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• We learn that the Canadian super team Omega Flight got lost in a Garden Origin Site.

• Discover what happens when the Avengers go in to rescue them.

• Learn why ADAPTATION is the scariest word in the Marvel Universe.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Mike Deodato
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Dustin Weaver, Justin Ponsor, & Daniel Acuna

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I know a lot of people are anti-Deodato but this issue does look really good & it gives us a little more insight into what the Garden are doing to the Earth?!

  2. I thought he was decent last issue, everything kinda looks a bit pale next to Opena – but it still worked for me.

  3. I’m not so much anti-Deodato. He does some great layouts but his work is too digital for me to fully enjoy. But it’s Hickman doing his take of Alpha Flight so that’s something to look forward too.

  4. I love Deodato, especially his Thunderbolts. It was when he was doing Dark Avengers that teh later issues looked really weird and digital and I didn’t enjoy that so much. But his contributions to the previous Avenegrs issue were great, I thought.

  5. I can certainly see why everyone loves Hickman. Grand stories with so many interesting plot threads. Things can change at any moment and often do!

  6. To me it looks like Deodato draws naked people then colors clothes on top of them…ugh. Is Steve’s armor made out of spandex?

  7. This might be my last issue. Gonna give it one more chance but this series is just not grabbing me.

  8. Canada. Canada. yes.

  9. If I hear ‘The system is broken’ one more time I’m going to scream.

  10. Cool moments, but definitely felt like a teaser issue. Like what the hell happens to Falcon?!

  11. 2013 is turning into the ‘Year of the Colorist’ and this issue shows why. Frank Martin did a hell of a job with this and his colors seemed to have improve Deodato’s pages. I always loved how Deodato lays out his pages but because it’s so digital it makes the characters flat and lifeless. You get a lot of that in this issue but again, Martin’s colors seem to save the day a bit. The story was also cool and I actually liked it how Hickman didn’t give much away (yet) with what happened. I’m sure it is going to be a big deal in the near future.

    Also: Did anyone else love the hint of Cap’s future costume? I thought it was a cool design.


  12. I really do not like the art, not at all. Can we please go back to Opena, Weaver or Kubert? I am just not a fan of this digital-made partially-3D look. I’m sure some people love it but not me.

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “digital-made partially-3D look”? I don’t know how Deodato makes his pages, but he’s been around for a very long time, so I always figured him for a traditionalist.

  13. Good issue. I have yet to grow even the slightest bit tired of what Hickman’s doing here. I can see how it’s not for everyone, but in my opinion this is everything a modern Avengers title should be. Big ideas, big threats, and (hopefully)the eventual triumph of the human spirit over impossible odds.

    I have never understood the hate for Deodato. I haven’t read everything he’s worked on, but I’ve always enjoyed what I saw. And the coloring here is just gorgeous.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Alpha Flight, but as a kid with a love for all things sasquatch, I’ve always harbored a fondness for Wendigo. It was sad to see him blowed up.

  14. I’m a Deodato fan, but I’m still not sure about Hickman. I liked his FF stuff initially, but dragged at the end. So far, the Avengers feel like afterthoughts in this series. It’s more about Hickman’s new toys, and I’m still not invested in this run.

  15. I was reading the news this morning and CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) ran a stroy about this issue of Avengers and how Regina was destroyed in it. I thought it was funny and figured you guys would too.

  16. This issue was pretty creepy. Hickman is doing some interesting things with this series and I’m absolutely loving it.

  17. I’m just loving this book!!!

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