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• Deep in space, the Avengers join the Council of Worlds as they declare war on their cosmic invaders.

• The rebirth of the Skrull Empire.

• The first encounter with the Builders.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Leinil Yu
Cover by Leinil Yu

Price: $3.99
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  1. I may take some heat for this question, but you gotta forgive me, I’m relatively new to the Marvel Universe…..

    … I thought the black Nick Fury was only in The Ultimate Universe? How come there are two Nick Fury’s in the 616 Universe? How did the “Sam Jackson” Fury end up here AND in The Ultimate world?

  2. You did it Marvel. You found a way to get me back on Avengers and New Avengers. Bravo.
    That sounds like sarcasm but really I’m excited to be back!

  3. Is this just a tie-in or necessary to understand the basic plot of infinity? Because I only wanted to buy the core books.

    • Well, Avengers and New Avengers are on Hickman’s Infinity checklist infographic:

      But they’re each on separate branches off the main series so I think you’d be okay to skip it. On top of that, I thought Infinity #1 did a good job doling out the necessary exposition for anyone not fully vested in what’s come before.

      But on the other hand, there are lots of books tying in that *aren’t* on that checklist, and seeing as Avengers and New Avengers are both Hickman books, they’re likely to be more integral than Thunderbolts or Captain Marvel, I guess.

      So I guess you might just have to man-up and take a risk, dude! It’ll be okay!

    • If you don’t want to buy it you don’t have to. I don’t think it essential. I was actually going to drop these for the remainder of Infinity but I decided to stay on from the start and see if it adds any layers to the book. If it starts to feel unnecessary I’ll probably drop it and pick it up again once the series is over.

    • Thanks to both of you. I’m actually not that into Hickaman stuff but I read Nova and saw that it will have 2 tie-in issues with Infinity. So I gave Infinity #1 a shot and really enjoyed it. I guess I’ll try to read only the core books for now and in the worst case I pick up Avengers later.

    • Yeah if you not into Hickman then it’s probably not worth buying the Avengers books. I think there better then most people but it’s not the best Hickman there is anyway so it’s not a huge loss.

    • Oh no! @KenOchalek, that handy, helpful graphic makes me want to stick around until Avengers #24 and New Avengers #12, which was my original plan, to give Hickman a full year to do his thing.

      Curse you and your friendly helpfulness!


    • @player1: Haha, the thing that graphic makes me do is wonder why New Avengers 11 and 12 are positioned so differently. Maybe some Avengers are lost in space in issue 11, hence the distance from the main line of the Infinity? And 12 is right on the surface of that planet graphic… maybe Infinity is leading us to some new world (maybe literally) and New Avengers 12 is our first look at the new status quo of that world.

      In fact, assuming the alternate Earth incursions happening in New Avengers, I wonder if moving everything and everyone to a new Earth plays a part in the climax to Infinity.

      (This is why I LOVE Hickman’s infographics…. so much fun speculation! I still can’t wait to find out who fills in the remaining spots on the outer rings of the Avengers Machine Wheel graphic. Presumably, Ex Nihilo, Abyss, Starbrand and Nightmask make up a few of them, but I believe there are still a couple spots open.)

  4. I’ve been meaning to drop just about everything for a while now.

    I’m thinking that this Infinity event is the perfect point at which to just about stop buying altogether.

    I can always catch up later by reading the public library’s copy.

    Down from around 40 titles to a solid 15, and now down to 10, total, all formats: floppy, trade, and digital.

  5. Yeah now we talking about the good shit, Infinity #1 was totally rude & now we continue in Avengers which I’m loving & then next week we get New Avengers tie-in too!

    Plus we get Leinil Francis Yu on interiors & the images of the Council of Worlds looks pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

    • So far at this very early point in the story the Infinity everything is fucking awesome. Hickman rules

    • That he does brother, he as we would say over here in good old England is the dogs bollocks!

      This was a phenomenally great issue that was even better than Infinity #1 (in my whole-hearted opinion) therefore it nails the pick of the week for me by a country mile!

  6. I’m thinking this is going to be ‘THE’ book to look forward too this week. Infinity #1 was a great start to the event and I gotta imagine this (and New Avengers) are going to be essential since Hickman is writing them all. That and we have Leinil Yu as artist? Money in the bank.

  7. Infinity #1 was great. So pleased that I convinced myself not to drop Avengers / New Avengers. I think I’ll be on these titles till Hickman leaves now.

    Don’t think I’ll bother with any of the other tie-ins ‘cept maybe Avengers Assemble and Captain Marvel.

  8. Am I going to be lost reading Avengers now if I’m not picking up the main “Infinity” event issues?

    • You might be alright. The Avengers were only in about 1/4 of Infinity #1, and it wasn’t anything that can’t be easily recapped. However, you might be more lost the deeper we get into the event. I haven’t picked up my books yet, so that’s the best I can do.

    • It’s mostly a space battle. And a damn good one. You’ll be fine.

    • Thanks for the info! I am a little gun-shy about signing up for another major event after death of the family. I mist have spent $100 on tie-ins that were mostly crap 😛

  9. After all the Prelude well-spinning…

    this was awesome! like Lord of the Rings in space!:)

  10. This was a nice continuation of INFINITY. Got a little lost in the beginning with the Skrulls but overall it was a fun read. Love it how Hickman is now putting his stories from Fantastic Four into this event too. The art by Yu was really the big factor in all of this. The spread of the Avengers and various spaceships attacking the Builders was just gorgeous.


  11. I’m really trying to get into The Avengers – since the soft reboot of Marvel Now I’ve been dabbling in this world, and while there have been some hits (uncanny avengers #5 and the first arc of New Avengers) I find myself mostly reading misses with this title.

    This issue left me feeling overwhelmed with a scenario that I guess is suppose to be monumental and dire. but because at no part did I gravitate to a character or felt anything other then ambivalence for these heroes the situation just became spectacle for the eyes.

    STORY – 3
    ART – 5

  12. I LOVED this issue even more than Infinity 1! I felt it really did a great job of setting up a galactic coalition and the sense of impending war very well. Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. The only book I enjoyed more was this weeks issue of Ultimates!

  13. I didnt like this issue very much. I guess because some characters are in spaceships while others are zooming around in classic poses, but it just felt like a huge laser light show.

    The council didnt really collect data or devise much of a strategy. One alien brought up a tactic they already used in a previous war and that was pretty much it.

  14. just a warning, don’t read this in your post-workout rest on the couch. I fell asleep. Twice.

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