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  1. walffes

  2. Anyone not expecting this to be Stephanie Brown?

  3. @slockhart I’ve also heard "Legion of Batgirls."

    It’s got 2 issues to hook me. I dropped Red Robin and Gotham City Sirens, so I have a little space for Batgirl. I like Stephanie Brown, too.

  4. I’m REALLY hoping it’s Stephanie.

  5. i like stephanie but in those batman alive/dead tie ins to battle for the cowl they ended with viki vale sort of figureing out about the batman family but then again viki a bit to old to be a bat girl

  6. I always loved Cassandra Cain…alas.

  7. I have no interest in Batgirl whatsoever, but since all of the other Bat titles have been so good, I might have to give this a try…

  8. jason todd maybe?

  9. What happened to the last Batgirl from Bruce Wayne: Fugitive and No Man’s Land.  Cassandra Cain I believe her name was. I didn’t like her too much, but I can’t stand Spoiler!!  Such a dull character!!  Did something happen to the last Batgirl in that mini series they had last year?  I didn’t read it, but I think it is out in trade now…

  10. It’s Squire. They’re setting her up as Damian’s love interest.


    And in one of the Dc Nation podcasts some dude from DC sputtered like a guilty clown when someone asked him if Squire is the new Batgirl.

    Plus an chick in that costume with an english accent definitely is not something that i have spend a considerible amount of time pondering

  11. I’d be down for Squire for a while, if the writing’s good.  I’ve never seen anything very interesting about Spoiler, but maybe I just haven’t read the right stories with her.  

    Maybe it’ll be the girl Robin from Dark Knight Returns… 

  12. @Jim

    I was thinking that it might be Carrie after seeing the cover for #4.  Batgirl is censored out, but she’s fighting the DKR Mutant gang. But as much as I love Carrie, I hope they keep her out of continuity. 

    One of the solicits more or less confirmed that it’s not Barbara, Cassandra Cain, or Huntress because it talked about "learning what it means to be a Bat" or something like that. 

  13. I’d be cool with Squire too.

  14. Squire would work, but I would prefer Ms. Brown.

  15. Does anyone else notice that problem with the cover art? This stitches in the costume going into her face…

  16. @supertrackmonkey It’s supposed to look like she ripped the mouth-mask off Cassandra Cain’s costume. I know they look sewn into her face, but they’re supposed to look like they’re hanging offf.

  17. I really hope it’s Cassandra

  18. I’d love if it was Cassandra (and if they pretended that whole Bruce-wanting-to-adopt-her never happened) but I think we’re out of luck on that.

    I hope it’s not Stephanie. Fingers crossed for Squire! 

  19. I wish it was Cassandra, but my money is on Stephanie (boo). I hope DC does SOMETHING with Cassandra, she is one of the best characters in comics that is not in anything right now.

  20. @WadeWilson:

    You’re right. Cassie was (is) a great character. But she has been off the grid for a while now. I really hope this is her, even though I don’t think it is. It is probably Squire. Stephanie Brown is a possibility because Dick is familiar with her (that sounds even worse given the fact she was a teenage mother.)  

  21. Batwoman AND Batgirl? Hmmmm…I think it’s going to be Batwoman OR Batgirl for me. And I’m staying with Batwoman. Sorry Stephanie!

  22. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m rooting for Squire too.

  23. Put my vote down for Cassandra.  Not that i think there’s any chance of that happening.

  24. Having the mystery end up being Cassandra would be like if Battle for the Cowl ended with Bruce becoming Batman… I really doubt it’ll be her.

  25. This gets the flip test at the store tomorrow.

  26. yea, there’s really no reason for a new batgirl, I really liked Cassandra

  27. I’ll give it a try

  28. C’mon Cassandra!

    Stephanie is a good choice, but I’m hoping they’re doing a fake out and it’s still Cassie. 

    I guess we’ll see soon. Super cool cover.

  29. Ugh… Maybe I am picking this up….

  30. I’d like to see a network of Batgirls w/ Babs as theOracle type leader, Cass as the fight power

    and Misfit , Steph, Squire (ect) as Batgirls in training. 

     Oh and I hope the Huntress plays a role in this too.

  31. @reform- i really like that idea. let’s hope you are right.

  32. @Reform:

    That is a really good idea. And it kind of makes since seeing as how Cassie was so adamant about a "network" after Bruce died. How awesome would it be for Batman to show up with a bevy of Batgirls.  

  33. I still don’t understand why Cassandra isn’t Batgirl anymore.  Wasn’t she just about to set up some kinda Network of allies to handle business before Grayson took over the mantle?  I saw her in an issue of Batman And The Outsiders right before Batman And The Outsiders became The Outsiders right around issue 14 or 15 I think.  I read those RIP tie ins, I’m not imagining things here.  Does this mean that there are actually two Batgirls now?

  34. @Robbydzwonar:

    I don’t see why Cassie wouldn’t be Batgirl either. Maybe it has to do with Tim Wayne leaving, since Cassie had a thing for him. Since Cassie has ties with the League of Assassins, she could of left in hopes of protecting Tim from Ra’s. 

  35. Let’s assume it’s not Cassandra Cain & it’s Spoiler or Squire who get to be Batgirl … so, what happens to Cassandra? Does she become a villain again? Does DC just leave her on the shelf & not use her?

  36. @Reform:  Kind of like Batgirls of Prey???

  37. I’m going to try this out but I don’t have much interest in it.  However I didn’t have much interest in the other Bat titles and I’m buying a lot.

  38. Picked it up, flipped through it, saw the identity of the new Batgirl, had zero interest, put it back down.

  39. @Jim-you had zero interest just because of the identity of the character?  Or because the actual issue itself was boring to you?

  40. @drakedangerz: The identity of the character. I’ve never found anything too interesting about her, in the appearances I’ve read.  Although, to be fair, I would’ve said the same thing about Conner Kent before recently reading Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans run– which established Conner and Bart Allen as just amazing characters. And now I’m on board for Adventure Comics with Conner.   

    So maybe I should try it… or maybe it’s just that Geoff Johns can make any character awesome…?

  41. I’m not sure where this "Stephanie Brown is boring" is coming from I’ve read everything she’s been in and for such a new character she has a fascinating history surrounding her.

    I see a lot of potential and hope it does well. I really like Cassandra as well of course my real hope was for Stephanie and Tim to become Robin and Batman. Alas, those hopes were dashed.

  42. I liked this. Not great, but solid. I could have gone for a clearer reason Cassandra wasn’t Batgirl anymore, but that’s fine by me. 4/5 for me. I’m excited for her to put on the classic Babs-Batgirl costume that the ads are indicating she’ll wear. I never grooved to Cassandra as Batgirl. She seemed slightly overpowered to me and the few times I tried reading the book, I couldn’t jibe to her. On the other hand, Stephanie’s a character I have some history with and have generally enjoyed. Oh, and finally someone in the Bat-family has grown up since 1994! :-p

  43. I wonder what Tim Wayne will think of this when he returns from Gotham?

  44. I picked this up on a pure whim, with no background on any of the characters but Babs, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I love how Stephanie is tough but kind of daydreamy, too.

  45. @Jim-whatever you’re comfortable with.  Certainly don’t read it if you have no interest at all.  I was just curious about your comment.  Its true though, Johns could make a stale turd interesting.  As well as retcon it into the DC universe.

  46. @Prax you and me both.  Cassandra just up and decides, "nope I’m done her ya go steph have fun."  Perhaps they could have had her thrown in a Retarded Policeman "BYEEEEE".

  47. @Prax @JesTr I think my problem with it is that she did the hanging up the symbol before at the end of her series back in 2006(ish) and they did it again with no reason.

    I think my problem with this is I didn’t feel any passion for it. The art felt insanely middle-of-the-road and the writing didn’t feel any fire. The first issue needed to kick ass and come out of nowhere, and here we are with… What, exactly? I honestly don’t know. Everything felt nigh contrived and thrown out there and the script felt very… I dunno. Standard. It didn’t feel important and it didn’t seem to matter at all. There just wasn’t anything to it. I don’t regret buying it, but I really won’t be picking up the next issue.

  48. I saw an interview with the writer, and Cass will definitely be back and they’ll explain where she’s been.

    I can only speak as someone pretty unfamilar with this part of the Batman universe encountering some of these characters for the first time — I found Steph really engaging and I think the contrast between her attitude and Barabara’s could make for a really interesting book. 

  49. @GungaDin @ohcaroline I agreewith GungaDin but I do understand that this is a first issue and that they are just setting up the chess pieces so to speak.  More will be revealed later I’m sure.

  50. Well Steph was Robin for a breif stint so I’ll give this book a shot to see how she works out as Batgirl. 

     I still hope Cass comes back and the network of Batgirls plays out like the Birds of prey with cowls. 

     The thing that I liked least was the way Cass left and the thing I liked most was Batman and Robin watching on and talking.

    Steph with the costume in the closet and her mom almost finding it was lame but the end with Babs at the breakfast table built up intrest for part 2.   I also liked the bat doodles Steph drew in class and the detective Babs  was almost set up with was the one Batgirl saved, the lil things count for me.

  51. I think one of my problems with this book is Steph as Batgirl doesn’t feel earned. Granted, I didn’t really read Robin, but I’ve always had a small affinity for her. It just feels like Cassandra handed her the costume and she put it on because… she did? When she was Robin, Batman gave her that and, say what you will about it, I bought it. It was sanctioned (whatever the end result) and it felt like it fit. This feels… It just doesn’t feel like it fits…

    (This concludes this session of me figuring out why I didn’t really enjoy this.)

  52. As soon as I saw that Batgirl was Stephanie, I was disappointed.  I love Cassandra.  I always thought she was the most interesting Bat-family member.  The only thing that will keep me buying this is the idea that this is replacing BoP in that Barbara will be around to guide and perhaps the other ladies show up again.

  53. @Gunga  I sympathize that you’re a Cass fan and it sucks that she got driven off like that.  On the other hand, I like that she’s just putting on the costume because she wants to.  I like that she daydreams about it, lying on bed with her head in her hands, and draws doodles of bats in her notebook.  It’s a typical superhero story in a lot of ways, but it feels very particular and that’s where I find the appeal.  Also, I didn’t love all the technique in the art, but there’s some visual imagination in it that stuck with me.

  54. @ohcaroline You hit the nail on the head for my feelings about why I liked the issue. It’s a different approach to a classic feeling origin. She feels like she has to fill the void, but is afraid she doesn’t measure up and afraid of disappointing… well.. everyone she knows. I totally understand the Cassandra fans being disappointed (Just ask me I’ve been there with Hal!) but I don’t think you have two Batgirls in a cast without having the third! I Hope!

  55. Pretty great issue. I loved the Barbara Gordon parts the best, but I’m a fan of Stephanie Brown. The one thing that stuck out to me was how there wasn’t a very clear reason for Cassandra leaving. I have a feeling it’ll get revealed throughout the series, but for now it doesn’t make much sense. I’m sticking with this for at least the first arc, very interesting so far. 4/5.

  56. @ohcaroline @Prax Yeah. I get that. And I appreciated her taking the initiative, I just… I dunno… I think Batgirl might need a new costume..

    And I didn’t even really have a problem with Stephanie, except for maybe a bit too much melodrama from bother her and Babs. But just a bit.

    And was it just me, or did the mouth part of the mask keep randomly coming off? Or was there reason to that?

  57. @GungaDin I was coming to see if anybody else had caught the mouth cover thing too. It kind of bugged me that it was randomly going back and forth. Otherwise, it was an okay issue. Not great, but it was a decent setup issue for the series. Felt kind of like Robin, which I think this is probably taking the place of. Even though they’ve been showing it for a few months now, I still love this cover.

  58. I feel like Stephanie is an over-baggaged (I mean there’s a BABY batgirl running around out there somewhere now) vanilla option when you have Cassandra out there, but I suppose she never burned up the sales charts. I’m willing to give the story some room though …

  59. Cassandra Cain or bust


    but I will give it a shot.

  60. I was glad when I saw that they were using Stephanie as the new Batgirl.  It went all downhill from there.  Don’t like how they wrote her as almost completely inept.  Then they put her in college.  A female in college is a woman, not a girl.  I understand that the Batwoman moniker is already taken so they should have put her in high school.  I won’t be picking up #2.

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