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Guest-starring Batman! A murder weapon that could shatter Michael Lane’s life. Azrael’s sword of justice turned against the woman he loves. A Dark Knight forced to protect a murderer. If the truth is a lie, what do Batman and Azrael do when justice demands a killer go unpunished?

Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Ramon Bachs and John Stanisci
Cover by Francesco Mattina

Price: $2.99
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TheNextChampion01/20/10NoRead Review


  1. Now that’s a cover!

    I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay on this series to be honest. If it stays this medicore, or goes from bad to great, each issue then I won’t be on it for much longer. I just wish there was a better artist then Bachs on this.

  2. Last chance…

    Next month has a badass cover as well 

  3. Bachs is ruining ANY chance of me loving this book.

    Nicieza did a great job with the writing and I am loving the new Azrael. But the art in this is pure garbage. I have to continue this because of the story. But I don’t recommend it to anyone unless you like truly shitty artwork.

  4. This barely made the cut to earn another issue.  The art was less distracting than normal, but it still didn’t work.  Bachs simply doesn’t work when it comes to action.  Apparently he did the first arc of Red Robin and World’s Finest #2, but I don’t remember the art be so stiff.  Between everyone being short and stocky, and Damian having a gigantic head, I just want a new artist so I can get into the story more.

    What I could get into of the story was pretty average.  I think I want a story about Michael’s struggle with accepting his new role in Gotham city, but he just kinda picked up the swords and had no problem impaling and decapitating people.  The fact that he has a military/police background doesn’t justify it enough for me. I’ve never shot or stabbed a man to death, but it seems like they’d be two completely different experiences.

  5. Damian actually looked like Frank Quitely’s version, but Damian looks different with every artist’s drawing (confusing at times).  As for this issue, I read through it very quickly and disappointed about that.  However, I’m still on board (like Nicieza) and should reread all these issues starting with the Batte for the Cowl miniseries.

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