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AVX: VS #1 (OF 6)

• The Premier Tie-In To Avengers vs. X-Men!

• All-Out Action Featuring Cover To Cover Battles, Each Issue Expanding On Fights From The Main AvX Book In Ways You Can’t Imagine!

• This Issue: Iron Man vs. Magneto And Thing vs. Namor!

Story by Jason Aaron & Kathryn Immonen
Art by Adam Kubert, Stuart Immonen, & Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors by Morry Hollowell & Jim Charalampidis
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Adam Kubert & Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.4%


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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. 3.99 for this plus the main story…This will be a game time decision for me

    • i know what you mean. i picked it up when the shop didn’t have something else i was looking for. still debating whether or not i want to continue with it.

  2. I thought this might be interesting… and then I read AvX #2. *sigh*… it’s gonna be hard enough to stick with the main story at this rate, let alone a book-o’-punches. No thank you.

    • Yeah, my enthusiasm from issue 1 dropped way down low after issue 2. I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised but I have an inkling that I will just feel duped.

    • Same here, I’m hoping for it to pick back up with issue 3 (because I still want this to be good) but ya I’m still trying this one issue out regardless…might be fun

  3. So this mini within a mini is just all fighting?

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this even more than the main book. The main book has to pretend to care about it’s shoehorned story, while VS doesn’t have to hide behind the pretense of plot and just gives people what they want: famous dudes that we love punching other famous dudes that we love.

    Confusing as hell title though. I feel like an intern suggested it as a joke and then they just forgot to change it before sending it to press.

  5. I could see the cover image animated in a fighting-based video game alongside some booming announcer’s voice. That’s not a complaint. Far from it.

  6. Weird that neither Thing nor Namor are even on this cover.

  7. The only thing that interests me is how these fights end and what their ramifications will be for the rest of the series.

    For example if Magneto or Iron Man is taken out for the rest of the event, then this series is kind of intriguing.

    If these fights just happen with no ramifications to the overall story, then really what’s the point?

    • Good point.

      If they just walk away and battle later, it is kind of lame.

    • Since we saw both Iron Man and Magneto in AvX #2 after their face-off, I think it’s safe to assume that at least that fight will have no real consequence.

      Likewise, Namor and Thing (and Cage) are at it again in AvX #4 it seems.

      So unless you want to read these fights for themselves only and not their contribution to the plot, I’d say skip it.

  8. Got sucked into fear itself last year…. Not this time marvel, not this time!

  9. If any issue of this mini series quotes the X-Men Arcade game, I will automatically give that issue 5 stars and declare it the greatest comic of the decade.

  10. Still 6-fingered Cyke on the cover?

  11. I hope this is great.

    And I look forward to reading the public library’s copy soon.

  12. I preordered the AvX omnibus yesterday for $27.

    This will be my last issue cuz until I get the collected edition.

    Then it will be a question of whether the event is worth keeping or I donate the omnibus.

    • The omnibus is going to contain both the series and this side series? What’s the retail on that?

    • The retail is $75. Amazon offered it to me for $37 after a gold box discount of some money and I had a 10 or so credit.

      It looks to be over 500 pages.

      That should at least be these two series.

    • Thanks

    • This is from the Amazon description:

      Collecting Avengers vs. X-MEN #0-12, AVX: VS #1-6, AVENGERS VS. X-MEN INFINITE COMICS #1, #6, #9 and material from POINT ONE.

      I’m intrigued how they’ll convert the Infinite books into pages… though doesn’t it sorta defeat the purpose?

  13. “All-Out Action”? I love action comics. well…

  14. Completely interested, but agreeing with other folks about ramifications. i’d love to see these fights, but quite curious about how they change the story.

  15. Impulse pre-order this and #2 for the hell of it. Fortunately common sense caught up before pre-ordering #3. Of course if this is somehow amazing I will be slightly sad… but only $2 worth, as that is what it will take to buy it at my LCS. Please give us real bad ass moments and not X-Sanction complete lack of badassitude. Please?

  16. I really don’t think there’s any way Tony can pull out a win against Mags, Honestly.
    And this is coming from the huge Avengers fan!

  17. So this is not a reprint of issue #1?? This is just a side fighting issue from what the comments I am reading above sound like, right? There is nothng repeated again in here?


  18. I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Just a big fun beat-em up. 4/5 I will be back for more.

  19. AvX Fun Fact: This book was annoying to read. We get that we’re reading a “fight book.” You don’t have to keep telling us.

  20. What is up with the pink Gwen Stacy variant cover for this? My store had a bunch of ’em.

  21. I enjoyed the Iron Man/Magneto battle. Kubert’s art is tremendous and I thought the deal with the Jupiter was cool. Thing vs Namor didn’t have the same appeal.

    As for ramifications… the only thing I see being important would be Magneto’s last line, though I doubt it’ll get much focus since the main series is meant to be read without needing the side-books.

  22. This was one of the worst comics I have read in a very long time. It was staggering how bad it was to me. That opening Q&A explaining the purpose of the book, the “fun facts” and what had to be some of the most banal dialogue and thought balloon captions I have ever laid eyes on were all ingredients that when mixed together simply made my face hurt. I thought this would be a fun diversion at best, a mediocre diversion at worst. Optimism, you fiend.

    • I thought Immonens art was really good. I’ve seen better Kubert work, but still a good job. I can understand the appeal of it, but it just isn’t for me. Going to stick with the main series.

    • thing’s thought bubbles were the worst. i can’t even really remember the last time i actually saw a thought bubble. i seem to only remember thought blocks here of late. at first, i thought is was a cool thing to bring back because they were under water and bubbles seemed appropiate. then i read what was in them and realized there was nothing good about them except for the visual of bubbles under water, which were in fact, useless.

  23. Gave this a 4 and I get what this was, just straight up fight and banter; no plot no story!! This was a great idea and I really am looking forward to the next issue, and all of the other cross overs can be eliminated as far as I am concerned. I know this really seems like a money making sceam by Marvel and it probably is however; right now I do not mind spending the money since this mini and the main mini have been so much comic book fun right now, the other cross over issues have really done nothing and I wish they would just stop. Great comic book fun thats it and thats that!


  24. This isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea…I’m a big fan of character development and long, drawn-out stories, but I found this kind of nostalgic and fun…It reminded me of the Avengers vs. Defenders war and a couple of the Avengers annuals some years back when they fought “dead” villains and the West Coast Avengers….Yes, there’s no character development, and the art (especially on the Namor/Thing fight) was so-so at best, but it was fun…and that’s what comics are all about.

  25. my favorite part is the QA disclaimer on the title page which pretty much stated that if you want something good, look elsewhere. hahaha, i laughed loudly after reading that.
    this was ok…for what it was. i actually like the idea of it. just balls to the wall, extended fights within the the main event. not a bad idea at all.
    the first fight was pretty good. i’m a fan of the kuberts, HOWEVER, adam did some shitty-to-ok panels. like in schism 5. just phoned it in. 3/5
    the second fight? awesome pencils, some of the most gawd-awful script/dialogue i’ve seen in a while. it managed to even bring the art down, which is no small thing when immonen talented ass is involved. 2/5
    on top of that, i disagreed with the outcome of both fights. not that it wasn’t possible, i was just going for the other guy in both cases.
    i’ll skip the rest of this mini. cool idea that couldn’t stick the landing. 2.5 rounded up to 3/5 stars.

    • @sitara119 – I agree with the Thing vs Namor; I have to be honest and say the dialog was awful! The artwork was really good through out this issue and the Magneto vs Iron Man was very inventive; which it needed to be because you would naturally think Magneto would crush Iron Man like a beer can. Well that was not the case and I also think that magneto was not trying to kill Tony and that really would have been the only other way to stop him so he had to hold back causing him to be the loser in this battle (Iron Man by default). I am on the Avengers side so I will take the victory on the other hand Namor on land I give to Thing, in the water Namor. I do not know if I agree with the out come of that match though, to many variables and well really….. just not one of the fights anyone really would have paired off, right?


  26. I was pulled in by the Q&A intro stating that this is a fight book and where the fights take place. That really helped guide the reader, however, just as the rest of the folks have stated, the dialogue was somewhat drab. The action however was, what the book promised, a slug fest. I do however wish that in the course of the action there could have been some more human interest, such as when Magneto did not want to kill Tony and they both internally were ticking off their strengths. I love action, but I do love the human side of comics and I hope maybe Marvel will try to implement more in the next round.

  27. I still don’t understand why this series even exists. All these fights could be showcased in the ongoing titles, since it looks like they are currently being used as filler -just look at Avengers and New Avengers #25. The art was nice, though; I particularly liked Adam Kubert’s. Other than that, this is a waste of money.

    Please check my mini-review of VS #1 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  28. Awesome art as expected. I didnt like the dialogue between Magneto and IronMan very much, but it got a bit better in the Namor/Thing battle.

    I thought the VS. titles were going to read like something in between Wolverine: Snikt! and the G.I. Joe silent issue.

  29. what’s the deal with Colossus and the Juggernaut armor? I haven’t seen him wearing it, but I don’t really know the whole story there.

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