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  1. Last issue was kinda boring with bad art, but I’m on board with this until Michael Lane dies… which we all know is just a marketing ploy for people like me and Conor.

  2. The art really did hamper some of my enjoyment of the first issue. Bachs just isn’t the artist for me.

    However, Nicieza did a pretty good job with the story and making a strong, and very serious look into religion. I’m on board for this series for a while.

  3. @slockhart: I don’t look at it as a marketing ploy (especially since, as far as I can tell, that twist wasn’t actually marketed), I see it as interesting story construction.

  4. Is this worth jumping on at all?  I never got past Batman Annual.  Detective Annual just seemed like it was way too much dough after that.

  5. @conor

    I just mean marketing ploy as in he’s probably not really dead, and they that twist is probably just there to keep people like us buying.

  6. @slockhart: That’s not a marketing ploy. A marketing ploy is used to sell something via marketing. This is just storytelling.

  7. If there’s a term for a bad cliffhanger, I think that’s what I meant…

  8. It’s pretty obvious they arent going to kill Azrael. But that last page still is enough to make me excited about this book. Even if it is false advertising; I’d still like to know how we get to that point in Lane’s life.

  9. Another great cover by Jock by the way. Shame I dont find his interior artwork all that great.

  10. This was my pick for the week. Just by the slighest of margins though.

    Nicieza is doing a great job of setting up the villains and sidekicks for Azrael. This new ‘White Ghost’ definitely seem to have the same characteristics of Lane and it’ll be interesting to see how these two will interact with eachother in the future. The ‘evil plan’ Ghost had for Azrael was interesting and the way Lane was able to save both people was unique.

    Bachs actually looked good with the art in this, a big improvement. Not perfect mind you, I still saw some iffy faces in this, like Huntress in the opening spread of the book. Still, the action flowed nicely and for the most part the panels looked really good. Also, I love the coloring in this book too. Not as great as in Brave and the Bold; but it’s a colorful book and it stands out for a DC title.

    In the end, it’s a big improvement for a second issue. I’m still intrigued on where this series is gonna go. Plus, did anyone notice how there was a narration box, in black, telling Lane to kill everyone? Nice touch to show how Lane might be getting voices in his head because of the suit.

  11. So that was a lot better than I was expecting after the first issue.  The art felt a lot tighter, the story seemed to actually have a purpose, and sticking to one time line really helped.  I think my biggest fear was that it was going to take the fact that he’s going to "die" and shove it down your throat until it finally happened.  Glad to see it wasn’t even hinted at.

  12. Holy crap, this got my POTW as well… I hate it when my POTW is a 4/5. It feels like I did something wrong.

  13. @slockhart: No worries mate. This was a 4/5 for me as well. Not every pick can be perfect sometimes.

    This issue wasnt clearly.

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