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There’s a devil on Robin’s shoulder – and his name is Nobody!

Batman and Robin’s relationship gets pushed to the breaking point as Nobody insinuates himself into Damian’s life and tries to make him see that Bruce’s plan to battle crime is hopeless – and only by teaming up and tapping into Damian’s killer instinct can they ever hope to rid Gotham City of its evil roots.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by PATRICK GLEASON and MICK GRAY

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. So many great things about this cover. The lighting, the pose of Nobody and Damian, the fucking awesome ‘newish’ Bat-logo….I love this series so damn much.

    • I go back and forth between this and Birds of Prey for “most pleasant surprise” of the new 52.

    • I agree, I didn’t pick this up right away but after the first three came out the owner of my LCS convinced me to go back and check out issue #1. So glad I did because this is definitely one of best little surprises from the new 52.

  2. This series has been getting better and better with each issue.

  3. I think this comic is getting better with each issue as the relationship between Bruce and Damian develops. Very curious also to find out who this NoBody is. He must be someone familiar since he seems to know so much about the whole Batfamily.

    • Did you miss last issue?


      Turns out Nobody is Morgan Ducard, son of the man who trained Batman back in the days.

    • Just re-read it… duh oh… I must’ve read parts of last issue with my eyes closed… still curious to find out NoBody’s backstory. I mean why is that a story he doesn’t want to share with Damian?

  4. I love this book too. The Bruce and Damian dynamic is great, and Gleason’s work is so so good.

    • I’m loving all the interactions between Bruce(Father, Batman, sort of son to Alfred) and Damian (vigilante, son) probably more than the action bits

    • Yes, I had forgotten about Alfred being much like a father to Bruce (and now somewhat of a Grandfather to Damian) which is thought-provoking. There’s a lot of potential for relationship and character-driven moments here.

  5. God this book is amazing. Second best bat book behind batman for sure.

  6. Nobody talks about this book like they do with Batman and Batman is a great book but i think i might be enjoying this as much if not more. Gleason has been great and the relationship with Damien in Batman is written unlike it ever has before. Cant wait!

  7. I’m so glad Tomasi is the one writer they let stay in the pre-New 52 era (since he’s writing a Batman and a Green Lantern book). It’s like he didn’t miss a beat.

  8. I really hope this arc turns out well. I’m not caring for the Bruce and Damian dynamic so far.

  9. covers for this series are really good

  10. Can someone help me out? Im semi new to DC with the new 52. I meani have knowledge of what happened before butmy question is what is Tim Drake’s role in the new 52? So bruce is back to being batman, Damien is Robin, and Dick Greyson is Nightwing.

    Also in the new 52 where its that shazam! dude?

  11. This book is still [again] leaving me breathless each issue, & I’ve been reading about Batman and Robin since ’59!

  12. This was really good. It’s earned it’s place on my permanent pull list now. 4.5/5

  13. I have loved this for the 1st 4 issues, but this one I thought was lacking. No surprises, Gleason’s art didn’t hit me like it usually does ( anyone else’s issue seem faded, and hazy on certain pages ie. 5 ). I’m sure next month will have me back loving this, But I really didn’t love issue 5.

    • Yeah, something wasn’t quite right with the art in this one. Not that it was bad, but just not as good as usual. I thought the story was lacking a little too, but I chalked that up to it being the set-up to the big finish for the arc.

  14. Wow, this title keeps surprising me with how good it is. I love Gleason on art and I really feel like Tomasi has found his voice on damain with his relationship with Bruce. I found the back story on Morgan Ducard and his dad to be really interesting, plus a character who isn’t really bad but just has conflicting views is far more entertaining then your run of the mill bad guy who wants to rule the world BS. 4/5 This is a great companion along with my Snyders Batman

  15. This was solid. It has absolutely no subtlety but it’s not bad

  16. I agree that not enough people are talking about this book. I absolutely love the tension between Bruce and Damian. Looking forward to seeing where Tomasi takes their relationship.

  17. I enjoyed this issue and the back story of ducard was interesting, I noticed one of the pages in the book was slightly pixellated though, anyone else find this to be the case?

  18. I really am liking the story in this book – it’s Tomasi at his finest. Too bad the art is so poor-to-mediocre. 5 for story, 3 for art, 4 overall.

  19. Damian is in way over his head and Bruce has been, like all great parents, trying to tell him that. Bruce is selling him self short on the parenting thing. Mind you, he does not understand how parenting works completely and really does not have the emotional skills right now to pull it off however; the most important part of parenting he is very, very good at; protecting and teaching his son right from wrong!! And like most children they only listen when they really want to and Bruce does not seem to get it. Well I love the struggle between Bruce and Damian as they both try to learn and figure each other out however now, it may be too late??


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