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The Infinity Gauntlet is back! And no power on the Earth can stop it! It is sentences like these that made Stan Lee invent the phrase: ‘Nuff Said!! Another pulse-pounding, Earth-shattering chapter from Marvel’s blockbuster superteam of Bendis and Romita Jr!

Plus: Another illustrated chapter of the oral history of the Avengers!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson
Colors by Dean White
Cover by John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson & Dean White

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Oh cool, I’m getting charged a dollar for a $4 book I already bought.

  2. @Slockhart  isn’t this book always 3.99? i think the dollar is for the oral history stuff

  3. @RoiVampire  The dollar isn’t FOR the oral history stuff. They just put that in as a bonus. Take away the oral history and the book is still $3.99.

  4. Oh cool, I’m getting charged a dollar for oral history I don’t care about.

    Marvel needs to realize that the whole extra dollar for co-features thing didn’t work for DC, so it won’t work for them.

  5. @Slockhart  Again, they’re not charging you a dollar for the oral history. It’s the price of Marvel books at the moment.

  6. The oral history is one of my favorite things that I am reading right now.

  7. @Conor

    Your comment was posted while I was typing mine, so I didn’t see it.

  8. itwas rumored marvel was droping to $2.99 the only book so far is HULK which is nice

  9. @rottenjorge  It wasn’t rumored, Marvel made a statement that they were lowering prices, which, when we found out the details — only some mini-series and a handful of on-going series — turned out to be disingenuous.

  10. @conor  For some reason i’m ok with this book and new avengers being 3.99 but iron man being 3.99 irks me, only slightly though. i guess it’s ok for this book because look at the characters you get. everyone and their mom is in this book

  11. Yeah, I didn’t even like Heroes For Hire 1 in the first place. And I loved the oral history backups. So, I’m not happy about this.

  12. @warmachine15  the oral history is still there. just ignore the heroes for hire. the book is still the same price

  13. Love the oral history! I’m half buying the book for it alone.

  14. So now we aren’t even talking about books we haven’t read.

    Too many of these threads are bitching about price . . .

  15. That’s a great cover by Romita. (Trying to go back on topic)

    As an outsider let me ask a question, if you don’t mind:

    Is Romita’s art getting any better? Or should I say, going from good to amazing? Cause the first couple of issues I read had good art by him…..but nothing really amazing like his previous work.

  16. @TheNextChampion  I agree this hasn’t been the best JrJr art I’ve seen but I am enjoying this series and I think last issue was really strong on art. Last issue was probably my favorite of this series…I’m a sucker for Steve Rogers / Tony Stark centered stories. Thus I LOVED Avengers Prime. 

  17. wait, wait, wait… we getting charged an extra dollar for the oral history?

    well, if it stops Bendis writting pages of lame dialogue in the book it’s ok then

  18. @david: Hopefully his work can continue to get stronger or stay stronger.

    Cause again, his art was good (better then most artists) but it wasn’t great by his standards. Like this cover is fantastic, but the interiors were just a bit too rough/sketchy for my tastes. 

  19. Are people really gullible enough to think that they’re being charged an extra dollar for the back matter? It really shouldn’t need to be said. But a bunch of the comments in this thread and others makes me compelled to. They’re charging $3.99 because that’s what they want to charge for their books. Back matter is just an attempt at justifying the price increase that they already planned on implementing. There is no scenario where you could have got the standard book and not be charged $3.99. Consider it bonus material that you’re getting for free on top of Marvel’s already high priced book.

  20. And I gotta agree with ScorpionMasada. The price bitching is beyond old. There needs to be some soft of site mandate banning it. Really gets annoying clicking a book to see what people think about it, and reading nothing but complaining about prices.

  21. if the prices bug you that much, vote with your wallet and don’t support the book or the publisher. Simple as that.

  22. I’m voting not to support the book.  An Infinity Gauntlet retread doesn’t interest me anyways, and let’s face it, JR Jr. has lost his touch.  Some peeps still enjoy his work I suppose, maybe just as tribute to his prior work, but that didn’t last for me.

  23. Oral history of the Avengers is unreadable.

  24. @AmirCat  You might have a printing issue with yours. Mine have all been great. Check with your shop owner and see what the deal is. You’re missing out.

  25. @Franktiger  I enjoy Romita’s current work for his current work.

  26. @conor  Me too, and it looks, to me, better than the stuff he did in the 90s. he’s really grown as a storyteller since my first exposure to him back when he was doing punisher

  27. JRJR is fantastic and this book has been great so far.  Just the kind of huge-in-scope stories I’d hoped for when it launched.  

  28. I’m super bummed. No oral history! Instead we get a reprint of Heroes for Hire #1! Indescribably lame.

  29. Bad timing to bash JR JR–he was fantastic on this issue!! I must say, I’m enjoying this title much more since the first arc. Honestly, part of the reason why is I’m simply allowing myself to take the big bombastic fun at face value.
    But Jr Jr’s work on issue’s like this one sure don’t hurt though! 

  30. I really, really like what JRJR is doing right now and it has nothing to do with his past work. The opening silent sequence here was just top notch. 

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