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  1. I’m a big fan of Gage’s so I hope this comic sticks around for awhile to let new story ideas play out.

  2. Well, your hope is well founded!  The numbers on Avengers: The Initiative are pretty freakin’ high, especially considering the lack of "major heroes" in the book.  Even though this title features our favorite B-listers, it is hanging with the A-listers in sales–last month it beat Deadpool, Daredevil, Thunderbolts, and Punisher. AND it almost beat out Superman too!

    Get the numbers here: http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2009/2009-01.html

  3. perhaps the success of this book is because of all the B-listers that help this book.  i bet if there was a reguler A char that the book would not do so well.

  4. what absolute crap this book is!  how is the "house of ideas" not understanding that it’s time to pull the plug on this book, the new warriors, the artist Ramos, why keep publishing a book that so obviously sucks this hard?  too many Avengers titles when there are only 2 Avengers teams right now.

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