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  1. This doesn’t make any sense.  The Dark Ages is supposed to be three books, with 16 chapters.  This has eight chapters in it.  Eight out of 16 breaks down to be one half.  So shouldn’t this only be five or six chapters?  I’m not complaining, it just don’t make any sense.  Are books two and three only four chapters a piece or something?

    Oh well, whatever.  Regardless, I’m picking this up and I’m gonna do a review on it when I finish reading it.

  2. yeah book 3 is out now stands now and is 4 chapters, so book 2 must have been the same

  3. Told ya this is being reprinted!

    I’ll order this at my work and give it a shot

  4. Yeah, I wanna know what the deal is with that Silver Agent dude.

  5. So nobody is gonna review this one for me.  No offense iFanboy, I love your site, but it seems like only the most popular comics get reviewed.  I don’t think House Of Mystery would’ve ever been reviewed once in 15 months if I hadn’t posted my own.

  6. people are sheep. welcome to the world.  i havnt read this yet i have an insane pile of trades to read 1st this week including other astro city trades

  7. I just got mines but it’s been awhile since I’ve read any Astro City so I’m hardly in the mood.

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