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  1. Hopefully this is more like the BftC mini and less like the Annuals, or I don’t see myself getting a second issue.

  2. @Slockhart: I’m hoping the opposite.

  3. @slockhart I’m with Conor. I was quite happy with the annuals. More so than with the mini.

    I wasn’t planning on getting this, but the annuals sold me on it for at least an issue. 

  4. Why didn’t any of you guys like the mini? I remember Conor enjoying the first issue…

    What a gorgeous cover by the way, now this is the type of stuff I can get behind with Jock. I’m hoping this is a good ongoing; cause this is a very interesting character. With Ra’s Al Ghul behind his back it will be an interesting development to follow.

  5. this continues the tradition of placing Azreal in a really stupid costume

  6. Azrael is rockin’ out in MC Hammers pants.

  7. @TNC: I thought the first issue was good but then it got pregressively more mundane with each additional issue. It was pretty, though. The ANNUALs were more my speed.

  8. @conor: I should’ve read the annuals then, but then again I heard mixed things about them.

    They do look like MC Hammer pants…

  9.  my store owner sneaked the detecitve annual into my standing order last week. um, yeah… It was terrible

  10. This will be an interesting comic to read mainly because:

    How is Nicieza going to play all of these religious elements for the character? Is he going to be preachy or show the negative sides of religion? Will he use real life stories to talk about religion? Is this going to stir an uproar with anyone who is deeply religious?

    There is a wealth of oppertunity with this title but also a good amount of problems Nicieza could encounter. It all depends when this issue is released.

  11. @TNC I more or less agree with Conor. I loved the first issue the second and third… not so much. I’m not sure I get the hate for the annuals. I thought the least story was pretty good. The Batman half being more solid than the Detective half. Fabian Niciezia is sort of my favorite B+ writer. And that’s not a slight. He’s not a Johns, Morrison and Bendis, but he delivers a pretty solid story (and some of my favorite years on X-Men!).


  12. @TNC If I remember, they got around being directly confrontational by couching JVP’s enemies in a crazy religious cult that was both Pagan and Christian. I bet  this series will see him taking on the Religion of Crime.

  13. @Prax/conor: Well the 2nd issue was kinda ‘meh’ on the ifanboy scale. For some reason he was talking slang and sounding like a rapper. Totally out of character especially considering what the tone of the first issue was. But then he picked it back up with the 3rd issue and it made me excited for the ongoing.

  14. What will the religious elements of the character be? I seriously hope he is that really super friendly, warm and open post-Vatican II style of superhero. Braking out the acoustic guitar for almost no reason, playing ‘time of your life’ awkwardly then moving on to songs about jesus. that would be fantastic.

  15. @edward: For once I have to agree with you.

    That would make me happy if that was the comic every week.

  16. @TNC: i hate it when we fight

  17. This was a good comic book in terms of the writing. Nicieza has brought a lot to the table and it’s all interesting. Especially the last page, which will certainly keep me interested for a good amount of time. The bad part of this comic was the shoddy pencils by Bachs. I am not a fan of him and he did not turn me into a lover of his artwork again with this. The coloring/inking in this kept me interesting with the art. This could be the brightest issue to come out this week.

    So even with a medicore artist on board, I’m willing to keep this series on my pull bin.

  18. Dropped. Something about this felt forced. Some of the characters were off model. Sigh… I wanted to like this. Sorry, Fabian. 2/5

  19. Art was distracting at times but the writing earned it another issue, despite multiple problems.

    Hated the ending…

  20. This was one ofbthe worst books I’ve read in a long time. The writing was forced, the dialouge was trite and cliched and the art. Oh man. Usually I appreciate good art and gloss over bad art. I n this case the art was sooooo bad a to distract from a weak story. I gave this a 1/1. Dropped immediately.

  21. Flipped through this & couldn’t bring myself to pay for a book with that art. Yeesh. Ugly.

  22. Looks like my comicstore was hyping this up with tons of issues. too bad no one was interested, me included.

  23. I’m intrigued. 

  24. in this i like how it shows that he is destined to die in 6 months , i thought that was very interesting because i am eager to find out what happens later on, all and all i enjoyed the story, i didnt like the artwork very much , but i can cope with it, i will probably buy the next issue

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