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  1. I don’t know why I still pull this . . . . . . . . .

  2. I must admit, if anything this book has gone slightly "off the boil". I love the Buffy and Angel TV shows. I love the Buffy book. And I absolutely loved this Angel book when it started, for a good long while too. Lynch has an uncanny handle on these characters.

    It’s not the writing, it’s the plotting. The character beats are dead on, it’s just the story that really isn’t that interesting. Maybe I’m being too harsh, we had no right to expect a book that has been as good as this, and Lynch has done a wonderful job writing these characters… I’m just finding it hard to be invested…

    Flame me if you will.

  3. Yeah, they made a big mistake by extending this arc to 16 issues, it was initially supposed to be 12. The last couple installments have picked up the momentum considerably but still I don’t think I’ll be continuing after this one.

  4. The only thing I haven’t liked about this book was the "Final Night" arc…oh, and the art…that’s been pretty weak.

    Everything else has been awesome, IMHO.

  5. I loved this series so far, but I can see my nemesis’ (@Eyun) point here. The characters are there, the ideas are there; it all just moves too damn slow and I don’t feel the threat that much! Extending the series was a big mistake indeed. It would’ve been better if we had a short 12 issue run and then maybe another Spike mini with Lynch on the writing. 

    What hurt the book the most I think, is the disconnect I feel to the overall thing. It all feels like a dream-sequence with no real stakes. Sure the prophecy is there and the slayers had a mention, but the lack of Buffy (I hate to say it)continuity in this is felt very much. Not that I wanted a big "here is everything explained to the minute" accord of where exactly it fits in with the overall world, but a mention would’ve been nice. Now I understand that the rights to Buffy lie with Dark Horse and Angel is with IDW (which in itself is ridiculous, but that’s another rant), but you can’t have such a major event happening in one book with the other one not noticing. That’s just my opinion though. And maybe I’m wrong and everything will be explained by the end of this thing and I’m just ranting over nothing. In any case…Can’t wait to see how it plays out! 😀

  6. Did Lynch write the last Spike mini?

    Because THAT I hated…I bought that one entirely being a completist.

    The events in Angel WOULDN’T directly – or even indirectly, really – impact Buffy since LA got sucked into Hell…now, if they were doing a "Hell on Earth" kinda story, then that woulda been really weird to have no carryover effects.

  7. @Nemesis – I think you nailed it with the "dream-sequence" point. Again, it’s not that I don’t like the book, far from it. It just feels more like a really good, but really long movie with bad pacing.

    Nothing would please me more than to be proved wrong though. Lynch has overall done us Angel fans proud.

  8. @TommyBrownwell – Yes, it is only L.A. that’s in hell, but…it’s frikkin’ L.A. in hell! Sure, B has some other trouble right now, but I think she’d notice if the whole city goes to hell and some of her friends (and the loves of her life) disappear…And yes I know, they refused (sorta) to help before, but with a hell situation it’d be different, I think.

  9. I thought…and don’t quote me, because its been a bit since I read it…that they glimpsed outside of Hell in one issue, and somehow or another, through the chicanery of Wolfram & Hart, the world is being snowed into thinking that everything is still "okay".

    Worse case scenario?  Its like that time Buffy "killed" Angel and he went to "Hell"…time moves differently…=P

  10. @TommyBrownwell – Completely forgot that thing with the glimpsing and all! Well, that would be that then. And I just looked in the previews catalog and saw the cover to the Angel series after that..seems like there is a consolidation. Still think that the stakes are not "real" enough.

  11. @cylonpete pun intended?

  12. @RoiVampire – no, but thanks for pointing out…*lol*

  13. I can only hope with the next story they get a new artist!  I have loved this series, but the arc has gone on too long.  It’s just as good as the Buffy Books but the art is decidedly not as good and thats why, I think, many praise the Buffy comic yet poo poo this. 

    As for this story not being noticed in the Buffy comics.. I think we all know that these are two different companies handling these properties and the absence of acknowledgement of each others titles is easily understood and it’s not due to the writers just NOT doing it cause they haven’t thought about it.

  14. Wow! All that for a lousy reset button? And one that barely makes sense at that.

  15. I liked what they did with this story. It explains why the Buffy comic has never mentioned LA going to hell. It’s not a Dallas "it was all a dream" ending, because all of the people in LA remember what happened. I could easily not have been paying attention, but why did people not freak out about vampires being real? Since the Harmony show is located in LA, it would make sense that the people embrace her. They all thought Angel was a vampire when they saved him, and he is one again. So not a reset button, but an "Immediately pass go, and collect $200" moment.

     When taken as a whole it’s not as good a book as Buffy, not even close, but the story keeps it on my pull list.

  16. A’ight, see…that was the best book I read this week.  That actually made me cry.  Pick of the Week.

  17. I was a bit annoyed by the big reset. But what’s a Vampire to do? Really this could have been a short 6 issue mini and done the exact same thing. Lynch can write a damn fine character, but the story was a little too muddled for my liking.

  18. i also really enjoyed this, although the cover i got is not on the site, i got the one where he’s saluting kinda and being dusted

  19. I’m with Tommy–I was blinking back tears reading this, and it’s my Pick of the Week.

  20. This was fantastic. I was like "Oh. They reset? That’s so lame!" But it wasn’t. The more I think about it, the more I’m just so in like with what happened. It was awesome and it really had stakes and it pushed the story forward. I think there was like… four issues that coulda been condensed to like two a few back, but this was awesome.

  21. Yeah…and its not like the whole story didn’t change things…because Angel and the rest of the denizens of LA all remember all the events,,,its just the PHYSICAL consequences no longer exist.

    I am sad, because I liked Angel back as a human.

  22. Yah, I got the cover with David B. burning away, it was really a stunning cover.

     I enjoyed this issue a lot, for once the art only bothered me a couple of times. The story reset was much needed but, everyone still remembers which is awesome. It is kind of sad because now Wes is gone for good but I am excited to see how this continues. I was surprised to say the least.

    My pick of the week as well.

  23. I must have missed something because the whole time I’m thinking "what the hell is going on and why is there another issue left in this drawn out, boring, confusing storyline." 

    What do you guys know about the new writer/artist coming on? 

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