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  1. Is this good?

  2. I wasn’t that into the first one. Mainly because there was like four times too much spidey dialogue and it was all pretty bad. I’m probably not going to pick this up unless someone tells me that this issue was really good.

  3. It is brilliant … I can’t wait for this issue.  I’d much rather be reading this then Secret Invasion.

  4. Is it good?  It’s not… bad.

  5. ^^I thin that answers my question.

  6. It seems like there are so many "events" going on in Marvel and DC books that I am getting a headache!! Somebody pass me a Goody’s powder!! I know that it sounds like I am complaining, but I am really enjoying all the goodness that is in comics currently, but does anyone think that all these event books, that in most cases requires a past knowledge of the comics universe to really enjoy the stories, is a turn off to new readers? Being a avid comic readers for the last thirty years, it is no problem for me, but I can see where it would be hard for  new readers to say pick up Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, or the excellent Captain America and really get what’s happening. Or maybe not necessarily get whats happening, but more so appreciate it.  Any thoughts??

  7. Dee-ropped. I find the continuity hoops I have to jump through with this too annoying. Yep, I LIKE continuity and it does matter to me.

  8. Oh I can totally see that Booster.  BUT I’m not sure you can loop this excellent story in with all those other events as it’s all self contained and the only knowledge you really need is that old heroes meet new heroes.  Sure, you might not pick up on every nuance and ramification every old meets new meeting creates, but it won’t take away from the book or make it hard to understand.

  9. This hit the same week that Secret Invation started. I’ve still got several of the Secret Invasion books and tie in’s since then but I had more fun reading this and the Invincible Iron Man that week then Secret Invasion.  Get this book. Stick with it for a few more issues and see where it goes. 

  10. To further the "is it good?" conversation… It’s decent, but it suffers from several problems:

    1) timing – why release a maxi-series like this in the middle of a much bigger event (i.e., Civil War)?

    2) plausibility – time-travel is always a bit delicate, but after two issues it would be nice to have some idea why these two teams are encountering each other. Moreover, by the time the 12 issues have completed, it is likely that the Marvel U. will be a totally different place. Where does this book fit in?

     3) relevance – I love the Marvel stories of the ’40’s, and I applaud the effort to update the characters with a modern sensibility. Still, after 12 books, are we going to think that any of this matters in the rich history of the Marvel U?


  11. 1)  I agree Coltrane68 it is a little odd.  But since we’re buying it I guess it wasn’t too much of a problem.  Still I can see it hurting some sales.

    2) In my opinion it doesn’t really have to ‘fit’ anywhere.  I mean this all could have happened one day before the whole Skrull thing blew up.  But for me I don’t really need to see where this fits in to any timeline.  If Continuity gets in the way of a good story….  ditch the continuity,

      Also when it comes to comic books I’m always very leery of throwing around the word ‘plausible’ I mean really, in the Marvel Universe almost anything is plausible. As for why they travelled in time?  From the way I read it he Nazis were up to some time experiment and the Invaders got caught in it.  It worked for me anyhow.  However there is a chance that it will play out much more later in the story.

    3) This it doesn’t matter thing is popping up a lot.  Does every story have to have continuity altering consequences to ‘matter’?  I really don’t understand this line of thinking that something is somehow lesser in quality because some character didn’t die or nothing is felt across the entire comic universe.  If this is true than there are FAR more bad books that mattered then great books that don’t matter.  Not saying it should be relevant to you Coltrane… just expaining how I see it.

  12. I agree that it isn’t bad, but I can’t say that it is good either.  It is very uneven.  The axe was cool.

    What Bucky did to his arm was interesting.  It seems like this series may be a "why Bucky is a fitting replacement for Captain America" series.

  13. Im enjoying it but its not blowing me away. Its ok the art is a problem for me im just not that into it.

  14. This somehow made it into my stack this week. I didn’t read the first one, but I just read this and, well, I gotta say…I haven’t read a worse book in a long, long times.  The dialog is horrible, the art is mediocre at best andthe civil war tie-ins are waaaaaay over played. We get it. Tony Stark feels guilty.

  15. Its got the Invaders in it, therefore I’m buying it.

    I just reread #1 and then #2 right after.  It was better than when I just read #1 when it came out. I would imagine, like a lot of comics these days, this will read better in the trade as one complete story, rather than broken up in to single issues.

  16. I want to like this book, I really do. I loved the old Invaders series. I pick-up back issues anytime I come across them. But this book just isn’t good. The dialog is terrible, the continuity holes bug the hell outta me, and I just don’t even buy into the Secret Avengers having to set the Invaders free. I’m really questioning whether I’m going to continue with this one.

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