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AMERICAN VAMPIRE flashes back to the early 1800’s for a “Lost Tale of Skinner Sweet!”

Learn about Skinner’s involvement in the brutal Indian Wars, and an ancient evil hidden in the heart of the Old West.

Plus, more about the man Skinner used to call his best friend – James Book!

Featuring art by the legendary Jordi Bernet (Torpedo, JONAH HEX).


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I’m looking most forward to Aquaman and this book. New arc and new (fill-in) artist. The preview looks good. Can’t wait.

  2. Can someone remind me who did in the last issue? Pearl? Skinner? Henry?

  3. I love Albuquerque and I’m glad he is getting some rest to come back. But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO giddy about Bernet! So excited.

  4. The last arc was so good I don’t see how they can follow it up. But it’s Snyder of course it will blow me away

  5. This is only book on my pull list this week! Weird.

  6. hey guys im interested in jumping on to this title, this is the start of a new arc right?

  7. I’m really getting tired of this book not being available digitally. Now that i’m digital only i’m not going to make a special trip to the comic shop just for this. This is the only book I will hate to give up from my jump to pure digital. What a shame.

    • It’s OK, us retailers are getting tired of losing customers. So we can have a big party and talk about what we’re tired of.

    • Sorry and I feel bad for retailers like you but this will eventually go digital just like everything else and comic shops will be a novelty item like horse drawn carriages and Vinyl records. I don’t mean to be a dick but seriously it’s the future man and honestly a real good thing for the comic medium.

    • after re-reading my previous comment it sounds very insensitive considering that a comic shop is your lively hood, I apologize and wish you and your comic shop all the best. However for me personally buying at a local comic shop is very inconvenient and annoying, it’s the same principle I have against driving to a store to buy CDs versus buying mp3s on itunes or amazon, it’s just far more convenient and easier.

    • I suppose I’m not really offering a great example of WHY you should come to a shop instead of buy Digital and I do apologize for lashing out. It was a dick move. I really hope that Digital can continue to co-exist as an alternative to print, not as a straight up replacement, because I really don’t think that works out well for anyone. I really think people who can’t afford the devices nessecary to read digital comics on the go will just quit.

  8. love the cover. hope the interiors are just as impressive.

  9. Enjoyed this one for the most part, but am definitely missing Albuquerque’s art work.

  10. This is one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. I need a poster/print of it

  11. Awesome. That is all I can say. The story is off to a solid start, and the art is wonderful. It took me a few pages to get used to the style of Bernet, but I think it suits the time period/setting really well. The page with all the indians lining the cliffside was rad. @ Myncy I agree about the cover, just stunning. At least we don’t totally miss out on Albuquerque art.

    • Agreed on all parts. A few pages in, the art really started to work, and by that last page… yeah.

      Very solid issue. Now for AV: Survival of the Fittest #5!

  12. Great issue.

  13. Looks like I’m the odd man out this time around. I didn’t like the artwork. It just looked…”cheap” to me. Oh well…I’ll wait for the return of Albuquerque.

    • I have to agree – the art was a let-down. Some was good, but it wasn’t up to the typical AV level of greatness. In spots it looked very rushed and sloppy. It looked like a 90’s book, and not in a good way.

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