THE HEROIC AGE IS HERE! Spider-Man and Wolverine! Everyone’s favorite wise-cracking web-spinner and ferocious furball come together in their first major series ever! The super-star creative team of Jason Aaron (WOLVERINE: WEAPON X, PUNISHERMAX) and Adam Kubert (ULT. FANTASTIC FOUR, X-MEN) send Spidey and Wolvie to the edges of the Marvel Universe as they face such awful beings as The Czar, Big Murder and Doom the Living Planet! But who is the major Marvel villain pulling the strings? And can Spidey & Wolvie refrain from killing one another long enough to find out?

WRITER: Jason Aaron
PENCILS: Adam Kubert
INKS: Maria-Emiko Macuaga
COLORED BY: Ronan Cliquet
COVER BY: Adam Kubert & Greg Adams

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 11.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Very nice, the better brother.

  2. Andy is just as good in my opinion!

  3. what’s the astonishing banner? is it like the ulitimate banner?

  4. this is one of those books that i would not be buying if it wasint for the talent

  5. I think the Astonishing books are in continuity, but they’re meant to be more accessible to newer readers. Although, having just written that, I have no idea how Warren Ellis’s Astonishing X-Men fits into all of that.

  6. I know Aaron can write Wolverine, can he write Spider-man? After reading that 2 parter team-up in Wolverine last year between Old Man Logan and Dark Wolverine, I’m thinking yes.

  7. is this an ongoing or just a one-shot?

  8. @fvck It says series, so I assume its ongoing.

  9. From what I’ve read it seems to be an ongoing unless sales are horrible. Can’t imagine that. This looks to be marvel’s answer to Batman/Superman

  10. This will be the first ongoing Spider-Man book I’ll have read in almost two years

  11. Anything Aaron puts out I will buy without question. Kuberts on as well? Is there a reason why you wouldn’t buy this book? Also I’m quite intrigued by the team up of Wolverine and Spidey, and really interested to see if Aaron can pull of some good Spidey humor.

  12. I’ve picking this up primarily to see Aaron writing Spider-Man

  13. @vadamowens and RoiVampire: clicking the cover on this very page to make it larger reveals that it’s a limited series of 6 issues.

  14. cool. thanks

  15. Picking it up strictly b/c of Aaron

  16. I was going to get this just based on the talent…and then I wasn’t going to get this based on commiting to a new series…now, knowing its a mini I’m probably going to be getting this.

  17. From what I’ve seen of the previews, the premise sounds interesting and Aaron’s writing the best Spider-Man I’ve seen in years. 

  18. I’m really looking foreward to
    this. I love the Kuberts and Aaron is one of my favorite writers plus I really miss reading Spider-Man

  19. @mikeandzod21-You’re not reading Amazing Spider-man?  Why not?

  20. @jwaesch: ASM hasn’t been good since Red Headed Stranger which was nearly a year ago.

    I’m giving this a shot though.  No promises.

  21. Nice.  Usually love Aaron on Wolvie.  I don’t think he’s been hitting on all cylinders on Weapon X – he’s trying to hard to be Remender on that title.

  22. Yeeeeah!!!! This series is gonna rock 🙂

  23. LOVED IT.

  24. This was awesome… Great art and a surprisingly good story. im on for this one. 

  25. What a cool story with great art.

  26. Not quite what I expected or wanted.

    A time traveling tale wasn’t what I would lead with for a couple street level heroes.

    Also, thought this was going to be an ongoing.

    Still a good book. 4/5

  27. Lots of fun–definitely not the book I thought I was getting when I picked it up, but in a positive way.  I haven’t seen Adam Kubert’s work in quite a long time, but I thought this was tremendous; I especially enjoyed those big boxy grids.  Great book, can’t wait for #2.

  28. @jeaesch I’m one of those ‘brand new day haters’ I’ve tried four issues and found myself really disliking Peter. He seemed like a HUGE tool. I loved this though. If they said Aaron was writing Amazing and it was going back to monthly id start buying it again.

  29. I loved this.  It’s already been said but it wasn’t what I was expecting either, however, the story is intriguing and I thought it was fun to see what Spidey vs Wolverine would be up to if they were stranded back in time.  Spiderman becomes an artsy hermit with pets and Wolverine gets all Lord of the Flies with the locals.  

  30. This is a 6 issue mini, not an ongoing

  31. It just seems like Aaron phones it in with his super-hero stuff.

  32. this was pretty good.  but not as good as I expected based on ron’s pick of the week.  I’ll be getting issue 2 though, based on the last page of this issue.


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