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It won’t take some of the Avengers to fight the madness of fear itself it will take ALL OF THEM!! It’s an Avengers reunion in the ruined streets of New York as Avengers old and new gather to fight the fight no single hero could possibly withstand.

And finally, who on the Avengers will fall in love…for the very first time?! What? We can’t believe it either!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Ed McGuinness,

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Bachalo’s work hasn’t been the same lately, hope he returns to form in this.

  2. More Bachalo?  Sweet.

  3. I love Spider-Woman’s pose on this cover.

  4. Good call that is a pretty cool pose! The art in this series has been pretty darn good in my opinion and the story however; has been lacking at best. The whole Fear Itself needs to end soon it is killing this series. Just saying….



  5. The last issue that Bachalo did was great. While i like JRJR, Bachalo seems to be a good fit for this book.

  6. I’m thinking Bachalo is temporary since he’s drawing Wolverine & the X-Men when that launches

  7. Bachalo’s art has been great lately. Really happy he’s back on for this issue.

  8. Maybe it’s just me but i’m not feeling the interview style talking thing anymore. It was really cool for that one issue when they first did it but now it feels like it really takes away from whats going on. May need to drop this and go back to New Avengers if this style keeps going.

  9. @thompsonlive  I agree the last 2 issues i have really liked the action parts, and the info coming through the interview stuff is interesting, but it seems it could be relayed in a way that wouldnt waste so many pages.

    It seems like they liked writing the oral history of the avengers back up so much they are just writing the current stories like that too, and it just makes it all too slow.

  10. And in the next issue, the Avengers will share their oral history of watching paint dry.  Oh, and Hawkeye and Spider Woman get caught sending mash notes to each other.  Aren’t they just the cutest?

  11. To play devil’s advocate, I quite like the interludes, giving us a bit on insight into the characters and what’s going through their heads in a crazy ass battle, avoiding that delightful folly of having a character deliver a four paragraph monologue in mid-backflip.

    But then, I loved the oral history at the back, so what do I know.

    This was awesome fun.

  12. First off there were some  things i liked about this issue for example the art was AMAZING and the action scenes were very good as well.

     Then there was the fact that this battle meant nothing and added nothing to the already lackluster Fear itself storyline. The way it ended was stupid in my opinion and all it really did other then illustrate how Spider Woman feels about herself, it  made Hawkeye look like a gigiling schoolgirl.

    After reading some of the comments above i think @malloc said it best about the ideas Bendis had with the interludes were good and what we as readers got out of it  i just dont think it was set up and presented the right way.

  13. I loved everything about this issue.

  14. I liked that it gave some of the typically out of the spotlight Avengers a chnace to actually do something, even though in the case of The Protector “do something” meant get knocked out of the fight on two seperate occassions.

  15. Please… enough of the interview crap. 

  16. Bendis was his usual awesome, here, but Bachalo is terrible. His characters look rediculous and his fight scenes STILL look like the incomprehensible garbage he was spewing all over X-Men (before it became Legacy). I literally do not understand what people like about his bullshit anime-esque style.

  17. @TheRealVenom  YES

  18. It’s like watching a TLC show with my wife… ugh

  19. I normally like Bendis but the interview thing is a bad idea.  Having the characters sit on a couch and tell you what happened instead of showing you what happened is, in my opinion, boring in a visual medium like comics.  Show me, don’t tell me.

  20. So while the Hulk is trashing Rio, our ‘heroes’ are hiding in a garage making out.  No need to get in communication with the rest of the team – they can just watch the video recap when you get back.  Absolutely no drama since they are telling us the story as a flashback.  This book makes me hate super hero comics the most.  How long to we have to listen to spider woman whine about NOTHING? 

    “I don’t know why I am here”  – funny neither do I.
    “Why try to do what we do if you dont think you can, at least, at the very least, answer the call when the call is given?”  So you answer calls when the calls are given, not when they arent given.  interesting….PLEASE GO AWAY, there are many superheroes that would love to take your place on the team.

  21. @TheTaken  I agree. Spider-Woman = FAIL. Plus she is making Hawkeye considerably less awesome. Since Ms. Marvel shows up so much in this book anyway, she should just replace Spider-Woman.

  22. Why did Hulk look smaller at the end there? Bachalo your awesome, but you draw weird sometimes, it’s inexplicable. Woulda also liked better if he chose a different color for Protector’s blasters than the same color he used for Spider-Woman’s venom-blasts, that was retarded, as was Protector wasn’t even knocked out, much less dead after getting hit by that flying hammer in the back of the head. That’s a death blow IMO.

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