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• The greatest heroes in comics together on one unbeatable team!

• Now shipping twice a month, the Avengers “go large,” expanding their roster and their sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level.

• When Captain America puts out his call – who will answer? Big threats, big ideas, big idealism – these are the Avengers NOW!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jerome Opena
Colors by Dean White
Cover by Dustin Weaver, Esad Ribic, & John Romita Jr.

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. After a phenomenal first issue I am really super-excited for this, pretty much have been counting the days!

    • After a let down first issue, I am really super relieved to pass on this issue, pretty much been not caring about the days =D

    • Let down first issue?!?! Are you freaking crazy?!? The first issue was amazing! What didn’t you like about it?

    • I have to agree with USPUNX it was amazing, but if it’s not for you fair do’s!

    • Opena’s art was all all over the place, most likely because of Marvel’s ridiculous double/triple/quadruple ship the sh!t out of everything policy now so maybe he can’t keep up to that pace and give good results. And the fact I’ve never really been the biggest fan of his art.

      Hickman just didn’t draw me in. I felt the dialogue was flat and the story, while an enlarging concept, was dull.

      When I was reading it, I can remember actually wondering when the issue was going to end, while at the same time relatively enjoying one page or panel of art then thinking, “What the hell happened?” on the next page as the art lost all of its lustre.

    • Hickman is definitely a grower not a shower (Ha!) so if you’re new to his stuff and don’t really know his style I’d recommend you give him 2-3 issues to really flesh his ideas out. I’ve never been disappointed with his stuff. The only reason I bought this comic, even knowing it is double shipping AND is linked to New Avengers, is because Hickman’s name is on the front and he has truly never disappointed me with one of his comics.

    • I’ve read a bunch of Hickman’s stuff and I like his independent work better. Red Wing, Secret and Manhattan Projects in particular. I grabbed his f4 in trades and tried his ff and (I know I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for this =D ) but ended up cancelling ff and while enjoying f4, I was not blown away by it. This seems like it will be the same for me with his Avengers stuff. Probably better as a trade, which should be out any day now with the way Marvel ships books now =D.

    • Yeah I agree his creator owned stuff is better but I have really enjoyed his Marvel work. Shield, Fantastic Four, and FF were really good, not great but really good, but Secret Warriors is one of the best big two comics I have ever read. Its almost as if Marvel just said, “do your own crazy thing but do it in our universe.” And I loved it. But I see where you’re coming from. That said, I think you’ll regret not trying this…!!!!

    • I’m loving Avengers with the new roster, and Secret Warriors was the best Nick Fury story ever, and the best work of Hickman’s career so far in my opinion.

  2. I’ve tried to read Avengers in the past, but this was the first issue that really hooked me. Tons of people I don’t know? Many, but still doesn’t matter.

  3. Stupid Hickman. Making me buy all these comics. Wink;)

    Still pulling off the racks for the first arc or two.

  4. I have a confession to make – I actually have never bought an Avengers comic before this one.

  5. Despite not loving the first issue, I’m still excited for this one to come out. Looking forward to learning more about the new additions to the roster.

  6. Only have a few nitpicks. I didn’t like that the contents page went to pains to list the movie Avengers as the core team members. Marvel really bends over backwards to attract non-comics readers, and I have to see proof that it works.

    Second problem I had was Hyperion’s outfit. It’s fairly classic, and I guess I can live with the change from red to black — and the switch from the classic atom insignia to the radiation insignia — but why isn’t it on his chest — where it has always been (and makes more sense aesthetically)?

    Overall, I enjoyed the big villains and artwork — much moreso than the first two issues of Uncanny Avengers combined.

  7. Subscribed.

    Don’t let me down, Hickman!

  8. Really liked the first issue but didn’t fall in love with it. Though the Hickman infographics made it something to remember. Still, I remember his FF run started of a bit slowly so I imagine this will pick up soon enough.

    • I feel a lot of his comics start slow but build, even in 4 issue minis, to a great peak. I really enjoy that a mainstream writer can get away with a slow burn. It worked on FF when no one was paying attention, at least at first, I hope it can work on a book this big.

  9. I find Hickman’s writing to be cold – more cerebral than fun. AVENGERS #1 reinforced that. But maybe I’ll give him yet another chance?

  10. So apparently the first issue was great, good, okay, and bad all at once. You guys sure send mixed messages!

    • It was a truly awesome first issue, exactly what I’d hoped for from the mighty Hickman, but it was never going to please any one who was a fan of Bendis’ run!

    • Well, different people have different tastes and opinions, right? Some people enjoy more story-focused, epic tales, while some prefer fun tales that rotate around character, and so on and so forth. Not everyone’s going to feel the same about things.
      Honestly, considering the amount of people who picked up the first issue, it’s no wonder we’re hearing so many different points of view.

  11. Hey guys, quick question. Got my bro his first comic, the first issue of avengers and he loved it, he’s going to be pick em up from now on.

    Was gonna pick him up an old (by old I mean last 10-15 years) Avengers run for xmas. He’s 15 so what are the best stories you guys would recommend?

    • Honestly, not many avengers runs I’d reccomendes personally! Hickman’s first issue feels very different from ‘classic’ avengers stories.
      But there is one GREAT collection of Avengers stories!
      I’d actually go with the trade of warren Ellis’ Secret Avengers. Six one and done stories, each with STELLER artists. Seriously a perfect collection to get someone who likes the heady sci-to element of Hickman.
      The one and done nature of each issue also makes it very accessible.

    • Kurt Busiek and George Perez’s run back in the late 90’s was spectacular, especially the Ultron Unlimited arc. Beyond that, the first year or so of Bendis’ run is pretty darn good. I also recommend a lot of the Byrne-era West Coast Avengers stuff.

  12. I liked the first issue of this well enough to keep reading. It wasn’t insanely good on a mind-blowing scale or anything of that sort, but it was promising, and it made me want to read more.
    My friend who I showed the issue to, on the other hand, thought it was absolutely brilliant, and demanded that I buy the next issue so she could read it.
    Either way, I’m looking forward to this issue, especially if it means seeing the new team in action!

  13. Yay! i like my Avengers Bendis free…looking forward to this issue tomorrow!

  14. This was good I liked a lot but a little slow, so really they should’ve released a double-sized 1st issue, otherwise it does mean a lot is going too have to happen next issue, unless this story doesn’t fully conclude in #3?

    Otherwise the art was miles better than the first issue Opeña really showing his masterful abilities!

  15. I think Hickman is a writer whose craft has benefitted greatly from his contracted marvel work.
    He’s always been A+ on the big ideas but his creator owned characters were flat and his stories felt heartless as a result (still awesome in many ways though, mind you)
    But working with established characters and bending his mad genius around those strong characters seems to have affected his own creator owned storytelling for the better (see: Manhatten Projects)
    And I expect some of that stronger character work to present itself in these Avengers stories too.
    For now, #1 was an epic prologue in my book. Can’t wait to really dive in in the coming issues.
    I fully trust Hickman and his absurdly talented roster of artists.

  16. This was great, enjoying the team coming together. When we get some real action this is going to be amazing. The art work was unbelievable some of his best, having followed Opena’s work for sometime I defiantly think this is his best yet.

  17. Had to get a re-order of the first issue, but I’m on board now. Looking forward to this.

  18. I wasn’t that impressed with issue 1 – like some others, i found it to be cold and emotionless…the opposite of what I enjoyed with his F4 run which was a ton of heart mixed in with the sci fi. That said, the second issue was a lot more engaging! I could see this being my POTW depending on how the rest of my stack goes…

  19. Oh fuck it, I’ve re-read this along with issue 1 again & damn this is good, I was gonna give my POTW to either Hawkeye or JSA but this so deserve it. I wonder next month if I’ll be giving Hickman POTW for all his Avengers titles, imagine that a whole month for one writer?!

  20. OMG, guys- Thor, Hulk and Iron Man are all being held captive by someone immensely powerful! Quick, let’s recruit… Jessica Drew and Shang Chi? Really?

    • Yep, that’s the best way to build up those characters in the esteem of readers.

    • Well, they also got Hyperion, Smasher, and Captain Universe, who, even though we didn’t see them being recruited, were in the final panel of this issue. So it’s not like they have no heavy hitters whatsoever.

    • Yup….and like 12 other dudes.

    • Or, those two events could happen in the opposite order. Nice try though

    • Yeah, they have plenty of heavy hitters. No argument there. Just seems like the recruiting of characters like this kinda goes against the whole new mantra of there are huge threats, everything keeps escalating and we need to think bigger. Are more street level characters the answer to this?

      Doesn’t matter what order these events happen in, even if you lump these two characters into the “support structure” side of things that Steve mentions, are a character (Jessica) that people have had endless trust issues with and a character (Shang Chi) who has no deep Avenger roots at all good choices?

  21. This is comic book crack for me. Can’t get enough.

  22. Beer, Money and Bird seed. all you need to build a great team.

  23. I wonder if this will be Amazing Spider-Man or Superior Spider-Man? Acts like Amazing but that wouldn’t make sense.

  24. Loved this. I’m only halfway through my stack but this is probably my POTW. Looking forward to the confrontation next issue.

  25. Crap! Just realized I forgot to buy this on Wednesday.

  26. I was going to buy this until I flipped through it at my LCs and discovered that there weren’t many charts and graphs in it. There was a lot of colorful blotching and floating text bubbles, but no SPREADSHEET! How am I supposed to keep track of what’s going on without at least a powerpoint presentation? Sheesh!

  27. Got this in the mail by subscription already!

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