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β€’ Who would cause Bruce Wayne to use a gun?

Story by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Art by Greg Capullo, Danny Miki, & Alex Maleev
Colors by FCO Plascenica & Brad Anderson
Letters by Comicraft & Dezi Sienty
Cover by Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 6.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. wtf?

  2. Flash back?

  3. I don’t know why but my interest is beginning to deteriorate with this title.

  4. The last few issues have just been mediocre IMO. I was looking at pairing down my pull list and this one just isnt doing it for me anymore. With Year Zero on the horizon and not really intersting me this seems like a good jumping off point for now.

  5. So … is this a Zero Year issue?

  6. Man, I love Batman but I’m just starting to wan on this book little by little since Death of the Family.

    • I think he is a little more hit or miss then people realize but because he is far and away the best young writer with DC his work looks so good compared to everybody. When Snyder is good he is outstanding and it’s hard to argue with Capullo on art. For awhile this was my favorite super hero book and it certainly is not that anymore. With that said it is still one of the best ones out there and probably neck and neck with Batman Inc for best DC book at this point.

    • “…wan on this book little by little since Death of the Family” – You’re statement is absurd, that was ONE Issue ago! Since the one issue between now and the end of Death of the Family you have little by little started to lose interest? That barely makes sense.

    • @jokernuts: I meant since the START of Death of the Family. I never anywhere in my comment said “the end” of Death of the Family, you added that erroneously. My interest waned bit by bit with each issue. Take it easy man. No need to be so agressive and such a dick. Instead of assuming my statement is “absurd” and “barely makes sense” maybe you could try some reading comprehension and infer from context.

  7. I trust Scott Snyder. Very excited for these stories.

  8. Starting to like Detective more. It’s like whole run is one event after another.

  9. Wow, I’m shocked at these comments. This is consistently the best super hero book on the shelf each month.

    “Last few issues were mediocre”? That’s crazy talk IMHO.

  10. We can only improve from last week’s snore fest that was the Requiem issue.

  11. This is the only DC book I’ve kept on my pull list….

  12. The only time I felt Batman using a gun was “necessary” was in Batman Beyond episode #1, that was just wow and emotional!

    Curious to see what Snyder will do with this. Must say I’m intrigued… Though no Greg Capullo art? Booohhh! But the man deserves a rest!

  13. More Kubert? Fuck yeah! Without a doubt my favorite choice for a fill-in( Jim Lee, too). And Maleev really wows me. So glad to see him at DC.
    Last issue was one of my favorites of the series. I am super-pumped for Batman while Snyder is writing( Morrison, too). I see no mediocrity from where I’m sitting( and I love Thor, too πŸ˜‰ ) In fact, I’m putting my shades on right now cuz the future’s so bright. πŸ˜€

  14. Still loving this book. I’m sticking around for the ride

  15. Well the Snyder backlash was bound to happen sooner or later. When you’ve been on top as long as Scott has been people can’t wait to see you fall. But this book is one of the best DC is putting out right now. It’s solid.

    • Yea that’s it because he’s on top. It’s pretty simple we read it this long & not blown away by everything we read.

    • No need to act like our (slowly) growing dislike of this book is just some backlash or reaction to Snyder’s success. I still think he is a good writer and he seems like a genuinely nice guy, I’m just not enjoying the past few months of this particular book. Nothing more than that. If you’re still loving it great! Keep reading and enjoying. Me personally, I’m starting to wan a little. Haven’t dropped it yet, going to stay on up until the start of Year Zero for sure, at that point I’ll decide if I’m enjoying it enough to stay for that long arc or if it’s time to, sadly, drop the book.

    • USPUNX, why even stay on up until Year Zero? Why not just drop it now and get it over with?

      You know why? Cause you secretly like this book and deep down inside you know it’s a great comic book and a fun read month after month.

      Just admit it bro. It’s okay. πŸ˜‰

    • Honestly that’s exactly the reason. I do like this book, I like Snyder, and I LOVE Batman. I had nothing but praise for this book until Death of the Family but that whole storyline really just turned me off. I guess I’m staying on because I’m hoping the book wins me back. Let’s hope the next three issues do it!

    • Don’t lose the faith brother.

      Ebbs and flows. Ebbs and flows.

      I know Death in the Family turned a lot of readers off – but Snyder knows how to write a good tale and who knows, this Year Zero thing may be his best work yet.

      As Arnold once said in Predator, “Stick Around.”

    • Yeah, I’m with USPUNX. I’ve had my problems with this series but it’s been worth buying overall. I disliked the ending of DotF intensely. . . . but the previous issue was quite good! Still, Zero Year is too big of a commitment, I don’t care about Snyder’s wordy historicizing, and if I won’t get to see Capullo draw Bruce IN COSTUME for a year, then there’s really no silver lining to look forward to. It was an alright run. High highs and (for me) low lows. Next issue will be my last. I’m quitting while I’m ahead.

    • I wouldn’t call it Snyder backlash since no one said Snyder sucks or anything .I only started reading comics again about 2 years ago and don’t have some long history with him as a comic book writer. He seems as good as anyone out there but he’s not some God or whatever.I’m sure I’ll like his Superman Unchained but if I don’t its alright. I don’t like every book from some of my favorite authors, I don’t like every movie from my favorite actors or directors and I don’t like every song by my favorite bands. Thats what I love about comics, there’s so much out there that if one starts to lose my interest I can read another .Take it easy… its not personal, everything will be okay. Personally I’m getting burnt out on Batman and need a break nothing more, nothing less.

    • @hanson724

      Yes my Batman burnt friend – for every “Apocalypse Now” there is a “Jack” – for every “Farewell to Arms” there is a “Across the River and into the Trees” – for every “Strawberry Fields Forever” there is a “Hey Bulldog”

      I get ya.

      And dude, seriously, I’m not taking this shit personal. This “commenting” thing on iFanboy or other sites on the internets is what we do man. We are fucking NERDS and it’s what we fucking DO! It’s all in fun. =)

    • Right on man! Its all fun for sure.I love this site. After reading my comment again it sounds a little condescending , I was just trying to explain myself .Apologies if I came off like that

    • it’s cool man. Just don’t let it fucking happen again!!


      And dude, don’t apologize for your passion for comics. I dig it man. Honestly. I love talking, arguing, bullshitting, joking about comics. You wanna call me on my shit about too much love for Scott Snyder? Then do it! I can take it! You may be right – you may be wrong – but you are right about one thing for sure, “there is so much out there”.

    • it’s cool man. Just don’t let it fucking happen again!!


      lol thats awesome!

    • Hey hanson724, check out my review of Batman #17 – it will give you more of an idea of where I’m coming from in regards to Snyders work:

    • For me personally my “Snyder Backlash” that I have more based in disappointment. Now let me preface this by saying that Snyder is an amazing comic book writer and one of the best young talents out right now. With that said going into the new 52 he a spectacular albeit limited body of work with his run on Detective and American Vampire. In the beginning of the new 52 Batman and Swamp Thing were two of the best books on the shelf hands down and it seemed there was nowhere to but up. Now close to 18 months later some of his stories have fallen to earth a little bit. The second half of the Court of Owls was a miss and his finale on Swamp Thing was extremely disappointing. I happen to love Death of the Family but I can understand where people take issue with it. All that is to say that while Snyder has done some amazing work it hasn’t lived up to expectations. That could the readers expecting too much, that could be an issue on Snyders end or it could be DC editorial fuckery as they are won’t to do. I for one hope that Snyder can start writing at 2011 level and beyond that and I do like still like a lot of what he is doing but I think I’d be remiss not to mention some of the disappointment I have for him as a big fan of his work.

    • What’s wrong with “Hey Bulldog”? It’s a great song!

  16. I’m in the “still loving this” camp, Though I’m not the biggest Kubert fan, I can’t deny that he’s very talented. I am however, really stoked for more of Maleev’s Gotham.

    My theory is that Bruce is pointing the gun at DC editorial after he heard about the WTF initiative; it’s the only thing I could believe would make him resort to gun violence.

  17. Evryone knows by now it’s Comm. Gordon.

  18. My guess is Jonah Hex.

  19. This seems like the perfect jump-off point for me. I’m just burned on Batman between all the new developments so I’ll wait for a while and pick the series back up later on.

    I’ll stick with Batman Inc til the July finale though, would be a shame to miss the last few issues but nothing else.

    • Nobody likes a quitter.


    • Sure, if dropping a title I’m kinda bored with is considered quitting :p

      I’ll “quit” and get a much more exciting Indie I’ve been meaning to follow, then just come back to Batman later for a fraction of the price.

    • So I was at the comic book store staring at this comic on the stands and remembering the comments here. I ended up buying it after all and this is actually a great issue.

      It seemed like even Snyder was having enough of all the big developments in Bruce Wayne’s life too. This has me excited for Zero Year.

      I didnt quit dude!! πŸ˜‰

    • See what you would have missed smo? Pretty great little Clayface story there yeah?

  20. I reread last issue this morning and it was actually really good. Hopes are high for this issue.

  21. At the start I thought this was going to be horrible but ended being a a really solid issue. Back was marvelous as well.

  22. I would really like to like this but unfortunately it is just so dull.
    When Batman Inc finishes then I will be buying zero regular DC comics for first time I can remember (now they have canceled Hellblazer)

  23. Wow this was o much fun! And not to slight Jonathan Glapion but Miki’s inks were such an improvement. They made Cappulo’s art that much more clean and crisp.

  24. I’m confused. Did Capullo draw this or Kubert!? 0_o It was Kubert listed yesterday, yet now it lists Capullo!? Am I in the Twilight Zone and I’m not aware!?

  25. A Nice, slightly lighter issue. Really had that Batman: The Animated Series feel. Fun cameo from The ****** too. Maleev on the backup was great.

  26. Overall, a great issue. Definitely reminded me of The Batman Animated Series, which Is what I think that Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo were going for.

  27. I read in trade so I can;t comment on this issue but i just got through the second collection and i got to say I’m a little surprised at all the praise. I enjoyed Volume 1 and the maze but volume two was mediocre at best. The whole Batman’s younger brother thing just didn’t belong and made the whole court of owls seem like a pack of chumps. A little surprising considering how smart they are supposed to be. Art was fine but didn’t blow me away like Pichelli or Samnee or Chiang or a heap of other guys. Anyway, just my two cents.

  28. A solid issue. Not epic, but then again, Batman needs a break from being epic LOL. The backup I could take or leave.

  29. I really liked this. In the span of Snyder’s entire run on Batman, since Detective really, we haven’t had a light-hearted story by him. Well maybe ‘light-hearted’ isn’t the right word since this still involves murder and seediness. I just mean that this is his attempt at doing an ‘Animated Series’ type of plot and I wish we could see more of that from him. A fun issue all around and even the back up was pretty damn good with Tynion’s first attempt at writing Superman. Considering what we got last month this was a much better issue all around.


  30. After reading this, it seems DC has an across the board policy to treat readers like idiots. I guess that’s what I deserve for being a grown man reading funnybooks.

  31. Dr. Milton Zaret, in real life, was an eye-surgeon and scientist involved in Microwave technology, who was (allegedly) called upon by the CIA to examine Soviet Microwave weaponry designs. His name appears in conjunction with a number of conspiracy-themed websites (including one about remote mind control technology) and even more actual scientific sites which discuss his pioneering work with Microwave devices. He was the first person to prove the existence of microwave cataracts. There’s also a Dr. Zaret who specializes in genetic regulation.

    Nothing about him giving bone-marrow transplants to rich architects, however.

    The notion of a doctor, specifically mentioned as being in Paris struck me as Strange. Yes, it struck me as possibly involving Professor Hugo Strange, who operates in and around Europe when not bothering the Batman in Gotham City. Given that he tends to disguise himself as other doctors (Dr. Todhunter back in the Engelhart days and Dr. Absonus, which is a variation of his own name in Latin in ‘Terror’), this ‘Milton Zaret’ seemed like a plausible choice.

    “I must admit, It is Strange” said Alfred to Batman as I was considering this. Coincidence? Especially as Mr. Snyder said he’d be teasing his upcoming ‘Zero Year’ villain a couple of times in this issue. I think not.

    In Hebrew, Zared means “trap”. In Yiddish, Zaret can mean ‘Strange’.

    Oh yeah, The Reaper is Jewish, thus providing what could be the final clue to putting together this mystery.

    Am I right, or do I just need to get out more?

  32. The Animated Series comparison is totally accurate, at least for me. I had not thought of that, but there was something I could not put my finger on about the story, and that’s it!

    What I really liked about the backup was Superman describing how the magic/supernatural was affecting him. Very clever, I don’t recall this ever being done before. Sort of like how kryptonite makes him feel, but different and not as severe. Well done Mr. Tynion.

    • I wonder if Superman describing how magic/paranormal activity affects him is foreshadowing to Trinity War when he has to go up against Justice League Dark?

  33. The back-up was awesome! When Batman and Superman are done right it can be one of the most rewarding team ups. And I adore Maleevs work, makes me want to read his whole Daredevil run again.

  34. Reaper! Loved it!

  35. haven’t read this yet but guys come on. This is issue 19 and it might be the first not stellar book in the run. As long as the quality stays high overall how can you think about bailing after one OK issue.

  36. I think this issue only shows off Snyder’s talents all the more. It’s not very often that a comic book writer can shift gears so quickly and tell a different kind of story – changing his tone, pacing, etc. – and still make it be enjoyable. I was late the Scott Snyder game but over the past couple of years I’ve really become a convert. The guy just rocks, period. And he’s taught his pupil well, too; that Tynion backup was very unique and engaging.

  37. I LOVED this issue. When I first started reading it I thought it was Hush who was robbing the bank. Since in the old DCU he had plastic surgery to make himself look exactly like Bruce Wayne. But I wasn’t sure if that continuity had carried over to this DCU or not. Probably not as new readers wouldn’t know what the hell was going on. But I totally should have known it was Clayface, especially after seeing the cover to issue #20 a while ago. Got me again Snyder. πŸ˜‰

    I love Capullo on art and I really love Snyder as a writer. I am now buying everything the guy writes. Can’t wait for the Wake this month too. I’m not even a Superman fan but I will be getting Superman Unchained. Batman is one of those titles that I read extra slowly as I want to make sure I see everything that is going on in the art. And there is always a lot of dialogue. I love the hell out of Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder. I’ve been lucky to see them both write Batman. I really hope Snyder writes Batman for a LONG time.

    In the backup story I wonder if Superman talking about how magic/paranormal activity affects him is foreshadowing to Trinity War when he has to go up against Justice League Dark?

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