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A body unceremoniously dug out of its grave. A link to Bruce Wayne’s romantic past and tension among the Dynamic Duo of Batman Dick Grayson and Robin.


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  1. please, please, please don’t let this book turn into crap.  Crossing-fingers

  2. Was this ever supposed to be Tomasi and Gleason? Could’ve sworn they had announced that…

  3. @slockhart  They did and it is, but not for two more issues. There was some scheduling mix up so cornell and mcdaniel are filling in for two issues

  4. @RioVampire:  I thought these guys were doing a THREE part story?!??

    Well here’s hoping that this is like Action and not like Knight & Squire!!

  5. The art is not looking promising, but I am getting the next three cause it’s on my pull list.

  6. Damn I miss the Quietly covers already.

  7. @robby they might be but i thought it was just two issues. i’m no comic journalist man i was just saying what i remembered

  8. @Amircat:  Are you basing the art on the cover or the interiors (done by different artists)?  There’s a preview with some of McDaniel’s art and I think he always does an exceptional job.  Btw, the title page in the preview says part 1 of 3.

  9. I liked the preview.  It’s a great opening sequence and keeps a lot of the fun.  I don’t want to lose that just yet.

  10. Preview looked good, although I am still not fond of McDaniel doing this. But Paul Cornell has done wonders for DC lately. I can’t see why this won’t at least read well.

  11. I respect Mcdaniel, but he’s not my cup of tea. It’s look just like Bagley’s art.

  12. Paul Cornell is one of my favorite writers working today, and from Action Comics to Knight & Squire, his DC work has been flawless. Kinda hoping he becomes a full time Batman writer someday.

  13. im a bit nervous about this. Not that i have any lack of faith in the team, it’s just…this book has been THE book for over a year now and i dont want it to lose it’s mojo.

  14. @AmirCat You’re probably thinking that becuse Rob Hunter is inking, and he inks aklmost everything Mark Bagley pencils.

  15. This looks like underwhelming filler, but we’ll see.  I’d rather read Cornell on this book than Tomasi, who I think sorely lacks in giving the reader any reason to care about the characters – but that’s just me.  This definitely will suffer a large drop in awesomeness.

  16. I dont get why theres a Batman Inc logo in the top hand corner, but I guess its better than a gigantic banner

  17. I’ll check out this first arc (mostly because I forgot to not pull it), but with Snyder/Jock over on Detective and Batwoman coming and Morrison’s Batman, Inc… I can only take so much Bat. Why is it that the book with his name on the cover is the least interesting one on the market?

  18. Looking forward to it!

  19. The artwork in this is less than good.

  20. Agreed MoodSmoothie, the art definitely left something to be desired. Interesting set-up though, it went to the bottom of the list of the Bat titles I currently buy after this issue but that’s not too bad, we’ll see where it goes from here.

  21. This is the first time I haven’t really enjoyed a Cornell book.  Didn’t care for the art either.

  22. Well, looks like there’s going to be one less Bat-book on my pull list.

    Cornell’s script was uninteresting, too cute at awkward times, and seemed like it was trying to be way cleverer and more fun than it was. Damian and Dick don’t start off sentences by saying "Consider:" or "Ergo:". Uck.

    And I liked McDaniel’s art much better 10-15 years ago.

  23. Not sure how I feel about it. I’m a Cornell fan so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since it’s a 3 issue arc.

  24. Meh, I am not gonna drop it because I just don’t wanna break my run now and this arc only has two more issues left, but it looks like this is gonna be the worst arc of Batman & Robin in my opinion.  I sure hope Tomasi has something special planned cuz this is just filler.

  25. I’ll hop back on when Tomasi takes over. This continues Cornell’s perfect streak of not getting me to pick up a title that he’s writing. He’s the creator that I feel guiltiest about not liking.

  26. This felt like really rushed filler. Extremely disappointing.

  27. Don’t know why DC insists on McDaniel working on bat-titles; His style does not work well with Batman at all. He should be on a more teen related book . . . 

  28. yeah, not a garbage issue, but definitely didn’t feel right. I feel like no one should write Damian unless is Morrison at this point. I love Cornell, but i felt like his Damian was too much like Tony Daniel’s Damian, ie : "alfred" to Morrison’s "pennyworth".

  29. maybe i’m the only one who liked this. weird

  30. @RoiVampire: I liked it.

  31. @Conor I don’t know what everyones problem is. It felt just like the book should to me given
    the dynamic and characters. I loved it

  32. Wow, I thought this was really good. I’m surprised to see no POTW percentage on it.

  33. This was a fun change of pace. And maybe I just have no taste, but I enjoyed the artwork in this. This may not be Eisner winning material, but I want to see where this story goes.

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