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• The Return Of The Scarlet Witch! What Does This Mean For The Mutant Messiah Hope?

• Three Of The Hottest Names In Comics Kick Off The Biggest Event In Marvel History!

• And Did We Mention Frank Cho On Art?!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis & Jason Aaron
Art by Frank Cho
Colors by Jason Keith
Cover by Frank Cho, Stephanie Hans, & Jim Cheung

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%


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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. And here we go!!! This should be fun!!

  2. #0 of 12? at $3.99 an issue I think it might just be cheaper to wait for the trade.

    • It almost always is cheaper to wait for the trade, but it’s that “wait” part that will get me buying this in issues. That said, Fear Itself taught me a lesson — if I’m not having fun with this event, I’m not gonna hang on until the end.

    • I agree Ken. I just got back into comics last year and Fear Itself was my first “event” I pulled everything with fear itself on the cover. Lesson learned. I’ll pick up the main books of this and if im not digging it i’m out.

    • @KenOchalek

      Fear Itself taught me the same thing, first event I walked away from three issues in

    • Ditto on the if I ain’t liking this m dropping it, because it truly is not worth it to hold on throughout the whole thing to find out it was shit but if it ends up turning out good you can always go pick up the trade afterwards

    • How about you just don’t reward them buy drinking the event book cool-aid again?

  3. You know what? I’m quite looking forward to this. The saga of Hope has been one of my favorite Marvel sagas thanks to the great Kieron Gillen, and the trade read of Avengers Children’s Crusade has me interested in the further exploits of Scarlet Witch. So yeah, chalk me up as interested in the latest The Marvel Book That You Need To Read To Follow The Marvel Universe.

  4. I really hope this doesnt end up being the most pulled book this week. C’mon ifanbase, let’s send Marvel a message

    • The previews I read looked fun. What message are we trying to send here? Don’t give us more fun comics? There’s something for everyone in comics. Some people liked Fear Itself. Some people like the stuff that Dynamite puts out. Roman Dirge still puts out Lenore for some ungodly reason. Obviously, someone is buying these and enjoying them, and if people buy AvX and enjoy it, then good.

    • I will send them a message, by buying comics that I think look fun!

    • Yeah I’m not sure what the message is either. I didn’t read Fear Itself and the overall reaction was pretty negative but the owner of the LCS loved that event. We’d talk about ti every time an issue came out. Marvel has a pretty good track record (better than DC) for big events so I’m on board for this until it stops being fun.

    • Yeah, I don’t get it Mike…why the hate? I mean, you’re pulling Avengers 24.1?!? Why not send a message about useless “point” issues?

      I’ve not been drinking the Bendis Kool-Aid lately, but I’m intrigued enough, especially with Jason Aaron also penning. Not even mentioning the Frank Cho art, which, for me, is worth the price of admission.

      That said, I’ll drop it like a hot penny if it’s not up my alley, but the fanboy in me looks forward to some good old fashioned hero brawlin’

    • @cam makes a great point. You’re pulling 7 Marvel books this week alone. What kind of message does that send exactly?

    • Cam, I find it cute that you went to the trouble of checking my pull list 😉
      Just to clarify things, I use the pull list feature as list of books to browse, I never end up buying all those books. I’ve had Avengers on my list since the book started despite having dropped it around issue 8 or 9, but I’ll always check it out to see if there’s something that’ll grab my interest enough to buy a random issue.

      Listen guys, I’m not criticizing anyone who is genuinely excited for this event. If your super stoked, more power to you, I’d never criticize someone for loving comics. My point was more directed at those on the fence. People like me, who’ve been burned over and over by past events only to keep jumping back on because we’re too afraid to miss out on the big company-wide storyline.
      The message I’m trying to send Marvel is that I’m sick of the hype and the marketing ploys and instead I just want quality stories sold at a reasonable price.
      Hell, if it turns out AvX is the best event since Crisis (Final, ‘natch), then I’ll go back and read it in trade. But I’m not going to be fooled by a a single strong first issue, the past 3-4 Marvel started strong and ended weak. I’ll wait to hear the final consensus before I take the plunge.
      But honestly guys, relax. Love what you love and if your excited for this, I’m glad that you can still get excited over these Marvel events. I just can’t anymore

    • Okay, that’s a very fair pont. I just don’t think it was clear from your first post. Now that I better understand I agree with you.

    • I to respect your decision mike.

    • i don’t always buy all the books on my pull list, either.
      sometimes i’m just interested in hearing what people have to say about it.

    • Well… of course I checked your pull list Mike, I do every week. 😛

      Or rather, I don’t take my gloves off without an informed opinion?

      Nah, I guess I was just surprised, the Mike I knew from the old Rev 3 forums would be all over this!

      It’s sad that you’ve been let down so often as to become jaded. Comics! You’ve failed Mike! WIN HIM BACK!


    • I really do see where you are coming from because Marvel is not the house of ideas, whatsoever. On the other hand, I will pick this up tomorrow because I am nosy. haha.

    • I liked it when Cam said, “Well… of course I checked your pull list Mike, I do every week.” That made me laugh. Can we play that part again?

      I also liked my wife’s comment. ^^^ABOVE^^^
      I can vouch for her. She is nosy.

    • Cam, you know i was just messing with you buddy, i wasn’t actually being sarcastic or snarky. i didn’t mean anything by it.
      Unfortunately, after years of the same runaround, i can’t say i have the same enthusiam for Marvel comics as i did back in the Rev3 days (personally, i also don’t think the quality is the same as it was back then, but that may just be me). Its a shame too because honestly, Marvel is home to my absolute favorite characters. I really do hope that they come out this funk that i feel they are in. this is by no means meant as a criticism to any of you who are loving their stuff, i can only speak to how i’ve been feeling as of late with regard to their entire line.
      But Cam, that’s not to say i don’t still have a passion for comics. I don’t usually talk about individual books much on this site, but (if you would come on and chat on twitter more often *hint hint* 😉 ) you’d see me praising Image’s lastest batch of comics to high heaven! I guess my passion has just moved in another direction.
      But you and i are in agreement, i want Marvel to win me back, im just skeptical that AvX is the way to do it.

      PS seriously, come on twitter more often, we miss you buddy 😀

  5. comicBOOKchris: I haven’t been following Hope’s story yet.

    But I’m super-excited for the Return of the Scarlet Witch.

    As much as I love to keep up with Every Book That I Simply Can’t Miss, I’m skipping it.

    I just can’t afford any more major events like this. I don’t have the fifty bucks.

    Also, I’m a year behind on reading Avengers-related titles right now, anyway.

    Thank the county for library HCs. I might be convinced to buy the trade, eventually.

    Frank Cho does a fine Avengers book.

    I’m finally getting around to reading Fear Itself.


  6. I really hope this is worth it. This is the issue that makes or breaks this event for me. If it’s not good then I’m not going to pick up the rest of the series.

    • I wouldn’t really judge AvX based off a zero issue. The whole purpose of it is just to get people up to speed on a few characters. The story doesn’t properly begin until issue 1, so I would judge it then.

    • Good point. I guess I’ll give the first issue a shot. But still man the story better be good because with JRJR’s art, that’s all it would be worth. Seriously, that guy shouldn’t be drawing this.

  7. I’ve been very Let down by the last couple of Marvel events, i’ll read a friends’ copy. though i am interested to see how the rotating writer thing works.

  8. Like Ken’s comments above I have learned my lessons well from Marvel and their big events?! I will read this and stick by my guns, if I don’t like it I am not going to keep buying it hanging on and waiting for something good to happen. I like the concept and really would like to see a Marvel knock down drag out to see who the toughest Marvel sob there is however; lets see how this story rolls.The Hope concept of this is pretty intersting as well, do you think her mother will be back??


  9. Marvel need this to be a winner. Last couple of big events were meh

  10. I haven’t been following Hope recently. Do we know who either of her parents are yet?

  11. Despite all the hate that I’m sure is going to follow on this even I’m really pulling for it and hope its an enjoyable fun read

  12. I hope it does well and does not disappoint for all that read it. But for me just not interested enough to pick up.

  13. I will buy this if it looks great. I’m kinda excited by this event, it looks fun, but I have dropped EVERYTHING Marvel because of their wacky prices schemes and general lameness. I don’t know if I hope this is great and ropes me into to buying a bunch of 3.99 Marvel books I feel queasy about, or if I hope it’s horrible and will spare me a lot of misery. I’m conflicted here, folks.

    • i understand where you’re coming from. i don’t buy a lot of marvel books for some of the same reasons, but politics aside and as a general rule, i think we should hope that all comic books are awesome.
      if nothing else, to rope in new readers so that the business stays alive and well for a long time to come.

  14. I love all the “If I don’t like this, I’m not going to keep buying it!” posts. Good for you guys. I don’t like pickles. Interestingly enough, I don’t spend any money on pickles.

    • Yup

    • Why are you always defending Marvel? Are you Tom Breevort?

    • Doesn’t sound like a defense. Sounds like one of the harshest criticisms of a company.

      Basically saying everything Marvel puts out is the same and if you know you don’t like it, why buy it.

      I agree with Firevine on the latter point, but not the former.

    • that’s impossible. tom breevort loves pickles. all food, obviously.

    • I love how many people who are pulling .1 issues this week are also bashing this as pointless and stupid. Really? You pull .1 but AvX is the line you draw? Give me a break.

    • @ScorpionMasada I don’t think he was saying that at all. He was griping about people saying they would drop this if they didn’t like it – which could be seen as an obvious response.

      BUT the reason people are saying this is because Marvel has a lot of ill will right now, because of disappointing events, pricing, whatever, and so folks have them and their books on a short leash. If it was another company, I think people would be more forgiving. But since Marvel has jerked people around the past few years, there is little room for error on their part.

      The days of Marvel Zombies blindly buying everything Marvel seems to have mostly passed – good riddance.

    • It’s funny how the “Marvel Zombie” stereotype still exists but people who are buying 10 of the New 52 are considered descerning rather then “DC Zombies.”

    • RE:BCDX97 “@ScorpionMasada I don’t think he was saying that at all. He was griping about people saying they would drop this if they didn’t like it – which could be seen as an obvious response.”

      This is precisely it. If I don’t like comic XYZ, why would I keep tossing my hard earned money at it? Fear Itself did nothing for me after two issues, so I didn’t spend another $26 on it. I’m down to five of the New 52, because 46 ended up not tickling my fancy and OMAC got cancelled. I haven’t spent a dime on Harry Potter because I don’t care. I’m not going to see Hunger Games because I don’t care. I’m not making political stands that need to be lauded, and I don’t feel the need to announce to the world “If I have no interest in XYZ, I’m not spending money on it!” I mean, no shit. While I have the benefit of working at my LCS for store credit, it’s still a financial resource. Why spend it buying crap I don’t like? Comic book fans seem to be even more partisan than the U.S. congress, and frankly, that’s detrimental to every publisher out there. It is also drags down the community here, which I have found to be THE BEST, and the most positive overall out of every other site I’ve been to. This is almost as dumb as people bickering over Right Guard vs. Old Spice. If someone fresh to comics comes to iFanboy and sees posts like these, they’re going to be loathe to step foot in a comic book store again.

      This wasn’t a post in defense of Marvel, nor was it criticizing them. Everyone’s tastes are different. I buy far more Marvel than anything else, sure, but I am not going to sit here and deride DC. The DC books I am buying are some of the best ones on the shelf, and I will most certainly say that to anyone who asks. The “good for you” bit should be said with the most dry, sarcastic tone possible.

      “Why are you always defending Marvel? Are you Tom Breevort?”

      I am not Tom Breevort. I don’t fancy hats all that much.

  15. Marvel ran the X-men into the ground 20 years ago then run the Avengers into the ground in the past two. Teaming those two titles up should be great

    • hopefully they’ll all kill eachother off and if we’re lucky, the undertaker is already chiseling the tombstones for both titles. but, their inability to fully die are the things that marvel zombies are truly made of.

    • @Edward, I agree with you. In the past couple of years, Bendis has destroyed my interests in the Avengers. Through adding characters that really don’t belong and ignoring those who do, he has ventured away from the feeling that attracted me to the title.

  16. I might check it out (like a sucker) if they don’t polybag it.

    • Yeah, I did that with Avengers Assemble. If they polybagged it, no chance was I getting it. But they didn’t, so I flipped through it. Didn’t buy it, but I gave it a chance.

  17. Rawr! Comics are serious business!

    I hope it’s good, but I’m gonna hold out until I see what the word of mouth is like. If it’s no good, it’s 4 bucks I don’t need to spend. Easy as that.

  18. The writing team on this is amazing. I hope they coordinate it like they did DCs 52. Wasn’t Wacker the editor on that at first and didn’t he jump to Amazing for Brand New Day? Is he the editor on this?

    If he is, that is a good sign.

    The only Marvel event book that I didn’t like at all was Fear Itself. Secret Invasion had some problems but in hindsight it was really fun (last issue was very anticlimatic).

    I’m in for this.

  19. I’m not really hating on it when I’m already buying 20 Marvel books a month.

    I regularly buy or subscribe to around 8 Avengers-related titles and 4 mutant titles every month anyway.

    That’s why I chose to read the big event books when they get published in trade.

    I get enough of it every month without constantly having to break the bank.

    If it’s great I buy the collection. If not, I don’t throw away my money and me and Marvel stay friends.

    That’s not hate. That’s love. The kind that lasts a lifetime. Not just a spring fling.


    • Wont the tie ins spoil the story for you though?

    • Not really.

      1) I’m only day-and-date on a few select titles.

      2) Solicits appear so far ahead of time that every story is “spoiled” in a sense.

      3) Between the Internet culture which immediately announces and speculates upon every change in the status quo, and a long-term status quo that is virtually unchanging, I find many of the bigger events to be much ado about quarterly strat plans and merchandising quickstrikes.

      Take for instance, Fear Itself and the deaths of both Bucky and Thor. By the time I get around to reading that event, and the two year’s-worth of related Avengers titles, both have already returned to the 616 MU.

      After forty years of this, it still can be fun, but mostly because I refuse to get too caught up in the hype.

      And I choose what to buy, what to read, how much to spend, and when to do so.

      I also thought this quote from Neil Gaiman, posted today on Kurt Busiek’s Facebook page, to be especially relevant: “[D]on’t ever apologize to an author for buying something in paperback, or taking it out from a library (that’s what they’re there for. Use your library). Don’t apologize to this author for buying books second hand, or getting them from bookcrossing or borrowing a friend’s copy. What’s important to me is that people read the books and enjoy them, and that, at some point in there, the book was bought by someone. And that people who like things, tell other people. The most important thing is that people read… ”

    • You have a good point.
      ThAt quote from Neil Gaiman really makes me want to start reading Sandman, I’ve only heard good things about it.

  20. I don’t really understand why they think #0 issues are a good idea. It either sends the signal that this issue doesn’t matter or they’re trying to get people to treat 2 issues like #1. Why not just call it a 13 part story? Of course, this could be #0.1 so it could be worse.

    The only thing that interests me about this series is how the alternating writers setup will work out. But that’s not nearly enough interest for a purchase.

    • I think the main rationale behind an issue 0 is for people who don’t follow all the books to get caught up. If you read Avengers and X-Men you can probably skip issue 0, but if you don’t then it will help you get caught up.

  21. Just 1 more week boys and girls!
    AvX is almost here!
    Nothings gonna kill the event love for this guy, I think the main reason I’m so excited for this is because of it’s similarities to Civil War, which was easily my favorite event ever.
    Also the chances of either side winning are pretty much a straight up 50/50.
    But also you Gota remember not matter which side “wins” they both still lose. Which make the fallout that much better.

  22. Love the image of these two pinnacle characters in the story and enjoyed the #0 preview consisting of Cyclops’s n Hope’s conversation gone south, and it looked good. I said no more events as did many but #0 will be my deciding factor as I loved House of M, The 185 and the Messiah trilogy, so heres hoping it takes these characters to new heights, classic storytelling and all around just good comix.

  23. Based on the poor quality of the past two events, I’m waiting for the reviews from iFanbase. If they are favorable, I’ll buy in.

  24. ” What Does This Mean For The Mutant Messiah Hope?”

    Hopefully, her death — or removal from reality. I hate that the mutants have bought into the fact that they are a separate race of people. Really hate pretty much everything about current X-titles.

    • I hope against hope that this series reverses the whole M-Day fiasco that basically ruined the X-books for years.

    • I felt exactly the opposite.

      M Day to me was like a Scourge of the Underworld for all of the crappy mutants that had overpopulated the MU-616 in the Nineties.

      Most of the good ones stayed mutants, somehow escaping the effects of M Day, and many of the really lame ones remain powerless today, as well they should be.

      But to each his own.

      Maybe some more of the better ones could get re-powered.

      I’d like to see Wanda take over the X-Men, personally. It’s about time.

    • I dunno… For me, the mutant concept doesn’t really work as an allegory with only a couple hundred of them around. The most interesting stuff, to me, about mutants and the X-Men is that social parallel.

      Also, I miss the X-Men as a team rather than a formless army. Same with the Avengers, really. Maybe that’s just me, though.

  25. I’m at the point in my comic book career where I really don’t give a shit what other people are buying. I like reading people’s opinions and there insight on certain books and leaving my feed back but I’m not going to be the guy who tells someone what they should be reading. I don’t give a shit when people shit on the books I like and personal I’m just not a fan of Marvel at all, but that doesn’t mean I want them to fail.

    • This man. We need more of him.

    • agreed. i’m a fan of almost anyone who doesn’t tell people what they should be doing. it is both assuming and gaudy.
      walter white is certainly neither of those things.

    • p.s.

      not liking a company for political reasons and wanting them to amend/reform business practices is one thing….but i for one want the artists of all companys to succeed in making mothafucking badass comics for all to enjoy.

  26. I think this could be fun. Even if this doesn’t end up being my favorite event of all time, I bet it will still be enjoyable. Besides, doesn’t this feel like one of those classic DC vs. Marvel match ups they used to do where they’d match Superman up against Thor or Hulk? It was cool b/c you got to argue about who would win and why the fight was bulls$%t – that was fun 🙂 I bet I won’t agree with the outcome of at least one fight, and I am looking forward to the bitching and complaining. I don’t like sports – this is as close to sports as I’ll ever get 🙂

  27. I didn’t like the preview. Probably because I don’t like Frank Cho’s art. Is this a bi-monthly book?

  28. This. Looks. Fucking. Fun.

  29. I think that this is a great creative group and looks interesting, but cannot commit to the cost of the whole thing- the series is 12 issues long- 12 (13 if you count 0)! Do we need this long of a fight between these groups? Plus there are 8 issues that just have fights (AvX)! At 4.00 a pop (ignore the penny trick- it is $4) this is an $84 popcorn flick. I think that it could be fun and interesting, and could afford it if that was all I was reading, but too many other great books edge this out for me. Still, I look forward to hearing what people love (or hate) about this series.

    • But you don’t have to buy everything (I know, I know, that’s the company line, but I believe it to be true).

      I’m only gonna roll with the main series and the tie-in books I’m already reading (Uncanny, WTaXM, Legacy). I’m sure AVX: Versus will have some fun stuff, but not $4 worth of fun. I’ll grab an issue here or there if there’s good word about a particular issue or fight and it’s an otherwise light week.

    • Deanbitterman: That was my estimation, too.

      Even with my discount, it’s still works out to forty to sixty bucks, depending on whether I choose to get Versus, as well.

      I’ll put that money towards my property taxes and read this exciting event in a hardcover owned by my public library.


  30. What if… This is awesome?

  31. Ok… maybe it’s off topic, but can we play around a bit?


    Captain America (Evans) vs. Cyclops (Marsden)

    Iron Man (Downey) vs. Jean Grey (Jansen)

    Thor (Hemsworth) vs. Storm (Berry)

    Hulk (Ruffalo) vs. Wolverine (Jackman)


    Nick Fury (Jackson) vs. Professor X (Stewart)

    Lock in your bets!

  32. In regards to crossovers, I had occasion to reread The Interminable Ramble from Alan Moore’s Twilight of the Superheroes proposal, in which he makes many salient points regarding “event” books.

    He wrote it way back in 1987, but a lot of what he said is still valid today. As a matter of fact, I hear people repeating practically the same objections, event after event.

    A good read, sometimes hard to find, but informative nonetheless.

    If you haven’t read it, or you haven’t read it in a while, take a look.

    He sounds like a freaking prophet.


    • I really like this bit:

      “[O]ne of the things that prevents superhero stories from ever attaining the status of true modern myths or legends is that they are open ended.

      An essential quality of a legend is that the events in it are clearly defined in time; Robin Hood is driven to become an outlaw by the injustices of King John and his minions. That is his origin.

      He meets Little John, Friar Tuck and all the rest and forms the merry men. He wins the tournament in disguise, he falls in love with Maid Marian and thwarts the Sheriff of Nottingham. That is his career, including love interest, Major Villains and the formation of a superhero group that he is part of.

      He lives to see the return of Good King Richard and is finally killed by a woman, firing a last arrow to mark the place where he shall be buried. That is his resolution–you can apply the same paradigm to King Arthur, Davy Crockett or Sherlock Holmes with equal success.

      You cannot apply it to most comic book characters because, in order to meet the commercial demands of a continuing series, they can never have a resolution.

      Indeed, they find it difficult to embrace any of the changes in life that the passage of time brings about for these very same reasons, making them finally less than fully human as well as falling far short of true myth.”

      They find it difficult to embrace any of the changes in life that the passage of time brings…

      Sounds like Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Dum Dum, Logan, Thor and to some extent Tony Stark, to me.

      I find that an almost more interesting take on some of the more Highlander-esque Marvel characters.

      They’ve lived so long and seen so many things that they’re almost like vampires or Methuselahs.

      With Stark it would be more about his refusal to really embrace change in his life.

      I put Iron Man in the same pool of characters as Zorro, Batman, Iron Fist and the Green Hornet: The Inveterate Rich Bachelor Who Plays a Wastrel by Day. Part of the whole set-up is that he never marries, settles down, has kids, gives up the fortune or gives up the quest. Or stays home at night.

      Alan Moore is endlessly fascinating.

    • Holmes is a bad example, though, as the subject of one of the first retcons in serialized fiction.

      Seriously, Doyle pulled some Jean Grey shit to bring him back.

    • American soap operas suffer from the same problem, and soap writers have commented on it for decades. It’s called “living in the eternal Act 2” – where any given writer doesn’t have the luxury of setting up his characters/stories or ending them, but has to just keep them going, throwing challenge after challenge at them, until the writer steps down and/or the soap opera is cancelled. Being able to write a complete story arc does give the writer some semblance of satisfaction; but yes, as Alan Moore noted with comics, the fact that another writer might one day come along afterward to retcon, negate, or merely reinterpret said story arc does lessen the respectable sense of permanence found in most other storytelling media.

    • *Sorry – that last sentence should read “…does lessen the respectable sense of permanence of a serialized drama, compared to that found in most other storytelling media.”

    • I couldn’t even finish that comment let alone Alan moore’s cranky old man rants

    • Apologies, edward. Brevity is indeed the soul of wit – but brevity is a relative term! 😉

  33. here’s hoping this is great. JRJR’s art puts me off, but oh well.

  34. Wow. Hope is kind of a badass, huh?

  35. I’m shocked at how (relatively) few pulls this book has. It’s an event and it’s supposedly the event that Marvel has marketed the most ever.

    • Maybe it has been overmarketed, There were big banners on a lot of comics for the past few months. I found that quite frustrating and that’s partly a reason that i’m not picking it up.
      The other reason is that this is 13 issues of 3,99, which makes it a $52 series. A tad expensive for something i’m not even looking forward to. I will probably pick up the trade for $20 or something (if it’s getting nice reviews)

  36. God ……can’t believe I am being sucked into another event (especially as I am mostly a DC guy)……but here I go…..sigh…………..Pretty jazzed for the Cho art in this issue!

  37. Cho’s art was great as usual, but the star was seeing Vision as his normal self! That aberration he was in the Young Avengers is gone thankfully. And he was cold blooded, even for an Android, until the nod to Avengers #58 at the end…well done all the way around!

  38. i’m very interested in seeing what you guys think of this series. i’m on the fence to whether or not i want to commit to this thing. It sounds like fun though.

    Complaining about Marvel and their endless event cycle is pointless though, because we know exactly what kind of restaurant Marvel is. Its like going to Subway for lunch and complaining that they don’t serve sushi.

    • Subway sushi would be absolutely awful!

    • i dunno….eat fresh and all that! haha

      it can’t be worse than Casino Buffet sushi.

    • I will join you on the fence. My first thought is it’s a mixed bag – creator wise, which is why I’m not getting it. On the other hand I will be watching the reviews from trusted sites closely, especially here.

      If I here good things I’ll try the trade. Overall I want to here good things because I think Marvel really needs a win. If this doesnt work, what’s next….world war hulkses

    • Just buy this issue if you don’t know much about hope and wanda. You should really check out issue one next week and make your decision then.

    • I’m sure the Bendis issues will be fine, it’s some of the others I find hit and miss

  39. Art was great. Story seemed pointless.

  40. Well I have a secret to share in that my LCS got the first issue of this event already and is selling it to the public. So only I know what happens in the big ‘first’ issue of this event.

    Pay my $5 and the secrets will be revealed!

    • Same here, i saw both issues on the stands, asked my LCS and she said both issues coming in, im guessing she forgot about the midnight launch and the shipping of the issue early haha.

    • @markbovenzi: Shh! You’re costing me $5!

    • Yah my shop had it too and damn was it good!

    • It’s disappointing to see that some stores are choosing to sell #1 early even though the packages are clearly marked that the street date isn’t until the 3rd of April.

    • My LCS is doing the same. We actually opened the box together haha. So, yeah, I have the first issue as well. I won’t accept payment for spoilers, though. Everyone will have to wait. I will say that I found it to be interesting for a first issue. It was mostly a set up issue until the last few pages.

  41. So this was obviously was a catch up issue, which was good because I didn’t even know scarlett witch was alive so good to know that before issue 1 and I knew nothing about Hope either so really glad I picked this up, although I wasn’t thrilled about the $4. Not too bad I’m cautiously optimistic about this event now. 4/5 *fingers crossed*

  42. Was #1 suppose to come out next week? cuz my LCS had both #0 and 1 out today.

    • Yes. Shops were shipped #1 a week early so they could have midnight release parties. Any store selling the issue this week is breaking the street date embargo and could be in a lot of trouble with Marvel and Diamond if they were found out. Which they won’t be.

    • I’m sure this isn’t terribly widespread, but if I were a retailer I’d be investigating this and ratting out any store that broke the embargo.

      I’m sure there was internal debate at Marvel about a move like this, but in the end they obviously decided they could trust their retailer partners to follow the rules to achieve the marketing event they’re looking for. And again, I’m sure most stores are following the rules, but for an owner in a business that struggles to remain relevant in the face of discounted collected editions from Amazon and the digital comics market while also overcoming the “Comic Book Guy” image, this kind of thing does a lot of damage.

    • you dirty rat…

  43. So did anyone else’s retailer put out issue #1 with this one as well? Because the store I go to in Kirksville, MO sure did. I was happy to purchase both #0 and #1 today.

  44. I’m amazed that, out of all the previous posts, I’m the first to mention the digital code included in this. Yes, it is a $4 book, and that does get expensive, but you’re technically getting 2 copies for that price. For those with any form of digital reader, that should be a big plus. Hell, I’ve only got an Android phone, but I like having the option to read this in the doctor’s office (or wherever), where it would just be impractical to carry the floppy.

    As for the story itself, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The art by Frank Cho was phenominal (as usual) and the writing was also high quality.

    • I really could care less about the digital download because I won’t use it, so it makes no difference to me, but the fact that this book was 30 pages for $4 and not 20 pages convinced me to pick it up.

      And issue 1 is 34 pages for $4! (My store had it out – I was a little confused at first but went with it). I’m okay with Marvel charging more when they give us more. I hope issues 2-12 don’t skimp down to 20 pages and bum me out.

      I actually would be happier with Marvel charging a little more on all their books that a lot more on some of their books. But I’m happy with what they are doing here so far – we will see if that changes in the future.

  45. Well my LCS was completely sold out so I got nothing. Whats the best place to buy current single issues online?

  46. Wrkngclasshero (@joinedtofollow) says:

    I’m a big DC and Image guy. I took a look, as this may have been a new reader friendly book and I am always looking for something new. Gotta say, I personally just don’t care for Marvel. I have no interest inthe characters and therefore, I never care about the stories.

    Gonna pass, this may be the last time I try to get into the Marvel U.

  47. A good primer, showing us where our heroines are when our epic begins. Solid stuff.

    Excited for next week.

    • The end of the first issue (from next week) is pretty bad ass. It really has an epic feel to it. Some of it we have seen in previews but it all comes to the boiling point and looks damn cool – you should be excited!

  48. Wow, that was surprisingly really really well done! Dare I say i’m excited for the start of this? Cho’s art was fantastic to!

  49. Wow I’m not trying to sell anyone on anything but can’t believe how many comic fans appal Marvel, they’re responsible for a ton of the best characters in history and paved the way for a more mature level of reading when DC was 1st deemed cheesy. To me good comix are good comix and like stuff from every publisher but think everyone should watch the History Channels History of Comics documentary, if you can find it. Its the most complete coverage I’ve seen on the industry as a whole covering pinnacle events to date as of a cpl yrs now so need a little update after 52 but still its really good. And I for one live the X-MEN, AVENGERS SPIDERMAN THE FF, DD, many many more and especially the cosmic corner of the Marvel U. While I’m only currently reading a cpl Marvel titles at the moment (Scarlet Spider and Secret Avengers), couldn’t call myself a true comics lover if I didn’t have a place in my heart for Marvel. I may be reading more Image, Dark Horse and IDW, DC and VERTIGO at the time but only a few titles from each. I don’t see how being so bias, judge mental or just narrow minded is even enjoyable in comix or any medium in life in general. I loved the Messiah trilogy and don’t think X-MEN comix have lost any quality aside from Uncanny X-Force changing art after a great 2 yrs, X-Force run before that was good too. Enjoy.

    • I don’t think (and I admit I might be speaking for myself) that anyone here’s problems with Marvel is their characters. I like you love Spider-man, the X-men etc. I think the problem many of us are having is the business strategy. I find I just can’t afford Marel right now, lets say there’s five Avengers books a month. If some of them double ship or have .1’s were up to 8 or more books, at $4 dollars a go. I only allow myself 10 books a month for my budget. I can afford more DC & Image books if I for go Marvel. I was really enjoying Venom but wasn’t able to read the last arc because I couldn’t afford a weekly series.

      While I agree that being biased, or judging a book before it comes out is a real criticism of the comic fan base, I can understand why an event with a rotating writing team (13 parts in total) might be intimidating.

      I hope I’ve not said anything to offend, it is open and honest discussion like this why I like this site.

    • @Zeppo – I was hoping that was the case and agree with all who feel that way, I’m reading the titles I like right now regardless of the publisher, just happens that only 2 or 3 of them are Marvel. I grew up a mostly Marvel fan and Images launch, and Dark Horse, even other Indies as a teenager but right now I’m glad you replied to my comment with what I’d hope to hear and just am enjoying a few Image, Dark Horse and a cpl DC the most right now, then Scarlet Spider and Secret Avengers from Marvel, at least one of the two us 2.99 but it’s 1st issue was 3.99, Scarlet Spider
      I made it a point to limit the 3.99 issues in my pull and the recent ifanboy article “my quiet return to comics” hits the nail on the head for me.

  50. Nice of Bendis to write his story full of ladies for Cho. That full page spread of Scarlet Witch flying down is gorgeous.

    I haven’t really kept up with Avengers books recently. What’s the explanation for Wanda and Vision’s reappearances?

  51. So for a guy who likes the Avengers, but doesn’t care for/know shit about X-Men…is this title worth picking up? Or will I just be disappointed?

    • Not to be too glib, but since the title is Avengers vs X-Men, odds are that you’ll like the Scarlet Witch story in this issue, but not care for the Hope story. However, Cyclops’ team is the as “Avenger-y” as the X-Men have ever been (heavy-hitters, operating in public against very serious threats) so who’s to say. I think you can buy it digitally on Marvel’s app and get a $5 coupon for your LCS, so it might be worth a test drive.

  52. I have been in and out of The Avengers over the years and never really knew to much of what had happened with SW and The Vision. I for one used to really like The Vision and SW and now they are both back only not like it used to be and after reading up on some things I got a good picture of what had happened in the past. Not to mention this issue really gave me a quick synopsis of had happened and it was done very well. So far this issue has lived up to better than what I was expecting and I really like it. Also over the years X-Men same thing I have been in and out so I knew a little about the Phoenix stuff and had really wondered what really happened to Jean and of course I did some research on that as well so really I am up to date on what is going down. To be honest this issue did a great job of preparing anyone who does not know what has happened on each story line and makes this a good read and the artwork was very good.


  53. I’m willing to bet this will lead to a reboot for marvel comics. with new number one’s coming a month later following dc comics.

    • I would’nt doubt it! Honestly not drag this whole thing up again but; Marvel has always followed DC through out time. If they do something cool and it sells Marvel is not far behind. Not that I really mind, I like all the publishers equally now a days; so there is really no way to be judgemental I guess. If a comicbook is damn good then it is damn good!! Ok, I am still partial to DC over Marvel just a little, BWAAAH-HAHA-HAHA-HA!!


    • Theve actually said it won’t lead into a relaunch.
      Check out CBR.

  54. Seriously, this was a very good issue and if Marvel reboots their entire U and they wanna publish less books and more quality I am game. I think they tried Heroes Reborn once or twice or three times already right? Maybe drop the numbering system all together and just use month and year to keep track of comics???? I am just all over the place sorry…


    • I agree that it was quite good. I don’t want to be a Marvel-hater, I want to enjoy their books! But with their crappy events and price jacking and double shipping and other missteps they’re really turned me off and against them.

      But if they just cut out all the crap and put out more good fun books, well, that would be cool.

    • I’m with you guys. This was a good book. I enjoyed the return of Scarlet Witch and her team up with Spider-Woman and Miss Marvel. Hopes battle with the Serpent Society was pretty cool too. This was an overall good book. A solid 4 Star rating for me.

  55. Anybody else’s comic shop screw up and sell them issue #1?

  56. Too many comments to read! Easier to just ask you. Thanks man

  57. I like Conor’s increasing annoyance with people asking about issue one

  58. One of my LCS actually was saying on the radio (they have a weekly Wednesday visit with the owner on the morning show) that they indeed got shipped a bunch of #1s and he said (again, on the radio) that unless he received a letter to his store personally from Marvel/Diamond before they opened, he was going to sell them that day. The audacity of going on the radio and announcing to thousands of listeners (most of which couldn’t care less actually) that he planned to break the rules and sell on the same day as #0 knowing he wasn’t supposed to is just baffling. The store I use (the owner is a MUCH nicer fella) didn’t get any #1s and he wouldn’t have sold them even if he did.
    The store breaking the rules (I know people that did go there and buy a copy) was Marvels and Legends in Cape Girardeau MO. I figure if he can go on the radio and blatantly advertise that he is breaking the rules, he shouldn’t mind that someone posts that info on the internets.
    And no, this isn’t sour grapes because I didn’t get one, I could have just gone down there and bought one if I wanted it that badly, but I think it would be nice if Diamond/marvel actually took some action on those knowingly breaking the rules maybe stores with less than reputable practices might actually think a bit more before breaking those rules.

    • Snitches get stitches!

      Just kidding. My store had it out and I was confused. I’m pretty sure they were confused and did nothing malicious. By next Wednesday it will all be a moot point anyway.

  59. Also, on the actual topic, AvX #0 wasn’t that bad. As a recent returner to reading comics (the new 52 dragged me in) and not reading any Avengers books (although I do read most of the X Men stuff) was pretty good actually. Since they have been printing those same 4 pages from the book in the back of virtually every X book for the past month or two (and I would guess maybe a similar 4 pages from part of the Avengers part of the story in Avengers books) it did have a little bit of a ‘hey, I already read this!’ feel. I wish they would maybe just include some sketches and a bit of text hyping it instead of printing several actual pages of the books. Would lessen that I’ve already read this aspect a bit.
    Marvel isn’t the only one that does this though, DC is just as bad, but they tend to do it with graphic novels (that Christmasy Batman book they were pushing in every book for a bit comes to mind) but at least that was a few pages of a much bigger book, rather than 4 out of 20 or 30 (maybe 8 if they were doing the Avengers part in the Avengers books like I assume they did.) I can appreciate what they were trying to do, but they could hype it with less actual ‘lets just preprint half of the book’

  60. I just Gota say guys, Aprils gonna Kick Ass.
    Great time to be a comic fan.

  61. This was a fun read, with beautiful art. Even while reading Children’s Crusade, I never predicted how much I’d enjoy seeing Wanda again; and the Hope Summers character (and her potential connection to the Phoenix Force) is also quite engaging. I have a real good feeling about this AvsX event – I think it’s going to kick ass!

  62. This one didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. I stand with the Avengers!!!!

  63. Decent read, though I feel The Vision’s portrayal by Bendis is off. I can more easily see him wanting to speak with Wanda alone than out in the open, but I will go with it as written.

    My LCS had issue 1 and the owner displayed it next to issue 0, so I guess he got permission to sell both. Issue 1 had some nice moments, but we’ve seen half of it in preview pages already.

    The “AR” box in some panels really bugs me, though.

  64. Not bad!, all but stopped reading Marvels books but I thought I’d give this a go, so far not disapointed!. What’s the point of the spin-off book with extended fight scenes though?, pointless if you ask me!.

  65. I stand with the X-Men!… according to the neat little fold up poster I got when I bought this issue.

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