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As Robin does all he can to keep his own killer instincts at bay, Batman focuses his energies on Nobody, the deadly enigma from Bruce’s past who has arrived in Gotham and is hellbent on forcing him to accept a new world crimefighting view even as he infiltrates the Waynes’ personal lives.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by PATRICK GLEASON and MICK GRAY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.5%
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. These covers keep getting better and better for this series. Can’t wait!

  2. So i’m new to DC with the new 52, why is Robin such a dick?

    • This particular Robin is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul (an assassin). He was raised to be an assassin until Bruce found him. Now he’s on the verge of being considered a sociopath and has a serious ego due to his various skills. Basically they took the best traits of Dick Grayson (Robin 1), Jason Todd (Robin 2), and Tim Drake (Robin 3) and combined them to make Damian into an egotistical dick that is definitely a good guy but walks a thin line.

    • I’m hoping it’s so we’re all happy when the Joker crowbars to death another one.

    • You know, I thought that was gonna happen once, but then it just ended up that Robin (Damian) beat the shit out of the Joker with a crowbar. That was one of my favorite scenes from the last volume.

    • He did kinda get poisoned and gagged by The Joker moments after though….not to taint your favourite moment.

    • @TheRealVenom: Damian is one of the more complex, interesting, compelling characters in comics today, and I wouldn’t limit him by describing him as an amalgam of Dick, Jason and Tim. This volume of Batman and Robin is unfortunately subjecting us to a character regression so that they can examine the tension between Damian and his biological father. We have already covered this ground with Grant Morrison’s volume when Dick and Damian were paired as B&R. By the end of Morrison’s run, I felt that Damian was a fairly authentic, realized character. Now we’re stuck going through that entire process again (an unfortunate side effect I suppose of the New 52 reboot). The added dynamic of Bruce being Damian’s “father” doesn’t necessarily persuade me as Bruce has always been described as an adoptive father of his “wards”. Hopefully this won’t last longer than the first arc. You might find more enjoyable reading in back issues or trades of Grant Morrison’s run on Batman and Robin (2009) #1 – #16. I don’t know what titles the trades are listed under.

  3. I like Damian. He makes a hell of a Robin. It’s a nice change of pace from the past. Grayson is still numero UNO, But in today’s day and age it’s refreshing to have a little crazy punk running around kicking the crap out of bad guys. I can’t wait for him to turn on Bruce ( I think he kinda jumps ship in this run, but I mean when he really turns bad. ). He’s going to make one hell of a nemesis.

  4. Damian is the best Robin ever. Jason Todd was cool too but he was gone so quick. Dick Grayson wasn’t one of my favorite Robins but he sure did make a good Batman. Not a fan of Stephanie Brown or Tim Drake.

    • Tim was “my Robin” and was a great aspirational role model to a 13 year old in 1995, but I agree that Damian is great — way more fun than Tim ever was.

    • Tim was great. I’m really pissed they canned Red Robin because I don’t care for Teen Titans.

    • @jonny: right there with ya. Red Robin was one of my favorite titles.
      @robbyd: I loved Damian’s growth and development as a character in Grant Morrison’s hands. What they’re doing with him right now is really bothering me, because if he turns bad, it’s Bruce’s fault entirely, IMO.
      @Ken: yeah … but didn’t you love Tim’s origin story?

    • @cahubble09

      I’ve never read Tim’s origin (I’m familiar with it though), but I read Robin (heh) through most of the 90s and loved it.

  5. This series so far is better than I expected.

  6. Read the preview just awhile ago and it I really must say I am liking this title a lot.

    Just sayin’,


  7. I really liked Tomasi/Gleason run before the reboot and am really loving them back on. He really writes Damian really well and consistent with Morrison’s.

  8. Is this Nobody character new or is he established? I’ve never heard of him but he seems to have a history with Bruce

    • I think he’s new, I’ve never seen him mentioned before annnd I read an interview with Peter Tomasi where he said he wanted to create new villains, so I figure he’s new.

    • Technically they’re all “new”. ;D

      I don’t think this character has ever appeared before, but issue #2 left me with the impression that he and Bruce have known each other for decades. I suspect we’ll see a retcon origin at some point. Although the phrase retcon doesn’t work anymore does it because the entire continuity is new. hmm …

  9. Solid issue. Just good enough to keep on the pull list. 4/5

  10. Just as Snyder has shown me how much I like Jim Gordon as a character, Tomasi is doing just as good a job making me appreciate Alfred. I thought this issue really could have used a couple more pages (like the last issue of Flash, the story feels like it ends on a hard cut rather than a cliffhanger), but I really enjoyed this.

  11. I really like this series, it never lights my world on fire, and when I think about what comics I’m excited for it seldom comes up, but every time I read it, it tells a really solid story, with very strong art and beats my expectaions just a little bit with each issue.

  12. I gave this a 4.5; Nobody is a real bad ass and seems to be a little more than Batman and Robin can handle. Is Nobody really Bruce Wayne from a different dimension or time period? He seems to know all of their moves way to well and can beat them at anything. Alfred is a smooth old bird (no pun intended), the old slight of hand trick nice!

    Just sayin’,


  13. Alfred made this issue a 4 for me.

  14. I think my favorite page was the turn to see the abandoned drive-in. I didn’t know what had happened. I turned back to see if I had missed something. When I turned to the next page I realized what was going on. I went back to the drive in page to really look at it. The feeling of isolation and disorientation is so apparent. My next favorite is the Robin in the alley fight. The way he toys with and taunts the thugs is so perfect. Look at the way the fight progesses from panel to panel .. how Gleason has set up the entire fight from the first panels. Great job.

  15. Out of the New 52 I tried Batman, Batman:The Dark Knight & Batman and Robin. B&R is the only one that I’ve stuck with. The major reason for this is Patrick Gleason. His art is clean, dark, detailed and dynamic. The story is interesting, but the art is what gets me excited every week.

    Gleason better stick around for awhile, because if he doesn’t, I’ll probably be out.

    • I’m loving Gleason’s art as well and hope he sticks around for a long time. But if he had to go, there are lots of other awesome artists I’d like to see handle Bruce and Damian (Sean Murphy, Chris Samnee, David Lafuente…Stuart Immonen hasn’t been announced on a new project yet, has he?).

  16. Best issue yet

  17. Finally some hand to hand combat getting started. The fight between Batman and Morgan was like watching a fight in high school and the the guy that everyone thinks is easily gonna win gets his ass kicked and there’s that amazed silence.

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