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  1. ‘salight in the box?


  2. "Big science"? I dig that.

  3. Big science: where everything is expressed in terms of yottameters, zettagrams, etc.


  4. Um, has this book been good recently? I’ve been getting Uncanny and Legacy, but I haven’t picked this up since the Whedon arcs finished as, you know, I’ve got to draw the line *somewhere*.

  5. @ Garrett

    I don’t remember.

  6. @Garrett I thought the first issue was pretty weak, though it set up some interesting ideas. I liked the second issue a lot. I don’t really know where I stand with these X-men books. I think Uncanny has been for the most part pretty good, but it doesn’t feel that vital. It feels slightly stale, in the way that brand new day, despite valient efforts by talented writers and artists, feels stale.

    I’ve considered dropping one of the x-books, but I’m not sure which is the one to drop. It’s hard to say. I think having too many books that are merely pretty good dilutes wednesday’s haul and makes comic book day feel more mediocre. But it’s hard to drop a book that isn’t actually bad.

    How do you folks think this compares to uncanny?

  7. I don’t like it and dropped it.  It’s only on my pull list this week because I think my LCS probably had it on order before I cancelled and they’re pretty tight about it.

    I mainly don’t like the art.  Maybe others do, and that’s fine, but I really don’t like it, and it’s also a little too dark for me to really tell what’s going on. 

  8. I had a flick through a couple of back issues last time I was at the store and I have to say that I didn’t care for the art either. I don’t whether is was the limited colour palette of blue-grey and beige, or how Hank now looks like a big ol’ pussycat, but it really put me off delving in. 

    If the story is good, then I could have my arm twisted I s’pose.

  9. I can’t say enough good things about Astonishing. Whedon/Cassaday were amazing, and left some truly large shoes (or big f’ing boots) to fill. Warren Ellis has done that, in my opinion. And thanks to the talents of Simone Bianchi, no other comic being published looks like this one. I mean that in the best possible way.

     @NealAppeal -I’m sincerely curious when I ask, what makes you think of BND as stale? Again, I’m not gonna be a rube about it. Just curious. As for comparison to Uncanny, I think Astonishing is infinitely better than that book and any other X-book/X-related book I’ved ever read.

  10. I’m keeping this but dropping uncanny (at least until the dodson/whoever run). Uncanny keeps feeling shallow and disappointing to me with every issue. Although the new Astonishing is a bit odd and still finding its footing, I definitely prefer it to Uncanny.

  11. @J4k3 Peter parker has got to be the most thouroughly explored character in comics. No matter what cool villains, or artists, or strange plots are going on in the book, it doesn’t feel important. Same problem with x-men books. A so many other properties. It takes a ridiculous amount of talent and a considerable amount of fredom to make something that’s been going on continously since the 60’s feel anything but stale.


  12. @NealAppeal – By that logic, 90% of the popular characters out there would qualify as stale.

  13. What Conor said.

  14. @conor I don’t think that’s that far off.

  15. Like KZA said it, I hated this book because of the art. Dropped it after the last issue, cause I just couldnt get the vibe like I did from the Whedon era.

    Sorry if you guys like the art, but I dont know how Brown is considered an art form.

  16. I like this way better than Uncanny.  I feel the same as goat 77. I don’t mind the art at all.

  17. Okay, is this the last issue of the arc? I was planning on dropping this book, but if the first little story actually concludes here then I might as well read this.

  18. @NealAppeal

     Honestly, I think this book is inferior to Uncanny. Ellis is a decent enough writer, but Bianchi’s art is painful.


  19. @flapjaxx:

    You might say that this is the end of the arc, however it’s continued this and next month in two "Ghost boxes" issues separate from the main series with art by such greats as Alan Davis and Frank Cho (The second issue has two other good artists but I can’t recall them at the time.)

  20. Is it me or did this take an extra long time to ship?

  21. @Adamz  The last issue shipped in August, so it’s missed one month.

    I like both ‘Astonishing’ and ‘Uncanny’ a lot.  I think they complement each other pretty well, or either works on its own.  I think it just depends on what you prefer to read.  Ellis is writing what looks like a pretty tight, self-contained story with Big Science Ideas (TM), while Fraction and Brubaker seem to be seeding things for a long run. 

  22. The writing is 27 kinds of awesome.  Big ideas, tight, tight plot, excellent characterizations, GREAT quips.  Perfect characterization that continues the characters from the Whedon arcs. 

    Bianchi’s art dropped the ball in the last six pages, and I had to re-read to figure out where all the characters were supposed to be. 

  23. I am finally being sucked into the story but I agree with sigridellis the last few art pages were pretty bad. At some points beast looked like a muppet character

  24. hands down one of the best X-books in years.

  25. I really like this.  I’ve tried really hard to be less cynical and it seems to be working.  I’m smiling a lot more now and I’m even able to enjoy The Legion of Superheroes.  Throwing off the chains of cynicism has done wonders for my enjoyment of reading comics.  You should try it.

  26. Agent Brand is kinky.

  27. @ultimatehoratio- couldn’t agree with you more.

  28. The fact that all these characters are written as quippier-than-thou and jaded is obnoxious, as it WE is trying too hard to keep the Whedon up. There’s a neat sci-fi thing going on in here, and that alone should be enough to carry this book without having to go out of WE’s comfort zone doodling these characters.

    Forget about Bianchi, man… 

  29. @WilliamKScurryJr I thought quippiness was solidly in Ellis’s wheelhouse. Not that I’m a fan of it. It can easily ruin for me an otherwise well written book. But I think The book has gotten less quip heavy, and there was even one quip I found very approriate.

    Anyway, i decided on dropping uncanny and keeping this. I think this book has much fresher ideas, and it makes good use of the post-m-day status quo, and I’m happy to see more of Agent Brand.

  30. Without delving deeply into the quips or crankiness of the writing, this issue just left me a little cold. Not sure what is going on. A portal to another dimension, in a box, with chinese x-men and 13 chromosomes? Whatev, not like I’m going to stop reading. The art is dynamic.

  31. Maybe I should wait until Bianchi is off the title, cause apparently he’s only going to be doing covers for awhile and someone is gonna take over. Maybe if the art get’s better I’ll jump back on the boat. Until then, this gives me a headache cause of the confusing layouts and bad facial structures 3 straight issues in a row.

  32. I like the current direction this book is going.  The art isn’t painful, to me anyways, but I prefer other artists over Bianchi.  The banter with Cyclops and Wolverine was awesome.  Really good writing in this book. 

  33. @ultimatehoratio  I’m amused by the idea that being *less* cynical helps to enjoy a Warren Ellis comic. . .I think you may be right, actually, but I would not have thought to phrase it that way!

  34. Best issue yet.

    @TheNExtChampion – Bianchi is staying on the book. The Ghost Boxes mini will have different artists (Adi Granov and Alan Davis). Bianchi will still be on the main book.

    Oh, and issue 28 ships in January. The Astonishing Whedon Curse continues.

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