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In all my months of reading comics, and now starting to review comics, I have never really been drawn to an artist’s style like I have with Simone Bianchi. The art in this issue is terrific, much preferable to Land’s X-Men art. For my money, he draws the best feline Beast I’ve seen in a long time. I believe his style would fit very well in a Steampunk book.

As for writing, Ellis is doing a good job of bringing his unique take on the characters to the table, without straying too far from the portrayal that Joss Whedon started.  He is also doing a decent job of keeping the story moving without going so fast as to miss characterization moments, or too slow so as to bore the reader.

Also, Xenophiliac Experimentation Partner FTW!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Agreed, good sir, though I know nothing of Steampunk.. is that a bad thing?

  2. @J4K3 Not at all. Steampunk is more of a genre than an actual book. I suppose I should have made that a little more clear in the review.

  3. Not a problem. I’ll Wiki it 🙂

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