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• The Avengers recruit more members to deal with the soon-arriving threat to Earth.

• The Builders enter the Marvel Universe.

• The Finale of the Prelude to INFINITY: Part Four.

Jonathan Hickman
Stefano Caselli
Leinil Francis Yu

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  1. For some reason I think of Sweet Tooth when I see this cover. Damn you Jeff Lemire and antlers!

  2. I would assume that these new recruits are gonna be Nightmask, Starbrand, maybe Ex-Nihilo & Abyss. Unless anyone thinks otherwise?

    This is Infinity month I am pretty excited, since this is actually my first Marvel event & will unless Hickman does more on his own be the only one I get!

  3. Jazzed for Infinity getting here so Hickman can finally start resolving things.

    Also, Ex Nihilo has boobs.

  4. More members? How many are on the team as it is?

  5. I just read and caught up with this and New Avengers in the last few days and it really has me excited about Marvel again, which I haven’t been for a long time.

  6. Delighted that Hickman is back to writing on his own again. Spencer was a bit better than usual on his issues here but some of the dialogue was a bit too much on the nose at times. Plus Yu art is always welcome. Looking forward to Infinity. Hoping that it’ll be something a bit different to the usual events.

  7. Pretty sure this will be my last issue and I’ll be buying it in a few months from the back-issue bins.

  8. Good issue.

    Certainly an interesting team Hickman has going for him with a lot of new characters. We’ll see how that works out in the long haul. But I like the stuff with AIM and Banner was good for a few laughs. Shame about the art being worked on by three different people. At least they changed for different setting so that’s good; plus Rudy and Checchetto didn’t do bad. Just would have been nice to see one constant style going. Oh well.


  9. I feel as if since issues #1 till now has been nothing but a prelude. Good stuff, too many characters and brain can’t handle all those characters in one room. I like the “(mostly) everybody pose” panel in the last page.

  10. JML ( says:

    This run feels like it was a miscalculation from the get-go by Hickman. Everybody always talks about his wacky, elaborate plots and his charts and his graphs, and it seems like he started buying into that hype. But what’s really special about him is all the stuff I feel like he values least about his work: the character moments, the emotions he ends up getting at. I’m missing that here. It’s there in his New Avengers book, so it’s weird.

    Don’t get me wrong. There have been good issues of this book. And maybe once viewed from a distance it will all have meant something. But his Fantastic Four run seemed so driven by character and so much about Reed and Valeria and Franklin’s respective journeys that this just feels a little empty in comparison.

  11. Yeah, I’m finally drifting towards the naysayers on this. At the very least, I’m starting to agree with some of the negative criticisms.

    I know we just had a big fight last issue, but I feel like the large majority of this run has been little more than ominous premonitions. Enough already. Let’s see some of the shit that’s being hinted at. I sincerely hope that Infinity delivers on some the potential epic drama Hickman’s been promising. I’m still invested in the idea of a World Avengers, but my interest is starting to wane.

  12. I’ve always kind of felt like Nick Spencer’s writing was very much like the worst episodes of Lost. It was just generally confusing, didn’t seem to go anywhere, and seemed to revel in confusing the reader. And these last couple of issues, with Spencer co-writing have felt a lot like that, I won’t be disappointed to see him go.

  13. Whoa! Totally didn’t see that coming! I like it and I’ll stick around.

  14. I am growing a touch impatient, but there were times during Hickman’s F4 run where I occasionally couldn’t see the forest for the trees but it all came together amazingly so I give Hickman plenty of leeway. I am still looking forward to Infinity in a big bad way.

  15. Great stuff, really ready for Infinity now!

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