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-Nicieza is doing a great job adding the roster for this title. Azrael now has an interesting foil and he’s definitely a lot like Lane. This new ‘White Ghost’ seems to have been raised just like Lane, but this time in Palestine and not in America. Just goes to show how similar people’s lives can be even when hundreds of miles apart.

-The plan Ghost had was pretty interesting, if not a little Spider-Man (the film) like. How Lane was able to make sure both hostiles were going to live was a unique take on the idea. Especially since this title has more of a religious angle to it.

-There are a few times where a narration box, in black, tells Lane to kill the people he’s around. Just a nice, subtle touch of showing the Suit influencing Lane’s decisions. So far Lane has ignored these thoughts in his head, but obviously it’s going to be a much bigger factor in the future.

-Bachs actually seem to have improved himself from last issue. There are some great layouts for this title and his character models are much improved. He’s not perfect mind you, but it’s an improvement. Same goes for the coloring, for some reason I am attracted to the bright colors in this.


-Not a big fan of the cop in this that is helping Lane. He adds nothing new to the ‘secret’ ally and it’s a bit cliche really.

-I also guess we are not going to focus on the revelation from last issue. Maybe it was all a big tease for the future, but I would’ve like to see more flashforwards into what happened to Lane.

-Although I mentioned it wasnt perfect, there are still some iffy face designs by Bachs. Notably the Huntress face in the opening shot of the comic.

This was my pick on the slightest of margins. It’s mainly an improvement over the first issue and that’s always a good sign for a new series. Azrael is still a complicated character who has no idea whether to trust his faith or his gut. Plus Nicieza is doing a great job adding new characters into the mix. Hopefully Bachs can also keep this pace of being a better artist. Soild issue all around and it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. so the art in this is better than McNiven and Canete?

  2. @edward: Better then Canete, worse then McNiven.

  3. NOPE

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