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  1. I’m excited to see which Avenger it is.

  2. @cman12

    I’m excited about pretty much ALL the teases in this solicitation! In fact this is the most excited I’ve ever been for this title; It has everything I could ask for to be in this series.

  3. I like that cover.

  4. Bring on more Kill Crew!

  5. I love this book.  It has always been a great read.  As oppose to the other Avengers books which really only picked up steam when Secret Invasion started.  Also I have been waiting to find out who the hell Mutant Zero is ever since they introduced her.  Hope they get around to that some time soon.

  6. @drakedangerz:

    I’m really going to have to disagree with you (I think many others will too) regarding the other Avengers books getting better with Secret Invasion. If anything, Secret Invasion has plunged them into a quagmire of countless flashbacks and explanations… I anticipated Secret Invasion more than anyone, however I keep wishing that I could have the pre-SI New Avengers team/vibe back.

  7. There are alot of possibilities that can be explored within this book, which makes it great. The introduction of new characters is easy and encouraged in a book like this, and the concept of a superhero boot camp is a good starting point for a whole bunch of ideas.

  8. @goat77

     You’re entitled to think that, s’cool.  I can’t remember every enjoying an issue of Mighty before S.I., but whatever.  All I really meant by my post was that Initiative has been great through out its whole run.  Even the WWH tie-ins were tons of fun!  The sheer fact that you don’t like either of the other two Avengers books at the moment further validates my statement.

  9. @drakedangerz

    Hey I agree with you 100% about the initiative. No matter what the event, it’s always consistent and fun.

  10. Great cover. I’m surprised at how much I like this book.

  11. Three cheers for The Initiative!!!  Bring back Butterball!

  12. What are the Mutant Zero guesses–good looking red head with TK powers?  Mad Pryor?

  13. OK, someone has pointed out to me that Typhoid Mary has the pre-requisite powers and red hair and could easily hate and fear herself…

  14. The obvious one they want you to guess is Jean, but that would be kinda weak.  Maybe they could get away with saying she was ressurected after M Day…but still weak sauce.  Mad Pryor would make sense, but looks like they might be bringing her back in Uncanny, although thats up for debate as well.  I really don’t know for sures.  Can’t wait to find out!!

  15. There is no way is Jean – clearly thats what they want us to think, but it can’t be her. Is Typhoid Mary even a mutant?

  16. I have no idea–I read the old DD and I don’t think it was ever explained what the source of her powers is.

  17. She is supposed to be a lowgrade telepath, has some TK, used swords, and has read hair.  If they decided to make her a mutant, her secret status would make sense, as she would have been under the radar for years.  Also, with a split personality, she could definitely fear herself.


    Mad Pryor and Jean seem like what they want you to think, but I don’t think they are ready to bring one of them back in a non-X book. 

  18. Well, Slott said waaaaay back on an ign comics interview, that Mutant Zero will be a mutant that everyone will recognize, even those with very limited mutant knowledge.  Whether they are sticking to that, we have to wait and see.

  19. This book had the best use of Ant-Man I have come across so far.

  20. Calling it now: Angelica Jones, Firestar, who last we had seen during Civil War: Frontline, had given up adventuring. Or did she? Dum dum dum!

  21. What blonde was the Queen talking about?

    This book could have been better. But i love to see the other heroes come together and taking out the Skrulls. Next time Cloud 9.

  22. Mutant Zero is either Jean, Mad Pryor, or, (anybody consider this one?) Scarlet Witch. Reality altering powers, mutant, crazy, and has other "unknown" powers exhibited previously. Maybe she was found after the events of New Avengers and recruited. The red hair may be just to throw us off. Maybe.

  23. I don’t know, I was in a foul mood when I read this…. but thought it was a waist of money. Iguess I’ll give it another look. maybe I’m missing something ’cause everyone else on this board seems to totally like it. I mmissed a few issues, and I’m not a huge fan of the story tellying by the artist. Where did the old artest go? And goes Slott have a diretion to this book I’m missing? Some mystery Mutant Zero. I’m lost on this one, but only buy it randomly. 

  24. @visionGX: Either Thor Girl or Ultragirl. I’m betting on Thor Girl.

  25. @NeoAp:  Firestar has microwave powers and flies.  No TK or telepathy.  Slott had better nto even try that crap.

  26. @TheSeanFromLaramie

    Hmmm, Scarlet Witch…I never even thought of her.  I was looking at all my old X-men Knowledge.  It makes more sense that it is indeed her.  

  27. With Slott being up front saying that Mutant Zero is someone even non-comic nerds would know about, I’m going to put my money on Jean Grey.  The "dark side" comment, the visual clues, et al.

    Maybe Jean Grey is split in twain?  Good half as Mutant Zero, Bad Half as that dominatrix chick in Uncanny at the moment.  Funny that book also got a red-hair tease in a similar fashion to this one.

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