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Only two months until BATMAN #700! As the landmark issue nears, Dick Grayson’s life as The Dark Knight heats up in a big way. With Black Mask out of the way for good, the Falcone crime family attempts to fill that void – with no regard for the safety of Gotham City’s citizens! And what’s going on with the Riddler?

Written by TONY DANIEL

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  1. It’s pretty bad when of all the Batman books, the one called "Batman" is the one that I completely forget exists until it shows up on the pull list.

  2. Yuck, I love Tony Daniel for his ART but totally cannot understand why they would put him on solely as a writer. I’ll pull this Wednesday and see if I want to keep going.

  3. Grant Morrison returns at 700…just have to stick through til then.

  4. this is when i hate that i’m a completist

  5. I don’t mind Daniels on words but I CAN’T STAND March’s artwork!!  I might just put this one back on the rack just for that reason.

    @mikeandzod21: He’s back on the regular or just for #700?  I can’t see the guy doing three Bat books at once.

  6. @robbydzwonar yhe solicit for 700 just says that Grant Morrison returns to Batman, it doesn’t say whether it’s just for the issue or as the ongoing writer. I’m just hoping he’s the new ongoing because there Daniel issues have been some of the worst comics I’ve read since the lowest of Chuck Austen’s ‘X-Men’

  7. I think he’s only doing Batman #700. Or not, who knows? I swore DC said Daniels and even possibly Winick would still be on this title.

    Either way I gotta hope Daniels doesn’t ruin Riddler. He’s been one of constant good things to come from Batman in his rouge gallery. Love it he’s a detective but still has some shades of evil. Don’t just bring him back to full blown villainy.

  8. Daniels hasn’t been that bad

  9. Yea, i don’t mind Daniel on words only.  He has proven he can write a book, at least to me.  I’ve really enjoyed his run.

     Also, I’m pretty sure Morrison is just coming back for the one issue then its back to Daniel writing and drawing the whole damn thing.  Sounds good to me.

  10. To me, Daniel is like Winnick, I don’t mind reading a Batman arc from him here and there, but I would get so sick of having him around on the regular that I would almost cry.

  11. I dropped this halfway through the lat arch, but am always a sucker for a Riddler (or Two-Face) story!

  12. i thought the last issue was a good fun wrap up to the black mask story so i have fath that Daniel can write a good batman story  

  13. Remember when this use to be the best Bat book?

  14. sure this book has seen better days, but Daniel is doing a pretty good job. Problem is this should be THE BATMAN BOOK not A batman book which it has become. As for this issue, I actually enjoyed the story quite a bit, and the new villain has potential though I think it may really be the return of an old villain…like maybe the joker 🙂

  15. @strestout1 if it is the joker then this story wa already done by Dini a little over a year ago. He did an issue where the Joker had diaguesed himself as a stage magician and tried to kill Zatana

  16. i really liked this ish. I thought for a minute that it might be a one shot story. I dig the cliffhanger quite a bit. My only complain is i feel that the art was a bit inconsistant. Much like Bagleys work on JLA, one time gordon/oracle/dick looks one way, 3 pages later they look different. I didnt think the art was bad, just felt that there were a lot of little flaws. Where there multiple inkers on this? might have been the problem.

  17. I had a few complaints, but ultimately enjoyed this as well.  The biggest complaint is that the art, while it had good line work, it also had awful story telling.  I have absolutely no idea what happened with that ATV chase. I found the ending pretty confusing as well.

    Definitely an improvement on the last arc, but it also started off fairly decent… 

  18. @fvckstick March doesn’t use an inker and I think that’s really his problem. His pencils are way to lose for his style and it just muddies it up. It also depends on when he’s colored right. Villarubia colored him for the first few issues on Gotham City Sirens and it did not fit at all.

  19. I actually liked this issue quite a bit.  I like March as an artist but I agree with @Slockhart and @Fvckstick.  Daniels is an alright writer and this is one of his better issues but I’m ready for a new writer.  I’d love to see Peter Tomasi on this book.

  20. i have to agree that Daniels is a really poor writer as 2/3 of this book made no sense

  21. Tony Daniel really needs to stick to artwork. This was his worst issue, yet (& that’s saying a lot). Overly wordy (again) convoluted (again) with added horrible dialogue for good measure.

  22. wow, so close to being dropped

  23. I couldn’t even finish reading this mess the first two stabs at it.  Maybe third time will be a charm?

  24. what’s wrong with this art? I really like it…it’s a bit different and quite evocative. the colours are nice too. Daniel’s not an aweful writer, i don’t understand all the hate for him.

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