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  1. Already? Bring it on!

  2. I was really not impressed with this series AT ALL.  I know people complain when others come on and ‘bad talk’ books, but I now think Season 5 ended perfectly, and there was really no need for this.  If you are reading it and dig it, keep reading by all means, but to me, this was a MAJOR disappointed.  

  3. i’ve giving this one shot and switching to trades if it doesn’t hold up to lynch

  4. I loved After the Fall…I just hope the art is a step up from what it has been.

  5. Already? Shit! I was going to switch to trades with this arc…ah well. Guess I’ll stick to issues. 🙂


  6. Just awesome.  Aside from Connor making me cry in After the Fall, that may have been the best issue of Angel yet.  Wow.

  7. @TommyBrownell I completely agree. There’s a great new status quo: This new agency that is gonna be working with Angel, Kate just being a badass and not the whiny brat from seasons one and two, the struggle for Angel to fight the good fight. Good voice and some decent art. It left a bit to be desired re: characters, but we can’t just have thirty Georges Jeanty’s…

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