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Avg Rating: 3.9
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Written by Grant Morrison
Art and Variant covers by Cameron Stewart
Covers by Frank Quitely

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

What irks me about the way Morrison wrote issues 7 and 8 of Batman and Robin isn’t just that it felt half-written, it’s that because it felt half-written, I had several people in this store drop the title from their subscriptions, which really sucks because this was a great issue.

I think both Morrison haters and The Church Of Morrison Can Do No Wrong will be able to agree that this is a good Batman issue.  The characters are more than just plot devices here, they’re interesting.  And there’s still time for major plot advancements and fighting.

I also really like Stewart’s art.  His layouts aren’t as aggressively dazzling as Williams III, but when he does decide to shake things up a bit, well, they are definitely shaken.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. How did you get a copy on 23/02/10? (it says thats the date the review was posted)

  2. @incredibledave: It’s my job to split and put up comics Tuesday nights, so the comics are out by Wednesday.

  3. I just really didn’t enjoy this man.  The last few issues have been very disappointing to me.

  4. @vadamowens: Sorry to hear.  As you know, I agree about the last few issues, but this one brought me back around.

  5. @akamuu: agreed. I disliked the 1st issue of this arc so much I can’t believe it’s the same writer doing this one. It went from Twilight Zone WTF to normal comic-booking 101. Which makes me feel like the 1st issue is even WORSE now!

  6. @Doc: I kind of want him to release a Batman & Robin 7A.  I don’t need the story explained, per se, I understood it, I would like an explanation for why he chose to tell that particular left field story in that style.  I just don’t think the story benefited from being told in that manner (exception being the dominos scene).  I’d also like a pony, and delicious cake that makes you lose weight.

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