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• A day in the life of the Avengers…in the Savage Land.

• The boys go hunting for dinosaurs and end up catching something else entirely.

• Hyperion and Captain Universe begin the godlike education of the transformed Savage Land children.

Story by Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer
Art by Mike Deodato
Cover by Dustin Weaver & Daniel Acuña

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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    1. Ugg, The Savage Land.

    2. I am relatively new to comics, what is it about the Savage Land that people seem to dislike?

      • Not everyone dislikes The Savage Land – but my abhorrence to it stems from I don’t really like the Idea of a “Land that Time Forgot” type of island. I know this comics and shit but whenever a team or hero travels to the Savage Land I always feel like all the “rules” get thrown out the window.

        It’s pretty much an excuse for artists to draw Dinosaurs fighting Wolverine. It bores me.

      • @ghostmann: YES.

      • Also all the loafing about in Secret Invasion:)

      • I can understand that, it feels a little like a ‘Dream Sequence’ when I have read stories set in the Savage Land.
        Thanks for the help

      • JML ( says:

        I have to agree. Whenever a story goes to the Savage Land I tend to tune out. I think it must be more fun for the writer and artist than the reader because nearly every book seems to get a Savage Land issue eventually.

      • People dislike the Savage Land because everyone eventually goes there and they always fight noble savages or dinosaurs, or both.

    3. Now we can find out more about the zebra-kids!

    4. Great story! Again, still doesn’t feel like a traditional Avengers story.

    5. You just know this isn’t going to end well for the Zebra kids.

    6. Last issue by subscription.

      I’ll eventually read the trades.

    7. So is there someone else in the Captain Universe costume? (I know it’s an entity but not sure how else to phrase the question) Hickman seemed to imply the woman we followed in the Universe issue isn’t in it anymore.

    8. JML ( says:

      Well, whadda ya know. This is the second Hickman Avengers issue in a row that I’ve had almost no complaints about.

    9. Good issue, Deodato’s best (shame about the backgrounds though), a fairly linear story with a nice message and plenty of FF ‘feel’. Good stuff.

    10. I’m not sure this is what people want in an Avengers book…..But I really loved it. Hickman brought a lot to the table when it comes to philosophy and ideals. Thor and Hyperion on parenting and then on life itself was really profound to read. Deodato didn’t get a lot of action in this so you could see some more rough spots then usual. On the whole though this was a pretty damn good read and I would like to see more slow burns like this from Hickman if he has the chance.


    11. I really enjoyed this issue with one exception, every time I read a scene with the “Superior” Spider-Man it takes me right out of the story. It just doesn’t work.

    12. Every issue of this is solid. I love that

    13. Anyone else thing Iron Man, Thor, Hyperion, Captain Universe, etc. could have flown up and saved those kids before they went anywhere?

    14. Anyone else think Iron Man, Thor, Hyperion, Captain Universe, etc. could have flown up and saved those kids before they went anywhere?

      • That was the only problem I had with the whole book. Hyperion is basically Superman, there is no way he wouldn’t save them

    15. I know that some people aren’t into his for one reason or another but as a Hickman fan I haven’t enjoyed Avenges/new Avengers this much for a long time.

      Great issue, and even though the whole thing was set in the savage land I pretty much forgot we were there whilst I was reading this.

    16. Another really solid issue, I am truly loving this series but I am hugely biased & it has given me everything I hoped/expected it would. This was a really close pick of the week!

      Not long until the Infinity ball starts rolling, which I am really looking forward to.

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