• On the darkest of nights, who is the one person Batman meets that could change his life forever?

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
Cover by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray

Price: $2.99
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  1. Buying this for my love and curiosity of Carrie Kelly, thank you Mr. Tomasi for bringing her back!

  2. Am I the only one confused that Tim isn’t mentioned in the solicit? It’s title certainly refers to his presence in the story.

  3. Not going to judge this book until I read it. Cause it would be unfair to judge something that Tomasi, I’m sure, has good reason to bring in Carrie Kelly.

  4. Loved the preview panel/page. Looking forward to this one a lot.

  5. I really dig the way Gleason and Gray are portraying the 52 version of Carrie, just a regular girl minus the super model look.

  6. Carrie don’t shiv

  7. What’s going on with the name change?
    Stopped reading this a few issues back, but I’ll picking this one up.
    Really interested to see if Carrie will be permanent or if the book will feature a different Robin each issue.

    • This title is now equivalent to the Captain America and _____(Hawkeye, Falcon, etc.). Its just a rotating cast of heroes like Nightwing, Red Robin and so on. At least that’s what the foreseeable future of this book is.

    • I think Carrie’s role, for this arc at least, will be as Damian’s friend who helps Bruce deal with his son’s death. After that, well we’ll see I suppose.

    • The name change is due to their is no current Robin. So it will be a team up book for a while.

  8. This was….not to my liking at all.

    • I agree. I’m a big Tomasi fan and defender, but this was just really out of character for Batman. Especially in light of his behavior in the other Bat books. I found this ridiculous. 3/5

  9. I’m pretty sure I don’t like the road Batman went down in this issue.

  10. And we never saw her again

  11. This was awesome. I don’t really have anything more substantive to say than that, but I just love the way Tomasi and Gleason create this book. I’m really glad I didn’t drop this during that weird “zombie” story.

    • I had the same feeling after the zombie arc to dropped this myself, but the DOTF made me stick with it. Like you I’m glad I stayed too.

    • Yeah, the zombie thing was definitely the low point of the story — it’s been pretty strong beyond that . . .

    • low point of the “series” I mean . . . .sigh

    • I completely forgot about that story! Probably because it had absolutely no impact on the rest of the series. It was rather disconnected from the narrative Tomasi was building. He’s brought a lot of heart to the characters. However, I think the real issue with that arc was the art. Gleason is one of the best artists DC has working for them and the fill in art on those issues was rather jarring.

  12. Not sure at first what I thought of this issue. On one hand, Batman seemed a little more far gone around the bend than i normally like, yet, I think that Tomasi gave him a crucial line of dialogue: “Superman came back, I came back, he can too.” Batman has been around long enough to see many of his fellow heroes (plus villains) cheat death. Even he has. Given this context, believing Damain is not utterly lost is not as irrational as it would be outside of comic books. I mean, it’s not like Clark (or Hal or Barry or so on) can pull him aside and say “there’s no hope, Bruce.”

    I liked how they handled Carrie. I’m hoping that she does play a further role as we go along, though not as a Robin replacement. We’ll see. It’s too bad that DC’s PR department ruined the final twist. They should’ve put Franky on the fold-out instead.

    Finally, it’s always great to see more Frankenstein and boy did Gleason render him well. Maybe once Bruce calms down, the two of them could have a real team up (they’d make a great buddy team, wouldn’t they?).

  13. So the big…..(sigh) WTF in this issue was the length Bruce was willing to go to revive Damian. Who cares about Carrie Kelly is she isn’t well thought out yet in this? Seriously though if we could have bring back a Frankenstein comic with Tomasi/Gleason I’d read it. Much better of a combo to write/draw the guy than Lemire and Ponitcelli. This was an alright issue but it didn’t blow me away like the previous two. Guess that’s a bit unfair since last month we had, arguably, the best single issue of the year. But Bruce willing to revive Damian in such a gruesome matter seems to be a bit off even for Tomasi.


  14. Okay this really took some unexpected turns but I liked it for that very reason. I’m really really confused though about how Carrie Kelly fits into Batman’s continuity now. Ugh.

  15. A wonderfully weird issue. Always fun to see Frank outside of his particular corner of the DCU.

  16. I love how Batman always get’s the upper hand in a fight even against behemoths. I really enjoy when a iconic character like Batman can do something you would never expect him to do, just makes it more exciting. Just a wild crazy issue and damn if Gleason isn’t one of my favorite artist working today, his rendition of Carrie and Frankenstein were just top notch.. This is my POTW against two other outstanding books Saga and Batman.

  17. Loved it. The exchange between Batman & Frank was worth the price.

  18. What a great issue.
    This was a shared-universe writing clinic.
    Bruce goes somewhere he’s never been, Frankenstein’s backstory is used beautifuly, Red Robin gets a moment that warrants his name on the cover, Alfred’s voice is spot on, and in a few short pages Carrie Kelly is made interesting and distinct (even when we have another young hip woman running around in another Bat book).
    All in 20 pages with nothing rushed, clumsy, or out of place.
    This is Pick of the Week and is already signing autographs by the time anything else shows up.

  19. Am I the only one who saw Carrie’s roommate and immediately wondered if that was Stephanie Brown?

  20. I love the way the fold-out covers are cropped on iFanboy. It doesn’t show the front cover, and it doesn’t show the reveal, it focuses on the crease and the empty space between them. FU WTF! The one for Batman 19 is an even better WTF than intended. Instead of “Who is Bruce Wayne’s biggest enemy?” it’s “Who’s tryna shoot Gordon?”

  21. This was a very strange issue. Bruce just seemed WAY out of character. Trying to resurrect Damian? Really? Seemed a very far stretch. Nice seeing Carrie again though. Hope she stays around for a while.

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