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• The stunning conclusion of “Extinction Is Forever”!

• Big things are in store for the next chapter in the Animal Man saga – and they start here!

Story by Jeff Lemire
Art by Steve Pugh
Cover by Steve Pugh

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 14.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. No Swamp Thing this week eh? No double dose of the rot this week…. 🙁

  2. The verdict is in! I like Steve Pugh’s work on this tilte more then I liked Travel Foreman’s.

  3. As much as I like reading this series, I think it’s starting to drag and stretch. It needs more “humpf” to wow me, I’m thinking about dropping it, which sucks cause I like it, but I have the impression this would read better in trade. 🙁

    • Yes, I read it all straight through one night last week and it was awesome. Certainly not a droppable title for me.

    • Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

      I decided a few issues back that I’m dropping this after the crossover event with Swamp Thing. I’ve really enjoyed it, but I feel like I’ve had enough of Buddy and his family. I’ll probably ditch Swampy too. Both have been great, but I do feel like both have taken a few issues too long to get to the point. It’s not hate or dissapointment at all, but I have a limited budget for comics and when the big story winds up I’ll be able to take my six dollars a month and apply it to other worthy titles.

  4. Issues 1-6 were much more engaging than 7-10 and the Annual have turned out to be. The story really seems like it’s spinning its wheels waiting for “Rotworld” to start. And… to tell the truth… I really with the Rot stuff would have been over with before now even.

    It’s still a good series but I’m probably checking out after this issue, assuming it’s going to be the last one included in the Vol. 2 trade. Then I’ll trade-wait on Vol. 3 depending on whether or not the series gets good reviews going forward.

    Through issue 6 or 7 this was possibly the best New 52 series. Now it’s just like… yeah, I wish the Rot stuff was over and all of the spacy trips into the Red aren’t as excited the first few times. I liked Forman’s art better, too.

    • Yikes, sorry for typos. (We need an edit button!!!)

      * “I really WISH the Rot stuff would have been over…”
      * “…trips into the Red aren’t as EXCITING AS THEY WERE the first few times.”

  5. Have to agree with the above posters. Does feel like its been dragging for a few issues now. Pretty sure though when rotworld hits it will return to its awesomeness though.

  6. Lemire better keep the Baker family in one piece, I couldn’t handle losing Cliff and his mullet.

  7. Are they just declaring every two issues a new arc regardless of what happens in the story?

  8. Dropped, nowhere near as exciting as it used to be. And while Pugh’s art is technically wonderful, it’s a little too plain for a title as weird as Animal Man.

  9. Somebody get this guy a shirt. Or at least wear some normal pants if you’re not gonna go with the costumed super-hero look.

  10. Holy shit Batman! I just noticed that Alberto Ponticelli is doing the art on this one! That changes everything, I loveeeeeeeee what he’s doing on Frankeinstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.! Colour me excited! 😀

    • I just read the preview, the art is pretty freaking cool.

      I don’t get the hate over the serie or any of the artists, Animal Man has been the most constant serie as far as creepy awesoness goes, not a single dip in quality since last september. I’d tie it with Swamp Thing but Swamp Thing #9 was horrible IMO.

    • Oh I don’t hate it, far from it. I just think it drags in lengths… The story arcs could have been tighter instead of stretched as is. I’m sure it’s going to be a terrific read in trade, but to read it as a monthly is a little impediment to it; at one point you just get lost and have to think real hard what happened last issue, etc.

  11. Hey wait a minute – Swamo Thing #11 was available digitally but not at the stores! (sorry, didn’t know where else to post this…)

  12. Oh, damn that was good! Things are really about to get crazy.

  13. Ponticelli’s art was very cool. Seemed like it tried to stay in the same vein as Foreman’s original art. Good issue.

  14. Just when I’m ready to cut this book, an awesome issue pops up (but this wasn’t one) keeping me back on. It just seems like since issue 7, this title has been spinning its wheels waiting for Swamp Thing to get to a point for their crossover. Or, it could be me being impatient wanting to get the crossover out of the way.

  15. I thought Ponticelli’s art looked great. It really fit. I hope he does more issues…

    The crossover is finally coming and it looks to be awesome. Too bad for those who may have actually dropped this.

  16. I’m with those who might be ready to drop this after the crossover.

    Story is really dragging for me – seems like nothing happens. The last issue of Swamp Thing was brutal for that. Too many big splash pages – read it in like 5 minutes.

    I definitely think as a trade – or to read all at once – both books would make for a great experience. Waiting monthly for such a tiny sliver of plot progression is tiresome though.

    So – as much as I loved the first 6 or so issues of each title – I may be out too. Then again $6 ain’t so much – maybe I’ll try and develop the will power to save them up and read them in arcs.

    We’ll see how hings end up after the crossover

  17. If you’ve read post-Morrison Animal Man Vol 1, this was super warmed over. What happened in this issue happened literally 6 times before.

  18. If you’re going to drop it then just drop it and leave, stop looking for affirmation here. I’ll be sticking around loving this series for as long as Lemire and Co. is around. Great moment between father and son, cool animal powers, the promise of Rotworld and further connection with Swamp Thing? Awesome stuff.

    • Agreed – This series is awesome.

    • TexasZombie99 stated “…If you’re going to drop it then just drop it and leave, stop looking for affirmation here.”

      So, in your view, comments are only for those who like a title? Thats the epitome of searching for affirmation.

  19. This issue was great. Really turned the whole series around for me. New power set is pretty sweet. And plus after what seemed like forever, we’re finally getting to the crossover.

  20. My POTW, fantastic pace.

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