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  1. More people need to buy this book. Def my favorite right now

  2. Robo is consistently great.

    It is also one of the few books that has a “jumping on point” with every arc (sometimes even every issue in that arc!).

    Why don’t I ever hear reviews on ANY podcasts about this book?

    • I honestly have no idea. It’s easily my favorite comic of all time and while it changes nothing to know that it never really gets attention (it got featured on Fresh Ink a few years back), it’d be nice to know that other people are picking this up and noticing it.

    • You might be listening to the wrong podcasts. It’s not brought up regularly, but I know I’ve heard the guys in at least two of the podcasts I listen to talk about how great Atomic Robo is in general and sometimes do reviews. Can’t remember which podcasts they are specifically since I listen to around 10 comic podcasts…

    • The first time I heard it mentioned was on “I Read Comics” and then CGS – but that was just when the first trade came out. (I’ve since stopped listening to both podcasts, as the episodes just kept stacking up, unlistened).

      I was ECSTATIC that Josh read this issue though!

      Hopefully his 5-star rating will lead to more people picking it up.

      I just hope he goes back and reads all the trades… Then they do a video episode…


  3. I fell in love with Atomic Robo only recently. This series is great.

  4. Wow, 1.4% for pick of the week with only 75 pulls as of Saturday afternoon.

    Almost everyone who read it must have made it their pick.

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