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Art sensation Andy Clarke (R.E.B.E.L.S., BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL) joins writer Grant Morrison for an exciting three-issue arc titled “Batman vs. Robin”! Why would Talia al Ghul manipulate her son Damian into taking action against Batman? Will Damian do as Mother says…or stay loyal to Dick Grayson? Plus, more on the Domino Killer, Oberon Sexton, and the menace of El Penitente’s drug cartel! Is this already the end for the new Dynamic Duo?

Variant Cover by ANDY CLARKE

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  1. I LOVE that cover.

    Two names are listed for Art.  Do those two often work together or has there been a problem? 

  2. Scott Hanna is the inker, right? Has Andy Clarke not used an inker in the past?

  3. @stuclach: Scott Hanna’s the inker.

  4. Why do inkers get cover recongnition but not colorists?

  5. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I’m coming back to this book because of Batwoman’s involvement. Love her!

  6. @NawidA The justification I recall hearing is they’re not in the solicits because they’re more likely to change and changing a name in the solicit requires an announcement from Diamond and that means retailers can change their orders. I’ll guess it has something to do with that. That, and just you know, because it’s never been that way.

  7. love this book, bring on the new arc.

  8. This has been great lately, and the subject matter of this arc and the next (the dominoes, Penitente, Oberon) is the stuff I’ve been really wanting Morrison to get at. It’s going to be tough waiting for issue #11 after this, since it’s been bi-weekly for the last month and a half…


  10. @flapjaxx-Yeah, there is going to be a little bit of withdrawal there.

  11. @NawidA Because colorists have always been an afterthought of the comics industry. They have always needed them (see how B&W books sell compared to color), but they were not considered the artists the peniclers and inkers were (a lot of inkers went on to be pencillers and vice versa). In early comics I think there was a lot of validity to this view. With a four color palette and the horrific inexact color printing process of yester-year, colorists were really basically color by number. As the printing process improved, so did the need for more need more talented colorists.  Their palette became millions of colors and they could reliably color one strip of clothing from the next. A bad colorist could really make a garish mess. Nowadays, I find colorists are really the third art wheel and deserve that cover slot. They light scenes, add blur and light reflections and shadows. It is not uncommon to see a colorist add details that neither penciler or inker put in. Of course with great power comes great responsibility: Just because they have a thousand Photoshop tools doesn’t mean they should use them. Colorists deserve praise and scorn, I have seen more than one comic absoultely ruined by bad coloring.

  12. Awesome cover. Still wish Bruce weren’t returning quite yet, though. Looking forward to this issue nonetheless.

  13. @Prax: He’s not returning yet. First issue of the Return of Bruce Wayne mini isn’t out for a while yet, and he won’t even be back in current continuity until the end of that series. He won’t have fully "returned" till the fall.

    I actually think it’s kind of misleading to put that logo on the cover of this issue (detracts from the art, for one thing). In this arc there are just going to be some CLUES about Bruce’s return. Personally, I put this up there with all of the misleading branding about the RIP or Final Crisis tie-ins that didn’t really have anything to do with the core storylines. It was also kind of misleading to brand RIP "RIP", like it was a stand-alone story when it was actually very much based on the reader having read every little detail of Morrison’s run up to that point. I DO think reading this arc of B&R will help fans understand and enjoy the actual Return of Bruce mini, but I think the cover branding is going a bit too far and setting up false expectations.

  14. I liked the last arc because it showed how different Dick is from Bruce, no planning, no preparation, just instincts.

  15. Ever since I read the first trade of R.E.B.E.L.S. (A title everyone should read fyi), I have been so excited to see Clarke/Hanna on this. I don’t know if they will bring the same impact like Stewart and Tan did; but people are going to love it.

  16. @Flapjaxx I’m well aware it won’t happen here. My point is I still think "the fall" is too soon.

  17. Won’t someone please think of the Colourists!!!


    but seriously, great colours on teh cover this week. Quitely has a design feature of solid colours on his cover’s background. remember his X-men work? It’s awesome, very pop-art

  18. So much Bat-goodness this week!  I can’t wait to read this book!!  I’m so done with Kevin Smith on Batman though!

  19. Thanks for the info, gents.  That quells my fears.  I’m excited.

  20. Did this book suddenly go on a bi-weekly schedule? Not complaining though. 

  21. @vinh – No, they held this book up for a month, and it’s catching up to the original schedule.

  22. @vinh:  We gotta wait a whole month for the next issue after this one.  In one way that would be pretty awesome if it came out biweekly, but then the art would look rushed like in the second arc and everybody would complain.

  23. I’m not a Morrison hater or anything, but I am done with this book.  Glad I tried it out, if nothing else.

  24. That’s the greatest cover I’ve ever seen (ths week)

  25. I’m having mixed feels over this title in the last few months but I’m still on board.

  26. I’m with you JesTr….

  27. So what’s the word on this title? I gather it is finite, but is there a set number for the last issue? Is it like Astonishing X-Men in that it’ll go on even after Morrison leaves? Predict the future, I say!

  28. @Andrew I was told it’s running till #14/15.  As the future, I can’t say.

  29. I think I heard #16. We’ll probably find out next week because the solicit for the last arc or so is soon.

    I’ll guess we’re getting #13-15 done by Frazier Irving (he was slated to do a arc) and a one shot issue by Quitely (#16) to round it out.

  30. I thought Conor said that he was doing the last arc though. Maybe I’m wrong.

  31. It’s 16 issues for this first season, and hopefully Quitely comes back for that last issue of this season. This was all discussed when the last issue shipped, right?

  32. Please forgive my forgetfulness, oh master of all knowledge.

  33. God i love it when you guys talk about the number of issues in a run and how many issues remain before Quitely comes back… again

  34. lol.  I was only responding to Master Drakes condescending tone.  Sorry Ed.  I won’t bring it up again.

  35. Nice! Clarke’s work on Bat con was my entry level drug to comic books.

  36. I picked up a Paul Dini detective comics trade at a con last year, Andy Clarke did the art on an issue, and I was really impressed. I remember thinking I need to check out more of his work, now here he is on one of my top five books. Great!

  37. Wow its rare that Morrison impresses me on a Bat book but he did here. Great stuff.

  38. My POTW for a bunch of different reasons.

    1) Andy Clarke, Scott Hanna, and Alex Sinclair are fucking brilliant in this issue. Everything is so damn gorgeous, well detailed, and overall jaw droppingly good. The sequence where Damien is going to attack Grayson? Fantastic.

    2) Morrison is seeping something to add a ‘twist’ with the ‘Return of Bruce Wayne’. I was thinking about it but Morrison kinda put it out there. What if they aren’t looking at the past of Bruce Wayne? But actually seeing Bruce Wayne in the paintings! How ridiculous would it be if, somehow, there have been nothing but Bruce in his whole family’s history. My mind would be blown if that is the case.

    3) Sexton is a very interesting new character. Don’t know what the deal is with him but judging at the end of this; we’re gonna find out soon enough.

    4) Morrison has made Damien into such a different character then first introduced. You can clearly tell he is starting to love being Robin and seems quite upset that the team up may be over. It’s been a slow ride but it finally seems like Damien is starting to blossum as an intriguing character.

    Great issue all around. If I could I would give this a 6/5.

  39. @edward god i love it when you complain about something or talk about how you that the Iron Man movie wasn’t all that…again

    We can talk about whatever we want, this is the internet.

  40. @tnc sweet!! can’t wait

  41. Apparently I’ve named myself after past Bruce Wayne… or he’s named himself after me… or maybe I am Bruce Wayne!

  42. So how many issues will Quitely have drawn out of the sixteen if he does indeed draw the last issue?


  43. Just went into the archive and looked.

    He has only done 3 . . .

    This is not a Morrison/Quitely book no matter how you spin it.

  44. I really enjoyed this issue.  The art was solid and consistent.  The story was coherent and interesting.  This is the Batman and Robin book I signed up for.  I love the clues and the manipulation of Damian.  I’m very eager for the next issue.

  45. @ stuclach


  46. This was the best issue since the first three, and possibly even better.  The entire Batverse has seemed to be stalled for the past sixth months or so, and this issue threw it into high gear.

  47. How fucked up is it that Morrison might be veering Bruce into……Basically being the ONLY man in his family? I mean that’s what he is telling us isn’t it? That all men from the Wayne’s past may have been Bruce at some point.

  48. @TNC he is defintitely not saying that. The New ones that have popped up out of nowhere could be Bruce…

    oh and I know who Oberon Sexton is….  its Bruce Wayne!!! muahahahaha aw yeah!!! Ok probably not but its fun trying to put the pieces together~

  49. Morrison isn’t really writing issues here obviously, just chapters. Taking any one issue since #655 and judging it isn’t fair. This is obviously an epic.

    That said I am ready for it to wrap. my head is hurting.

  50. @ScorpionMasada -What? Who ever said this was a Morrison/Quitely book?

  51. @ScorpionMasada: i don’t really know what your point is. It has always been a very transparent system. 3 issues are drawn by one artist than other comes on board. It’s like complaining that the Tim Burton movie you just saw wasn’t directed by Speilberg.

  52. It’s about fucking time this book was good again.  This issue was phenominal!!!!

  53. Wow this issue really brought me back. Great art and good story.

    @Ron: I know how much you hate covers that have nothing to do with the content inside. Well this issue delivers with what is on the cover.

  54. My favorite part of this issue was easily the complex reaction Damien has to the idea of Bruce coming back…and more interestingly, the idea that he actually really admires Dick, but doesn’t like to let on about that too much.   All of the exchanges between Dick and Damien felt very honest, like a big brother and kid brother.

    Most annoying part of the book: Dick’s sudden need to call Alfred "Alfie"…wow, did that become grating fast!

    @GLNancy – I like both your theories, but especially the first one.

  55. Take a look into the archives with people discussing the main artist on the book:

    Straight from you drake:

    @OttoBott-Quitely does the first 4 issues, then he is coming back to handle the last 3 or 4.  Both of which will be their own arcs.  I am praying that with all the lead time that he will not need a fill-in artist, or be considerably late.  We’ll see.

    That shit ain’t happening.

  56. lol

  57. Okay so the art duties claimed in the beginning didn’t happen. But who cares?

    Tan was…..well okay we can argue on Tan for months on end. But Cameron Stewart did an excellent fucking job with his arc, and now we have Andy Clarke doing an amazing job with this issue. Eventually Frazier Irving is hopefully coming on to provide more gorgeous artwork. Then Quitely comes in to cap off the ‘season finale’.

    Other then Tan; I think we will most likely agree that 13 issues of this series have been done very well in terms of art.

  58. I’m not reading the book in issue.

    It was a realization I had yesterday that I’m not going to get a couple hardcover collections with the Morrison/Quitely team like I did for All Star Superman.

    I’m disappointed.

  59. @tnc I won’t agree with that.  I really enjoyed the first 3 and there seems to be a series of mediocre books leading to the excellence of this issue.  The series, in general, has been very disappointing to me.

  60. @ScorpionMasada-Wow, good for you for digging up an old quote and using it in the wrong context. Impressive. I stated that before all of the revolving artist were finalized and when it was indeed annouced by DC that Quitely would handle the last arc. So you are trying to prove me wrong because I was using the information that was available to everyone at that specific point in time? And even if you used that quote properly to try to prove me wrong, how does that justify your claim that anyone ever said this was solely supposed to be a Morrison/Quitely book?

  61. …still laughing

  62. Don’t be so sensitive.

    I’m trying to explain why I posted my original comments above.

    the "you" in the "no matter how you spin it" is a universal "you" that includes myself.

    I’m disappointed that in a sixteen issue run I’m only getting one arc of a creative team I love.

  63. @scorpion I wonder if there’s any hope of Quitely drawing the entire second series.  Probably not, but it would be nice.

  64. I’d wait a couple months between issues for it.

  65. yeah, I would too

  66. This was awesome.

  67. @Scorpion: That’s ridiculous.

    As amazing as an artist Quitely is, no way would we be willing to wait for issues for this. We’d probably just end the Red Hood arc the pace he goes at. I’m sure you’d be complain about the lateness as much as anyone on here.


    Although, Bruce Wayne being the product of centuries of inbreeding does explain a lot of things 🙂

  69. @Scorpoin: High five for zinging drake

    @Drake: are you just going to take that?

    @TNC: for once, i agree with you. besides Tan, the art of the series has been extremely good

  70. I’m liking the fact that when "Batman" talks – we can tell it is Dick Grayson; But I agree that the overuse of the word "Alfie" was a bit annoying. Also at this point, I’m more interested in Damien then Bruce returning. Like Damien, I’m concerned that this pairing is coming to an end.

  71. of course. we are all beneath him:)

  72. All Star Superman was released every two months. I bought every issue and never complained once. I’m pretty sure that some issues shipped late as well.

    I don’t complain about late books. I complain about shitty books.

    I might switch to hardcover in favor of issue if something is late, but if I like a creative team I’m going to buy the book in some form.


  73. Oh yeah, Edward, you are an instigator.

    And oh yeah again, I’m sure the book is quality even without Quitely. My comments are not attempting to take away from the shine of the book.

  74. Me? Instigator?

    Drake told me he wants to fight you after school at the flag ploes

  75. hahahaha

  76. This issue was so much better written than the previous two arcs I have a hard time believing they are by the same author.  There was very little depth to the characters in the previous arcs – this issue alone has more interesting character moments than the previous 6.  I still feel torqued over the cheap death and resurrection of bat woman in the last arc – editorial, maybe? it was so unnecessary and out of character.

  77. @TheTaken: I’m still befuddled that people had a problem with Batwoman dying and being resurrected. It’s a very common storytelling device. It’s not like they were officially killing Batwoman off, it was just a beat in the story. These kind of things have happened hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

  78. @conor:  Dick killed her (thats what she said?).  He didn’t even try to save her.  At best he assisted her to commit suicide.  Its cheap and not heroic.  He can fly across the world in 5 minutes to save Damian but he killed bat woman so readily.  Why save anyone – just take them to the pit.  

    I am sure this plot turn will play out in later issues but it feels like lazy writing to me.  Just have the collapse kill her outright, why have Dick do it?

  79. @TheTaken: Cause Kate was seriously crippled from the mine collapsing. Plus she was losing a ton of blood and probably also bleeding internally. Even if he got her out in time she would’ve been a goner.

    But what was right below them? An instant ‘healing pit’ that would cure her of all her problems. I agree with @conor; there is absolutely no problem with Morrison using that as a device.

  80. Morrison: "DC, cancel your newly announced Batwoman on-going. I’m killing her."

    One week later…


  81. Random question time.. what does :


    Mean in comics i read damien make that sound a lot and was laughing at the idea that it might be him sucking his teeth


  82. Anyone else not liking the direction of Talia lately? Not sure if I like the more "eviler" Talia.
    I know she has changed quite a bit over the year — especially since the "Death and the Maidens" – but her character was more interesting when she was sitting on the fence over good and evil as an antiheroine.

  83. I opened the book and BOOM! I needed a few moments before I could absorb the art, 

    Didn’t expect it to be that good. And the storypicked up, too. Excited again.

  84. i opened the booked and BOOM! Damain’s head looked huge

  85. This was the best issue in the series so far. Even leaps and bounds better than the first three.

  86. I’ve been in and out since the first three, but this was fantastic. Can’t wait for the next one.

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