m curious what the ‘next season’ of Batman and Robin will be, considering if and when Bruce comes back fully as Batman. Does it still revolve around Dick and Damien or will it go back to being a Bruce?

  16. man, you can’t complain about the release speed. I’m really enjoying this.

  17. @TNC  hey now, we don’t know if bruce will be batman when he comes back. all we know is that bruce will be back

  18. So pumped for this. And then we only have one week off next week, then issue #10 comes out on March 10.

    But, yeah, one thing I’m not sure about is whether Quitely is drawing the final ARC of "season one" or just the final ISSUE. Theoretically, the fourth three-issue arc of B&R should be issues 13-15, which would leave #16 as a stand-alone finale issue for Quitely (hopefully it’s triple-sized, if that’s the case!!!). Here’s what Morrison told IGN a few weeks ago:

    IGN Comics: One last question that I know is on fans’ minds: are there still plans for Frank Quitely to return to interiors?

    Morrison: Definitely. I think I’ve mentioned this in interviews before, but he’s had serious back trouble for the last six months and hasn’t been doing anything other than covers. We speak regularly and he assures me he’s definitely coming back soon, hopefully in time for Batman and Robin #16.

  19. *Oops, I meant issues #13-#15 would be the FIFTH 3-issue arc of the series, not the fourth arc. And that’s just an educated guess on my part that the series is going to maintain 3-issue arcs past issue 12. Andy Clarke is doing the fourth arc (#10-#12), but I don’t think we’ve heard who’s going to be the artist after him and before Quitely, if Quitely does indeed come back for #16.

  20. @RoiVampire – Indeed, I think there’s something to the idea that DC is calling the event "Return of Bruce Wayne" rather than "Return of the Batman" as was originally rumored. Plus, in a recent Newsarama Q&A (think it was Newsarama, anyway), DiDio implied that Dick might stay on as Batman after Bruce comes back… Wish I could dig that link up now.

  21. Why does this come out so often?

  22. @NathanNicdao

    See my comment at the top 

  23. @NathanNicdao: you could not of said that in Dec.

  24. I heard #15 will be the final installment of the first season, so maybe they plan on having Quitely kick off the second season the same way he did with the first one!  I hope the second season is just as long or longer!

    Who should they have as the main Bat-writer when Morrison moves on?  I sure hope it’s not Brubaker!!  His Batman run was BARF

  25. Let’s see what kind of madness Morrison has cooked up for this issue!  I will miss Cameron Stewart.  Who is the next artist up?

  26. The guy from R.E.B.E.L.S.


    And… I doubt Brubaker will be jumping on as the next writer, robbydzwonar. Because of the whole Marvel exclusivity thing and such. 

  27. @Reform : well, yeah. But I needed a break from the book anyway after the bad taste that is Philip Tan.

    @Slockhart: ok. Until when will this be bi-monthly?

  28. I really like Stewart and I really like Morrison, wtf happend with this arc?

    @Stulach- If the Lazarus Pit effects wear off he will still be crazy, this is one of Darkseid’s clones and not Batman’s actual body. He will be Eeeevvvel.

  29. @Robby: Yeah, I was thinking that it would make more sense for Quitely to come back for the first full arc of "season two", but in that IGN interview Morrison seems to indicate that issue 16 will be the end of "season one", not the start of the "season two". Maybe Quitely will do the end of "season one" AND the first arc on "season two"? I don’t know what to think, but we should know more about what the plan is within a month, by the time issue #13 is solicited.

  30. @NathanNicdao

    There’s another in two weeks, which is the start of Andy Clarke’s run, then it’s monthly again. 

  31. I like Quitely’s art and all, but when you look at it do you really think there is a justifible reason in relation to linework for why he could not put out a monthly book?

    I don’t have a copy of any of his interiors near me, but from what I can recall he skimps on backgrounds quite a bit.

    Aren’t his panels kind of stark?

  32. @Ruo21 – The fact that he is a clone is the reason I think he might have something very interesting to say.  How interesting would it be if he wasn’t evil?

  33. @ScorpionMasada: It’s true, his art is on the sparse side (in a good way) but if the man is a perfectionist, as many artists are, it won’t matter how few lines are on his page.

  34. Did anybody notice that there was an error in the first issue of Batman & Robin on the second to last page?  One of the dollotrons shirt sleeves is the wrong color.  I don’t think that is Quitely’s fault unless he does his own coloring too.

    And sorry, I don’t keep up with exclusivity deals.  I just read comics when I can afford to.  Does anybody have any better theories on who would take over as writer after Morrison is done, or will this book just be canceled?

  35. @Scorpion: Yeah, I feel the same way about a lot of artists. I don’t know why they can’t produce more issues a year than they do. I’ve listened to a few interviews with Quitely, though, and the guy is a real hardcore perfectionist, even to his own detriment, as he admits. I remember an interview from a while ago, when the U.S. Dollar exchange rate was even worse than it is now (he gets paid in dollars even though he’s in Scottland), and he was talking about how he wished he could do more than a few issues a year, because his page-rate wasn’t as valuable as it was when he signed the contract or whatever. But then he went on to talk about how he has huge mental blocks when he’s laying out a page, and he can never just leave well enough alone. He’ll plan, draw and redraw a page many times until he’s exactly perfect to him. Like, even if something is 95% what he wants, he can’t move on, and will spend hours and hours redrawing the same page.

    But, I mean, what would you rather have: three Quitely comics a year that meet his own idiosyncratic standards, or TWELVE comics from him that are 95% as good? I’d go for the twelve, easily.

    @Robby: No idea who’ll be after Morrison. He’s still got a "second season" of B&R to write, so I don’t think a successor for him is even in the early planning stages yet.

  36. I don’t think this book exists post-Morrison, especially with Bruce back.

  37. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that stuff about Quitely.

    I waited every two months (maybe a bit more) for the All-Star Superman comic.

    I like a consistent creative team on comics more than I like books that come out on time.

    But I know not hitting the monthly deadline hurts issue sales . . . 

  38. @flapjaxx & ScorpianMasada – I believe Frank Quietly wouldn’t be as amazing as he is if he half-assed or 95 percent-assed his work. So I don’t mind him only doing 3-6 issues per year. Of course if he is able to, I would love 12 per year; but not if he is unhappy with his work.

  39. Quitely’s style may be sparse with background – but the man is simply amazing with composition, action dynamics and theatric story flow.

    I admire those who draw insanely detailed landscapes, cityscapes and fully realistic backgrounds . . . but unless it is way over the top artwork – I don’t think the typical reader even notices the work and time involved.

    I don’t think heavily detailed backgrounds are as important as the writing, coloring and composition.  A great detailed background might enhance the reading . . . but it’s only real purpose is to establish a setting or emphasize a major event — say like a Shield heli-carrier crashing into Manhattan.
    (Yes, I know Shield no longer exists . . . ) 

    A more limited background forces the eye to focus on what’s most important to the story — and Quitely does a hella good job of doing just that.

    [Sidenote: On the other hand – too much lack of background work can ruin a book too . . .
    Jae Lee comes to mind for me. I like his artwork – but his empty backgrounds and use of too much black usually takes me out of a story.]

  40. Quitely has "BACK PROBLEMS"!!!!!!!! 


    Get back to drawn Frank!

    Christ, Bruce Lee BROKE his back and was able to write a friggen’ book!!

    I am do dissappointed the way this book’s art has been.

    I wanted this to be BnR to be Batman’s "All Star Superman"  Morrison and Quitely….no one else!

  41. Great issue, Morrison finally is showing his big plan for this series. Or at least for the whole Bat-line. Suddenly it looks like Red Robin IS and important series.

    I wish Cameron Stewart could stay on this series forever. He is the perfect artist to replace Quitely fully. To be fair Tan was really good (to me), and Clarke/Irving haven’t started yet….But if there is one artist I want to see do a Bat-book, it’s Stewart.

    Would it be crazy to ask him to do the Batwoman book with Rucka? I know J.H. Williams III is knocking it out of the park. But Stewart’s take on Batwoman is dead on what I wanna see.

  42. Like TNC, I’m glad to see that this will tie into Tim’s work in Red Robin.  I like the search for Bruce idea and expect it to be rather exciting with Dick, Tim, and Damien verbally jousting their way through the hunt.

    I’m still not crazy about the whole Lazarus pit idea, but it certainly provides a way to confirm that the corpse wasn’t Bruce’s. 

  43. I really wanted to give this issue a 5, but there were a few clunky moments here and there that kept it at 4.  Really good issue, and a great ending to a mediocre arc. Finally a book with Batwoman where she doesn’t get on my nerves.

  44. In stark contrast with the previous arc, this one has been great art and just plain bad story with fairly annoying dialogue.

  45. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t read this issue yet…

    Can someone explain why Batwoman didn’t experience any side effects (other than memory loss) from the Lazarus Pit? 

  46. This wasn’t very good. Art was fine, but I just couldn’t stomach the batman clone in any way in this issue. I was really hoping that a new artist could bring this book back to how good it was in issues 1-3, but this arc was fairly disappointing. That said…I still gave these issues 4, 4, and 3 stars respectively. Maybe I need to reread it.

  47. Also, who else was thinking We3 every time EvilBats spoke?

  48. @vinh-the crazies is a possible side effect of the Lazarus Pit, it doesn’t happen to everyone. Bat-fake came out like that cuz he was already bat shit (pun intended) crazy.

    Great issue. Close call between this and Scalped for POTW. As of right now, it’s this title. But that might change after I have time to think about it. 

  49. I liked this whole arc.  I thought the story was good, and the art was great.  I’ll be curious to see how Clarke does.  I like his art, but I found his action to be a bit stiff in R.E.B.E.L.S.

  50. After this issue, I’m kind of glad this is soon coming to an end.  I really haven’t enjoyed this arc at all.  That’s really a heartbreaking thing for me to say:(

  51. If I was a woman in the DC Universe, I’d SO be a lesbian.

  52. @vinh

    I may be off, but I think Death and the Madiens had an explaination for the possible side effects of using a Pit. I seem to recall Ra’s (Rucka) stating that the risks become higher each time one uses a Pit. That said, I also think that Batwoman has the serious mental training (read Go from ‘Tec) to pull this off as well as she did.

  53. I really dig Grayson Batman..In the same way I want Bucky-Cap around, I want this iteration of Batman and Robin to stay. But hey, its called the Return of Bruce Wayne, not the return of Batman. Hopefully we get more of this team.

  54. Only thing good about this was the flirtation near the end between Batwoman & Dick.

  55. The evil undead Bat-clone really made this issue. Every scene he was in was tense and fun to read, and plus his character and the entire story really made sense. This arc was really strong.

  56. WOW this was great! I love me a dense comic. I love reading a comic for a while expecting it to wrap up soon then turning the page to find the staples realizing I’m only halfway through it. Art was amazing but what do  you wexpect from Stewart? Totally reinvigorated my interest and excitement for this book.

  57. I really liked this arc, probably gonna read it again to clear up a few things….having the villain "King Cole" being from my hometown (Newcastle) and speaking our regional accent made things interesting, even if Morrison didnt get the dialect quite right it was still amusing to read…i did think it was strange that he would do this in such a main stream book, as well as the reference to chavs, which i would have thought would only be understood by the British audience…

  58. @vinh
    Because, as Dick put it, "She said she wouldn’t." Which strikes me as lazy on Morisson’s part.

  59. i don ged y zomby bat man speech bubbels cahnt spel. it mayk no sens

  60. @WadeWilson: His brain doesn’t function since he’s a shotty clone. So I would imagine most of his speech functions are gone.

  61. I really enjoyed this arc thoroughly.  I thought I’d read more raves here than I have.  I thought the plot was really tight, characters all different and enjoyable…I mean we had Alfred, Damien, Dick, Batwoman, Squire, and Knight all with significant parts that really let their individual characters shine, while all the loose plot threads from the arc and many dating to Final Crisis tied up nicely. 

  62. I think this arc, but it’s my least favourite. While the art was great, the story wasn’t as strong as it had been. Thought Damien (Robin) was great, and Dick taking responsiblity for his mistakes was nice to see.

    Cameron Stewart needs a batwoman project, he draws a sexy Kate Kane.

  63. @Zeppo – I agree.  Kate Kane has been drawn by some very skilled artists, but I like Mr. Stewart’s take the best.

  64. @stuc I don’t know man, JH did a pretty outstanding job in Detective.

  65. I am going to miss Cam Stewart’s art on this one. Looking forward to Clarke and Quitely. Morrison is the man!

  66. BTW, by miss I mean it was so good I want more.

  67. Andy Clarke’s Bat Con work was pretty good. Really stoked. Dick’s perfect timing made me think this was a little hokey.

  68. @vadamowens – I like Mr. Williams work, as well, but the way he drew her breasts always bothered me.  I know that’s an odd think to take issue with, but they looked a little too much like Madonna’s cones for my taste.

  69. lol. never really even noticed.  for a second, I thought you were going to complain they were too small.

  70. @Stuchlach

    That always bothered me too.  They were always either Madonna cones or she’d have -ridiculous- T.H.O. 

  71. That was all kinds of awesome

  72. just read 8 and 9 together, i really like how all the characters were handled and had unique, interesting personalities. art was pretty good, a bit cartoonish for how heavy Morrison can be sometimes, but very clean and polished. 

  73. Is there another word balloon gaff in this one? When Squire is talking about Neutrino trackers it really would make mor sense if it came from the Kate’s dad. This one is not 100% obviously wrong, but sure seems awkward at best. And somebody (letterer? editor?) decided to make the text small at the end like Squire was surprised and getting quieter (which did fit the scene), so if this was a mistake it was not carelessness but confusion. By my counting this arc was three for three with word balloon mistakes, but at least they got harder and harder to identify. 

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