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The Avengers have assembled and the villainous Kang has revealed that they must travel to the future to save their own children from destroying the universe! Yes, the entire universe. But it will take one more Avenger to make the trip complete. Who is the newest hero to join the ranks of the Avengers true? And why is the once-great hero Wonder Man hell-bent on stopping the Avengers at every turn? Backup feature: Another brand new oral history of the Avengers chapter by Bendis!

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
PENCILS: John Romita JR.
COVER BY: John Romita JR.

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 31.0%


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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Interesting to see where this book will go, especially with Kang’s lackey turn last issue. Bring it on.

  2. The first issue was fun.  Don’t have much Avengers knowledge outside of Young Avengers, so glad to see a familiar face.

  3. Huge fan of Wonder Man hope they do not give him the villian treatment. He is truly one of the best Avengers ever!

  4. I really dug last issue. Not worth keeping up with for $4 a month, but I’ll definitely pick up the trade if it continues to be strong.

  5. Not really into the way this book is tied to the Next Avengers animated dvd as I thought that was the worst of the animated dvds that Marvel has released in the last several years…but I still have high hopes that Bendis and Romita Jr. will still put out a really entertaining read. 

  6. @OttoBott What are you going to do when ALL comics go up to four bucks?  Marvel made the mistake of raising the price of some of the books by a buck rather than all their books by twenty five or fifty cents.  It was going to get to four dollars eventually hell even DC is jumping in on the bandwagon.

  7. @misterckent – You’re probably going to learn more about the Avengers, now that you’re part of the team. 🙂

  8. @Damon – I’ll stop buying monthlies. I’m a big believer in voting with dollars, and $4 bucks for 20 pages isn’t worth it to me. Especially when I’ll get more rereading for my buck in trade format.

  9. @OttoBott  What are you going to do when they raise the price of trades? Would you have paid $3.50 if the whole line went to that instead of $4?  I’m just wondering where your line is or I guess was.

  10. I wonder if people realize that as soon as we stop arguing about comics being $4, and just accept that every single commodity ever created increases in price as time passes, that they will be moving up to $4.50. 

  11. @Damon – I would keep a much less cutthroat pull list with a $3.50 price tag. Unless I truly fear for the books survival or it’s euphorically good, I’ll drop the $4 book and leave it for the trades. 

    The price of trades have already jumped 2 bucks (generally they used to be around $12, now they’re $14) and it looks like we’re getting 5 issue trades nowadays. It still breaks down to $2.80 an issue though, I can read multiple times with easy accessibility and no ads. Plus I can resell trades at near-or-at their price value on Amazon; can’t really do that with single issues. Trades are just the better deal in a $3.99 world.

  12. in addition to price, this comic will feature art and a story!

  13. Trades existing at all of course being predicted on single issues of books selling well.

  14. Giving it one more issue to get me to fall in love with it.

  15. @ TexasZombie, I’m with you on the whole Next Avengers thing. I could do without them. This was Actually my least favorite of all the avengers relaunchs (and I didn’t read avengers academy so I’m not counting it at all). JRJR seems like a really nice guy, but his art just isn’t for me.

  16. Also going with one more issue to grab me for issues. If it doesn’t I’ll probably get the trades as Bendis always reads so much better in collected form.

    I know we all get tired of the $4 bitching and that all comics will be $4 within a few years, so enough with whining, right? On the other hand, I definitely cut borderline books that are $4 and keep borderline books that are cheaper. It is part of the decision process, weighing value. I am not on some sort of crusade to send Marvel a message, I just try to make my limited comic book dollar spread as far as possible. Avengers right now is definitely on the cut list and if it were $3 it would get a longer look. What will I do when all books are finally $4? Unless my personal income has risen 33%, I will buy less books.

  17. @AmirCat… I AM and Avenger

  18. @buddy I really liked 1 but it was still my second least favorite and I bought them all! I will say i was REALLY pleasently surprised by academy, had no expectations and it was good comics! What a great relaunch overall!

  19. @Blackpheonix – Agreed.  Love Simon Williams.  Too bad he’s not teamed up with Beast.

  20. this is gonna be fun.

  21. really dont get the love for Wonder Man. He has been nothing but lame for me since I sarted reading comics over about 15 years ago. Terrible costume, although he seems to have dropped the jacket, boring character and I really dont get his powers. I would love him to turn into a villain and just get annihillated by Thor or Ms Marvel.

  22. WHy, he is filled with "Ionic" energy. I can only assume more than the ions I get by mixing salt into water.

  23. Cant the whole future kids problem be solved by simply not having kids?

    Dont really get why this is such a big problem for them

  24. Incredibledave hates fun.

  25. @har13quin – Gotta go back farther to get Wonder Man.  (See Avengers #211, Avengers Annual #10, or John Byrne’s West Coast Avengers.)  As for being a bad guy, been there done that.  He started bad.  Just wish someone would write him well.

  26. @incredibledave’s solution is so simple and yet…so elegant.

  27. @OttoBott – If Bendis keeps writing it, the team will just stand around talking.  Problem solved.

  28. I love New Avengers, I mean Avenger Prime. I mean,… I have no idea how these guys are taking care of these problems while being on seven different teams. Spider-man and Wolverine must be clone to be in some many books. Wolverine is in the future (second coming) in the past (asthonishing) and present on two avengers teams and going about in his own adventure. Maybe Wolverine and SPider-man can take care of the oil spill too.

  29. POTW for me, another fun reveal at the end with another semi-addition.  Every time I read this book I just smile because it is fun to read and pretty to look at. 

  30. This book is garbage. They are trying to do way too much and introduce too many characters. I liked the inclusion of Marvel Boy/Protector but as the issue went on I found he is the only character I liked in the whole book. Stark is back to his asshole self. Timelost Bucky is just getting annoying now, Spidy and Wolverine are just there to sell more copies and the art is just terrible.And is Tony Stark’s brain from way back before Illuminati? He should know Marvel Boy. 

     I know people will disagree with me but this book is dropped. 

  31. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This book is sooooo much fun! Probably my favorite of the current line, with Avengers Academy in second place. 

  32. @ PaulM

    I second that

  33. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. The art just doesnt fit. The story is horrible. Big disappointment #1 and 2.


  34. @incredibledave: won’t work. the children are already wrecking havoc. in their timeline, the future is happening now.

  35. I thought this was bad. Tony Stark still has incredible wealth despite being poor in his own title, the Avengers sit around eating pizza (Wolverine was playing with Spider-Woman’s hair?) and Wonder Man is becoming the new Sentry.

    I liked the comment about the Avengers not having kids to solve the problem more than this issue. 

  36. why… so… cheeky?

  37. this kicked ass!  it’s every good thing about Bendis, every good thing about JRJR, every good thing about the Avengers, and every good thing about Marvel Comics all in one book.

  38. I like this book. It is a lot of fun, but the art still doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not saying he is a bad artist, I just don’t like the style.

  39. I cant beleive not one person has said how awesome that 2 page splash was of the future marvel

  40. did anybody else notice how wonder man has long hair on the cover but a shaved head in the story? stuff like that bothers me.

  41. I really enjoyed this issue. I like Noh-varr, but he has a dorky costume. 😉 4/5 for me.

    Also, how has no mentioned that Wolverine was curling Spider-Woman’s hair in that one panel? I love the little relationship Bendis has been creating for them.  

  42. This was an awesome issue. That page with all of them working together on the time machine was perfect.

  43. the only thing wrong with this is the inking.

  44. @hexsas: Maybe he got an ionic hair cut?

  45. Fun issue. I’ve always liked time travel stories in the Marvel U. If you take one second to really think about them though, you realize they don’t make a lick of sense but they can be fun. Again Dean White’s coloring makes JRJR’s ugly faces easier on the eyes. And I agree with the above commenter, I never liked Janson’s inks on JRJR. Tom Palmer is a better fit. Especially on a superhero book like this one. Also, I can see the tribute in Noh-Varr’s costume to the original Captain Marvel Kree uniform/costume, but it’s ugly as sin.

  46. I liked the 1st issue, but this was 10 times better!

  47. @ProjectX2  Tony still has all his old stark tech just no assets really. He can’t sell all his stark tech in avengers tower because he’s not that guy anymore. so while he might have a lot of computers to figure things out he doesn’t have any money really

  48. This issue was a bit of a disappointment for me. For one, I’m not big on Romita’s art, so I dont like that so much. Also this whole book seems a bit rushed. Especially the Wonder Man bit, which seemed not only rushed but out of place. Each of these storylines could be good, if Bendis would take the time to tell each of them, and not mash them into one. I did however enjoy the last page as well as the possible futures page.

  49. Pull for Wonder Man. I’d much rather see him on a team over Luke Cage and Wolverine.

  50. Now why exactly was Wolverine twirling Spider-Woman’s hair like spaghetti [in the machine construction panel]?

  51. Dropped. I’m sure there will be other places to get my avengers on, but this is not the place for me. 

  52. (4/5) I really wanted to drop this, but JR JR is growing on me.  I’m kinda glad they’re going somewhere completely different from the past several years and most imporantly to me, ITS FUN!

    Can anyone answer me why Tony doesn’t know Noh Varr?  Didn’t they meet several times and a long talk during an issue of Avengers Illuminati (also written by Bendis I believe)?

  53. I just could not wade through the Bendis dialog this issue. Really not enjoying the character interactions in this. The only saving grace is the amazing artwork.

  54. I completely agree Jaque the psuedo West Wing dialog is annoying at best and unreadable most of the time.

  55. I love double JR, but so far I have not found his style to be gelling well with the Avengers story Bendis likes to tell. JRJR has a strong cartoonish-ness that looks weird when people are talking like a Tarantino movie (sans serious swearing, of course). Bendis likes to ground his super-people in our world, have them say things like you or I would say when confronted with the outrageous stuff (Joss Whedon has a similar writing style). Somehow, cartoon Thor doesn’t belong there. I think Bendis and JRJR are a bad match, at least so far.

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