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As the Avengers are stretched to the breaking point by the events of FEAR ITSELF, prepare for a SURPRISE EVENT too SHOCKING to be revealed here–presaging a change in the ranks!

And we can guarantee you the biggest shake-up in the Avengers roster since AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita Jr.
Cover by Alan Davis

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.9%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. this is one of the three books i’m pulling this week, all of them FI tie-ins. still not feeling as pumped about FI as i was about Seige or CW or even WWH

  2. This book is good… but Fear Itself has failed to entertain so far.  The pacing is all wrong, it’s bad comic book execution.

  3. The problem with Fear Itself is that when faced with the dilemma of overflowing events with useless tie-ins, Marvel decided to pump-up the tie-ins rather than slim down the whole series.  This means that many of the plot points usually found in the main event book are instead left to the Invincible Iron-Men, various Avengers, Defenders, Home-Front, Spider-Man etc titles.  Because of this, the main event book is left as a thin wraith of a book that has so little plot its stupid, and we are expected to buy 50+ tie-ins and mini-series to get the full story.

    On the plus side, the OCD collector in me will have a fun time in the coming months trying to create the perfect FI collection that cuts out all the useless fat (Herc, Homefront) while including all the good and actually important issues (Avengers, Iron-Man, The Deep[?]) 

  4. Still really not feeling Fear Itself, as an Event. The idea that the whole world is cowering in Fear, despite only really showing anything happening in TWO American cities, and a brief glimpse of Brazil? I’m just not convinced.

    This is Marvel’s America! Shit like this happens almost every ther week. What makes Fear Itself different?

    The last time a Marvel Event truly show a proper Global Event was probably House of M. By rights the idea of these hammers falling SHOULD be the perfect opportunity to showcase the whole of Marvel universe. Hammers falling in every main territory of the world. Instead, we have a fairly insular Event which is really only happening in North America but purports to BE the World.

    And I still find it deeply ridiculous that for an Event based on characters from Scandinavian Mythology, no part of this story is actually taking place in any part of Scandinavia…

  5. @theswordisdrawn  Well the god of fear is using his influence to infect the whole world, that’s why everyone is freaking the hell out

  6. @RoiVampire Still not convinved. 

  7. I agree with @theswordisdrawn, FI is a perfect example of why you need to show, not tell.  I don’t feel the impact that I think we’re supposed to feel because I’m not being shown that the world is cowering in fear and is freaking out, I’m just being told that in a few narration bubbles.  

  8. John Romita, Jr. is all I need to hear. His current style drives me nuts. Skipping this!

  9. I love Romita but I was really hoping Bachalo was still drawing this

  10. @Malecema  I’m feeling it and seeing it but maybe that’s cause i’m reading the spider-man and youth in revolt tie ins

  11. Is Fear Itself done yet?  *sigh*

  12. This. Was. Great.

  13. I tagged this as a pull because the Marvel site listed Bachalo as the artist and I thought after the chat fest that was issue 13, Marvel might return to the promise of issue 12.1.  No such luck – I was surprised to see the switch to Romita Jr. even though I generally like his work and he provides some beautifully rendered action sequences.  Unfortunately there isn’t enough action – the problem is that this was another POV chat fest issue from Bendis.  I am really not feeling anything for the Fear Itself story line which makes this a wasted issue in my opinion. Not worth $3.99 this week.  

  14. Yeah, this was easily the best issue of the Bendis/JR JR pairing.
    Just a fantastic issue of awesome Avengers style fun. 

  15. This was really good, even though still not a fan of Red Hulk, keep thinking he’s just General Ross.

    The concept of FI to me is like Marvel’s asking, “What if characters like Thing, Hulk, and Juggernaut have powererful hammers like Thor, but in order for there to be a conflct, there’s a God of Fear responsible for making these guys evil?”  It’s actually a pretty simple concept, so simple it’s come off as generic I guess.

  16. I really enjoyed this, but I have one nit to pick with the Protector:

    Dear Noh-Varr,

    No one pulls off the soul-patch. No one. I’ll buy you a razor if necessary.

    Do the right thing.


  17. LOL Ken!! XD

    Boy, this issue was a blast. I could sit and read Avengers writing a Romita-drawn oral history of the Avengers all day, but the action sequence it was all building toward was a total blast to read.
    Fantastic stuff 🙂 

  18. Well this is pretty much the best thing about Fear Itself so far.  Simple book.  No frills.  Just Thing and Rulk kicking each others asses.  JRJR doing the big action thing.  He’s easily one of my favorite artists.

  19. But WHY is this worse than any other event? They keep saying it but we still don’t really know what has happened do we?

  20. @Firevine  Agreed.  JRJR has arguably the best mind for creating action sequences in the biz.

  21. @ResurrectionFlan  They keep saying that there are riots happening all over the world. in most of the events its pretty localized. CW was america, so was secret invasion for the most part but this one is on a global scale. it’s too bad the main book isn’t really hammering that home

    sorry for the pun, i had to

  22. @RoiVampire  *BWANG* Yeah I get that, but it’s like, what am I supposed to be gleaning from this event so far I guess. I think the hooks they have tried to hang the event on just aren’t catching my fancy.

    Like robonazis blow up the capitol building? We hadn’t seen the capital building.

    Flashpoint has thus far at least delivered some silly WHA..? moments and a sense of fun. Fear Itself feels like it got away from the editors a bit.

    The fugly galic font on everything doesn’t really help me like it also.

  23. This is why Brian M Bendis has helmed the Avengers for so long–he understands the scope of driving a team of giants. Infusing fun and allowing Romita to take the reins of a majority of the book makes this series my Fear Itself

  24. Thought this was a great issue – just the scope and execution of the two big guys fighting was handled and drawn so well.

  25. I loved this book, But pease get rid of John Romita jr not a fan at all. I love sr though

  26. Love the book, love the art.

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