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Before he and his family became hunted by The Rot, Buddy Baker starred in a low budget indie Super Hero film. Now we get to “watch” the movie, courtesy of director Jeff Lemire and guest cinematographer John Paul Leon!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

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  1. Time foe my happy dance…? I think so.

    This is my favourite book right now. I love that Lemire is taking an issue off from the rot-stuff to do a bit of world building. It’d be even better if DC started adding posters for the movie in the back ground if other books.

    Hopefully, they’ll be time for some family drama too, the Bakers are my favourite ‘new’ characters of last year.

  2. I smell Pick Of The Week

  3. A break from the rot and that whole story line is ok by me for a bit. I wanna see some other sides of Animal Man because right now even though I do like the title it seems like his daughter is the one true hero in this title rght now and he is more of a supporting character. I wanna see Buddy do something that does’nt require him to vein out and blow up like a balloon and all of that happy sh#t.


  4. I’d watch it.

  5. Remember how people were complaining about Travel Foreman? yeah, that was stupid

  6. Loving this book as well. Digital is the way to go for me and this art is perfect for it!

  7. Best of the new 52. Although Wonder Woman is nipping at its heels.

  8. Oh my god, just based on the premise, it’s leading my POTW!!! AND JPL!!!

  9. Would this be eligible for an Oscar or an Eisner ?

  10. I love this book so much. DC is kicking so much ass and Jeff Lemire is becoming one of my go to writers. Go read Essex County or The Nobody or Superboy if you need something else to love.

    • I was blown away by his Superboy. I have no interest in the character and only got it for Lemire, but it was really interesting

  11. Sad that Foreman isnt the only artist and hope it doesnt affect it too much but the story is so amazing and fun i dont really care.

  12. JPL is still amazing. Damn.

  13. This book blows my mind every issue. I never really thought I would dig an Animal Man book… but this is one of my top five for sure!

  14. Glad to see Travel Foreman ain’t the only artist on A-Man this month. I love this book but I don’t like his art at all… I guess it could be worse, like Humberto Ramos! 0_o

    • They are both fantastic.

    • they’re both really good, actually. you probably hate jim lee and greg capullo too, right? just kidding, only morons hate them. if your a moron, i’m only joking. but im sure your not. you like comics, so you must be pretty bright

    • I think JPL is only doing this issue. He’s doing the scenes from the “film”, right?

      I love Foreman’s work. Disappointed to be getting less pages by him.

  15. I LOVE JP Leon!!! Have loved his work since Static & Shadow Cabinet. Wish he was on a monthly book. Any monthly book.

  16. Super, this was just super

  17. After reading this I want to see TIGHTS on NetFlix. Did anyone else think Red Thunder looked alot like the Crimson Bolt from the movie SUPER,,5/5 POTW tied with Swamp Thing

  18. I haven’t been reading comics for too long (8 or 9 years?) but in my limited experience this is probably the best use of a fill in artist ever. Anyone else have some good examples?

  19. rubbing my legs with excitment and awesome week for comics all my top titles come to me my preetys Mmmmmm

  20. Bruce Springsteen is doing the soundtrack for TIGHTS. Should be good.

  21. i didnt like the movie. i can see were others would like it, it’s just not my glass of kool-aid
    . this is my least favorite issue of the arc. i got really excited those last couple of pages, but just like that, it was over.
    what’s the point of this filler? are we waiting for snyder to catch up so we can do the crossover? thats cool and all. just wondering.

  22. I was just as upset as Cliff when the phone died.

    This is good filler.

  23. This is exactly what a fill in issue should be. This is comics done right. Wow!

  24. i thought it was pretty good. The art was nice and kept a good bridge to Foreman’s work. There were a few panels, and that last page of the movie where he’s in the hospital bed….man it just killed my eyes. So much contrast and middle value colors, it was really tough to focus and read anything.

  25. I think I missed last issue. Weren’t they being attacked or something?

  26. Yes they were being attacked at least thats what I thought; I will now have to go back tonight and see. I really did not care about his film career and it really seemed to slow things down way to much. Just lets be real here, this was not what anyone was expecting!! Do not get me wrong I would like to see Animal Man do some super heroing outside of the rot, green and red plot however; this was just…… I do not know? I do not want to be insulting I just want people to be truthful about this or maybe I am wrong and this was really cool????
    edward- I do believe you are correct!


    • This was really great too me, if you notice the person watching the movie is Cliff so maybe it’s a setup about his son wanting to get to know his a dad better, plus its gotta to be weird when your sister and dad have these amazing powers and you dont. Animal Man is not going to be your typical hero book in the sense your probably not going to see alot of Buddy Baker fighting the run of the mill super villians, like Jeff Lemire said it’s more of a family oriented story…May not be for everyone but i’m digging it.

  27. At least I enjoyed one of the Rot infested books this week. Buddy’s movie isn’t as interesting at this Animal Man story but I was about as disappointed as Cliff when his battery died. I was just getting into that movie.

  28. Enjoyable filler, how much relevance this will have in the grand scheeme of things is a bit beyond me right now… who knows.

  29. It was everybit to fill in to have something for the graphic novel,but I can’t say it wasnt enjoyable. I hope they don’t make a habit of it though, this has been in my top 5 favorite comic books, FROM ANY COMPANY, running right now. Can’t wait for the Swamp Thing Crossover!

  30. Its kind of already a crossover… their both getting their buts kicked by the rot, Animal-man is just fairing a little better.

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