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  1. When this says "we get a prelude to next Spring’s Spidey event AMERICAN SON" , does this mean Spring 2009 or Spring 2010?

  2. I think 2009. Probubly shortly after the current arc. I’m debating on if im gonna get this or not.

  3. Spider-Man Extra has been worth buying.  It’s literally all the stuff that can’t get stuffed into the 3/4 weekly book.

  4. Yeah, it’s been good so far.

  5. this is the last one solicited, is it gone for good after #3?

  6. @frogman: I don’t believe that Spider-man Extra is on a set schedule (it is hard to tell with only two previous issues are anything to go off of). I get the feeling that Marvel puts these out when the need arises rather than to a set schedule. I could be wrong.

  7. Did this book actually come out today, my LCS didn’t get any in, and when I brought it up they said that it might have been delayed since ASM #588 was late.

  8. It came out and it was great.  My shop had listed under "E" because "Extra" is above "Amazing Spider-Man" so I couldn’t find it at first.  If you asked them about it, I guess that wasn’t the problem, though.

  9. Does this exist, or did I dream it? I can’t find it anywhere. My shopkeep blatantly didn’t order it because he thought it consisted of reprints, and now nowhere I go seems to have it. Is it real, or fantasy?

  10. It is real sir


  11. @g0ofgnewt yeah, figured it might be the reason, just looked like they’d put one out every couple of months since it started so not seeing one more solicited made me kind of worry.

     For people wondering if it’s real, it is, heavy ink has it in stock:

  12. So Harry had cornrows even when he was a kid. Damn, that guy never gets a break…

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