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  2. Very late, but I am still excited.

  3. how long has it been? feels like a loooong time

  4. Yeah about time. Now, where is Four Eyes?

  5. YES!

  6. Four Eyes is listed on Image’s website for November 11th.

  7. My comic book shop told me this title had been cancelled.  Is this the last issue or were those just bad rumors?  I hope it hasn’t because I love all of Kelly’s work, despite the long delays.  They’re worth it…

  8. Four Eyes is listed on Image’s website for November 11th

    lol that’s shockin’ 

  9. Wow… i thought this got cancelled or something.


    I’ll pick it up even though I hardly remember the first 2.

  10. This is one reason why I wait for trades on these kind of books.

  11. "These kind" meaning Image?

  12. There’s a lot of consistent Image books. It depends on the creators. Examples are

    Chew (they preplanned a 2 week break specifically so there wouldn’t be any con delay)

    Proof (only delays have been printer related)

    Viking (they said Bi-monthly and it’s been bi-monthly)

    Savage Dragon 


    The Walking Dead

    and plenty more. 

  13. Light week for me so I picked this up along with issues #1 and 2. Glad I did, this title is fantastic. Hope it isn’t cancelled because I want to keep reading.

  14. My store didn’t get it :'(

  15. Fun issue, still an enjoyable series.

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