“eXogenetic” Part 4

Gruesome Bio-Sentinels. Genetically-augmented Brood. Someone is taking the X-Men’s biggest threats and making them nightmares. As Cyclops and his team struggle to survive long enough to confront the one responsible, their tormentor has something even more horrible awaiting them!

WRITER: Warren Ellis
PENCILS: Phil Jimenez
COVER BY: Phil Jimenez

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. Is this series still being made? I coulda sworn the last issue was printed on vellum and distributed by a Carrier Pigeon riding a Dodo.

    I think I am hintin in my subtle way that the delivery of this series may be a tad slow.

  2. Fine by me, I much prefer this artwork to the stuff in Xenogenesis.

  3. Really? Well, ok.

  4. @cubs I totally disagree with that. I think the art in Xeno is what kept me reading.

  5. "Is this series still being made?"

    Until this arc is over, yes. 

  6. @vadamowens  To each their own; I find on Xenogenesis that Emma Frost looks like Ms. Piggy and the overall style is a significant departure from what I want to see on this book.  Jimenez is more classic and at least harkens some back to John Cassaday’s run on the book

  7. That’s exactly why I like it.  Never seen anything like this on an X-title.

  8. It’s been half a year since the last issue? ASTONISHING…..

  9. …oh come on, it was only December.

  10. Meh, at least it’s only $2.99.

  11. Yay, my girl is on the cover!!  As far as Kaare vs. Jimenez it’s apples & oranges.  I like both of their work, but for totally different reasons.  

  12. Finally!  Astonishing #31 was the first actual comic book that I bought in issue form.  I loved it and the subsequent issues.  Jiminez’s art is awesome.  The plot hasn’t been too deep, but the action was great.  The training and teamwork of the X-men is showcased extremely well.  The scene with Beast fighting the Sentinel with the Blackbird’s harpoon… awesome!  Very enjoyable overall… then the 6 month wait.  But it’s finally here.


    Kaare’s art on exogenesis is different.  Aside from Emma, I like it alright.  But Emma is drawn so funky… like the guy said, it’s like she’s miss piggy.   Storm looks amazing though.

  13. @zattaric Don’t get me wrong. Jimenez does fantastic work.  I think I just really dig the feel of what Kaare is doing on Xenogenesis.

  14. So yeah, I really loved this issue. It had everything–great art, awesome fight sequences, great interactions with each of the team-members, interesting plot…and I understand what’s going on. It’s everything I want in an X-comic.

  15. I’d much rather have Simone Bianchi back than Jiminez or the garbage that is Xenogensis.

  16. @femzy lol. nice

  17. Bianchi suck asses! I can’t believe he’s still working in comics.

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